Thursday, 21 November 2013

Blue Skies?????

Yes, blue skies this morning and the sun shining, its still very cold though.

After breakfast DB and I went to Aldi at Loughborough, I managed to get a turkey crown so thats in the freezer, had to do a bit of a jiggle round but I got it in. I also bought a new pair of slippers, my old ones fell to pieces. I have left my 'Jellies' by the french doors so I can slip them on when I go out into the garden. Topped up with fruit and veg so should be fine till we go to do the December shop in a couple of weeks. DD2 is going with me then. We also have a trip to Ikea lined up for the same week.

I have an appointment for 20th December for my pre op assessment for my ear but no date for the actual op, we also got notification of our winter fuel allowance which should be paid into the bank in the next couple of weeks.

DB went for his siesta I did a couple more blocks for the quilt. I have 2 more block to do and I can sew another strip on. I want to measure it then, have thought about a different way to finish it.

 It did rain for a short while but cleared up and the sun came out again. By 4pm we are having to put the light on in the sitting room, so curtains get closed throughout the house to keep the precious heat in

Baked gammon, potato wedges and baked tomato's for supper, banana and ice cream for dessert.

Now a plea, can anyone give me the site address for Pattypans blog. She lives in Peterborough and works for a firm of solicitors. I had her on my old blog but cannot find her now, I need to get in touch with her.

Thank you if you can help..........


  1. We had a lovely sunny day yesterday, today is cloudy with rain expected. Mon, Tues, and Wed. of this week I have been volunteering out our local Christmas Care organization that assists needy families with food and toys for Christmas. The campaign ends on Dec 13th, so having some busy weeks until then. Glad I don't work any more, takes a day for me to get back on track. lol
    Will be sewing this afternoon.
    Have a nice evening.

  2. Weather not to bad here, got the washing dry!! Changed the bedding and put the winter duvet on, shall probably melt tonight now!! No.2 son and I bought a treadmill (from last years sealed pot money and I have a bit more to spend too, still can't believe how much I saved and didn't miss it along the way either!!) the said treadmill came today, Yee Gods! May need an extension to the conservatory now - it's huge!! I left it to Son to choose and did say not too big!!!! Have to say am looking forward to having a go!! Pattypan's blog is tarragon&

  3. I have the link you wanted for Pattypan. It's
    Best wishes

  4. Hi Anne

    Its me Pattypan. Found you again - was beginning to get worried as could not find you despite trying to log on and all it kept saying was your blog had been removed - one minute you were there the next you were gone. Anyway alls well that ends well. Hope you and Edwin are okay and life is treating you well have clicked onto follow so hopefully should not lose one another again.




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