Thursday, 7 November 2013


A cold but fine morning, sun out but very little warmth in it.

Friday clean done this morning as I am out tomorrow to visit my friend Cotton Reel.  I like the sitting room etc tidy for the weekend.

DB drove the car up to the village to get his TV mag, I went with him 'just in case' but he coped ok, said his foot was sore when he got back, but he has not mentioned it since. He is going to have to exercise his foot anyway, so I guess using the clutch is gentle exercise. He managed to get a shoe on with his usual socks this morning, so thats good too, his actual foot swelling is going down.

I made a ginger cake yesterday so we can have a slice with our afternoon tea when DB gets up after his siesta.

Supper tonight is beef and bean stew with mash, carrots and cauliflower. No idea whats for dessert. I need to do a hunt through the cupboards. 

Letter this morning confirming a new CC account has been set up, the cards will be another few days before they come through.


  1. I'm delighted to read that you'll get to visit Cottonreel tomorrow and I hope she's fine. What fun that will be!

    DB's gentle exercise for his foot is a good thing so he gets full range of motion back. It's good he's being cautious and taking it slowly, too.

    We had rain overnight and the leaves are falling like rain now. There's not much grass visible due to the many leaves.

    Will be off in a while to take AMIL to run some errands so we'll admire the glorious autumn color while we're out.


  2. Pleased to read OH's foot is getting better, needs to do gentle exercise on a regular basis to keep it from seizing up.
    Cold wind and cloudy here today, hoping most of the leaves on the red maple in back garden loses its leaves today and tomorrow, the weekend is looking a tad warmer with some sun so will be raking leaves for the composter.
    Have a great visit with Kathleen.


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