Friday, 22 November 2013

Another bright but very cold morning. I did have to wipe the windows this morning, our bedroom was the worst.

DB still complaining about his neck, he has an appointment with our GP. I had a letter yesterday the pre-op assessment, Christmas week, no date for the op though as yet.

Thank you to the couple of people who sent me the link to Pattypans blog, she has got in touch with me.

Friday clean to do, chap came bleed the landing radiator, I could not turn the thing, no problem for someone with a strong wrist and fingers, we checked them all and the one in the little front bedroom also needed doing.

DB had a dizzy so was in bed when the chap came to inspect the insulation, he found condensation on the back roofing felt where the sun does not reach during the winter, so the installers have to come back and put in some vents to ensure the roofing felt dries out. Its not a problem in the summer as the sun hits the back during the afternoon and any condensation will dry out.

I did the last 2 blocks for the quilt, sewed the last strip on, when I got to the end I realized the bobbin thread had run out ggrrrr so I had to redo it. Now need to decide what I am going to do, how I am going to finish it, I have several ideas, I will bounce them off my friend B when she has recovered from her travels.

The ironing has been looking at me all week, so as the quilt top needed pressing I did the ironing as well......good job out of the way.

The usual Friday supper, fish and chips, not sure whats for dessert yet.


  1. Am back from our wonderful trip to Memphis and am playing catch-up!

    Sorry about the dds and I wish you inspiration on how to finish the Country quilt. Applause for the finishing the final two blocks it needed!!

    Hope the damp roof problem is fixed before damage is done. The north side of our home gets no sunlight during winter so we park the car where the sun can shine on it at that time of year.


  2. Hello you! I just realised that you are visiting my blog, so I popped over to check you out. *smiles*
    I see you read Bluebell's blog. Is that how you found mine I wonder?
    Never mind... I hope you continue to visit my blog, and I shall add you to my Feedly Reader so I can read yours sometimes too.


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