Sunday, 24 November 2013

Disappointing Day

Late night last night, both reading until after 1am, then DB decided to sit up and shout at 3am just as I was dropping off, he thought he was choking, no he was dreaming......he laid down and was fast asleep, I dropped off as it was starting to get light!!

It was really nice when we got up, so a load in the washer, by the time the washer finished it had clouded over and was very grey looking. I have put the laundry on the airer and it is on the deck, keeping my eye on it in case it starts to rain.

We watched Strictly last night, did anyone else think it was a bit lacklustre???? I was disappointed with all the dances. Wonder who will go out this week.

DGD having an amazing time in Jamaica, she is not back until Friday, so will have to work extra hard next week to make up for the sales she has lost while she was away.

DS2 arrived just after 4pm this afternoon on his way to see his ex partners Mother who is in hospital in Nottingham, she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour a few weeks ago and is having Chemo just now. It was nice to see him and DGD. He did phone to say he was coming so a bit of a rush to make some scones before they arrived, nothing like scones still warm from the oven slathered with butter......

Supper tonight, rubber chicken, roast spuds, cauli and carrots, not decided whats for dessert, might just go down the easy route with banana something, maybe in the bottom of a chocolate whip, have a few to use up from AF.

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  1. Hope you managed to catch up on your sleep and am sorry DB was so noisy as you were dropping off last night.

    How lovely to make scones for your visitors! Would you pass some to me if there are any left over? I wish DS2's ex-partner's mother well, too.

    What is "rubber chicken"? I am envisioning one of those really rubber chickens that are often part of comedy routines and those are definitely not supper fare!

    It's 34*F, sunny, windy, and COLD here. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!



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