Saturday, 23 November 2013

A Bit of a Rant

If you do not want to read a rant do not go any further.....

There is a blog I read where the person concerned is more than a little inclined to preach.

Now I admire them for what they have done, cleared a large amount of debt in a short time, thanks to the fact that both partners were high earners, some of the things they have done would not be my way, rather extreme, I do not want to stand in a bucket in the shower to save the water to flush the toilet thank you. We practice the, if its yellow let it mellow way, which means the toilet gets flushed twice during the day and last thing at night once the last flush is done toilet cleaner is put in so the loo is fresh for the next morning. We also collect rainwater from next doors garage and our shed to water the garden and if its very dry I use non greasy washing up water. My washing is done at 40c if coloured and 60c for sheets and towels, the programme takes just an hour, if I cannot hang the clothes out they are put on the airer in the dining room.

Cleaning is spilt into 2, Bedrooms. bathroom and top landing on Monday, Sitting room, dining room, hall stairs and kitchen on Friday, each room gets a proper clean so I no longer do a spring clean. I follow the way I was taught at college for cleaning an hotel room.

Yes I do compare grocery prices, most of my shopping is done at Aldi, just a couple of things I cannot get there come from Tesco. Aldi sell good quality food at reasonable price.Where I can  I buy clothes from a charity shop. I also have a clear out every so often in the wardrobe, if I have not worn something for 12 months it goes to the charity shop. Bigger stuff I recycle either through freecycle or by selling on Ebay.

All food is eaten, I batch cook and freeze portions. Stock made from bones, ie chicken carcass is done in the pressure cooker with carrot and onion to make stock for soup. If I am not going to use it straight away its frozen. I can only store so much frozen stuff as we no longer have a second freezer, no room for one in our little dolls house.

I do consider myself to be frugal, our food bill per month is £150 at the most and often quite a bit less. We do not eat meat every day have at least 2 or 3 veggie/pasta/fish meals a week. A chicken gives us 4 good meals plus stock. I also make our bread and rolls.

 Since we had the extra insulation put in and the defective windows changed the house keeps warm with a couple of blasts from the boiler in the morning and then in the evening before we go to bed. Much to my regret we do not have a multi fuel stove, there is no way we could fit one in this house, there is just no where to put a chimney.....a great shame as we live in an area where wood is freely available. When we decided on this house in the short time we had before having to travel back to Scotland we had to settle for what was available in our price bracket, so we have to put up with what we have got. At least DB has a garden to keep him occupied and grows veg in between the flowers.

I do all these things without preaching about them on my blog, they are done as a matter of course, I may refer to Monday and Friday clean and usually what we are having for supper but thats it.

I do feel that sometimes the blog is written in a rather condescending way, as if they are talking to someone with a simple mind unable to grasp the meaning of frugality which gets up my nose............

There are people who are aware of their responsibilities and address them but at the same time do not take it to extremes. 
OK enough........its a rather grey day and at just after 3pm its beginning to get dark.

DD1 has been over, stayed for some lunch and for a chat, news about the extended family exchanged, I have dug out the family history I did some years ago for her, it needs bringing up to date.....when I have 5 minutes I will do it. I need to sort out some names and dates.

Supper tonight sausage mash and veg, banana and ice cream for dessert.


  1. I believe I have read the blog you are referring to. I automatically reject anything someone attempts to cram down my throat. I believe in doing everything in moderation...except quilting! I'm happy to hear you both are doing well. We are suffering our first real blast of winter. I'm more or less in for the weekend with a virus. Taking advantage of doing a little work on a few small Christmas gifts.

    Warm regards....Barb

  2. I always enjoy reading your blog and stood in awe of your decision to move with such short notice. Like you, I read the other blog but recently I have been less enamoured of the preaching. I guess like DH and myself you are pensioners,whatever that may mean today, and like you we do the best dor us with what we have. Slainte. Catriona

  3. I'm afraid I did laugh! I think I know the blog you mean and I too have got fed up with the holier-than-thou comments, I have stopped reading it. What made me laugh was, to you and a lot of other folk, economising has to be done and comes with good old common sense, and we all have our different ways, but that blog seems to think they invented being frugal.
    We are lucky enough to have a wood burner. It's years old, I think we must have been eco-friendly before it was invented!!!! We had the stove when we lived with mother-in-law, in a large, cold house and as my husband is a builder, we used the wood he came home with. We didn't have any central heating and the fire was wonderful! When we eventually got our own home the stove came too! We are now in a much smaller home and the stove is too big really, but I couldn't give a toss when it is stoked up and I am sitting in front of it!!!!!!!!

  4. I have popped in and read your blog for a long while now and defended you several times when people have been nasty to you, so please don't take this the wrong way.
    I think that the thing with blogs is the same with TV programmes, i.e. if you don't like something, no-one makes you read/watch. Regarding the water frugality, if you mean the blogger that I think you mean, they live in the most expensive (by far) region for water charges in the country, I have a lot of friends in that area, the figure for 2012 combined water and sewerage was £543 pa, my own (at that time) region was second at £455, Severn Trent was the cheapest at £325, desperate measures needed by a lot of people, and goodness knows what these people will have to pay for 2014. I also believe that there are a lot of people out there, in debt, who think that Sky, an I-phone and an I-pad are absolute necessities and very much need to be told how to make changes in their lives, I don't believe that the blogger in question addresses her writings to people like you and me who know how to be frugal and live as you have described above.

    On a totally different note, as someone who can knit, but who does not have a flipping clue how to produce anything involving a needle and thread, I am very admiring and just a weeny bit envious of the lovely things that you make.

  5. More power to you and all others who seek to be truly frugal for whatever their reasons! It's good for the planet if we can keep our carbon footprints as light as possible.

    We choose not to have smart phones or to text as we don't see the point for that added expense. We have real books we own or that we check out from the library so no I-pads, Kindles, Nooks, or any such, thanks anyway. I will admit to feeling at sea if the computer is down, but realize I lived for 40+ years without instant communication or a cell phone so could do it again if need be. I enjoy the convenience of a cell phone when travelling or when at the grocery store.

    Ah, well, it's good we're all in this together!


  6. I too know who it is but I still give out the blog to anyone who complains about debt and how impossible it all is. She shows the extreme so anyone can take bits and pieces of it to use. We learned her lessons in the early 80s when mortgage interest was 13% and never looked back. Frugal lessons are now ingrained.

    But people like my hairdresser who broke her ankle severely need to know how to reduce expenses sharply since there is no or little income coming in. So many never learned the lessons of frugality and only listen to the media to spend spend spend to be happy.

  7. He He You have got it right. Frugal living was invented in 2009! No one before that ever managed to live without debt, or cope on 1 low income, or enjoy living better on less!

  8. Hugs. Your blog never makes me feel a failure. Thank you WS xxx

  9. I love your blog. I have no idea of the one you talk about but I would not read it. As for frugality, my queen is Nella Last and her diaries. She was amazing.

  10. All I'll say is, I too at times have read that blog and agree with your comments - we all have our own way of dealing with life and our troubles and knocks - but some of us choose to go about dealing with issues in our own sweet way without having to tell anyone who'll listen (or read) about it xxx

  11. You have read my mind. I think fame has gone to her head.

    Having said that, any hints on how to make my bread machine not bake bricks? Fresh flour and yeast. I think it hates me.

  12. I too know the blog you are talking about. She may have many good points but I think it is the way she presents it. She comes across very dogmatic, arrogant and domineering. Her way is the only way and if you don't agree with her you're stupid. Like one Alison said, we don't have to read her blog if we don't like it. I do read it, and take a lot of what she says with a grain of salt and lots of times think 'Are you kidding!' I'll be interested to see if she gets any similar comments on her blog.

    1. If you post anything questioning her, she deletes it. I also remember one poster who was just starting to blog (and it was a pretty blog) questioned something and got told to "F*** Off". The poor woman was so castigated that she deleted her blog. It was truly awful.

      Now it's all gluten free despite years of cake and pastry baking. The bandwagon is being jumped on.

    2. Hi I found this too! anything like that and your post never sees the light of day. I also find it interesting that there is a page devoted to stats.Seems to be just a moneymaking venture now although I have felt this for a time. Maybe it will all backfire... people dont like being spoken to as if they are back at school or idiots. They also don't like hypocrisy or overbearing lecturing or Bad language from a person responsible for the education of minors!

  13. Yes, I think that blog has changed along with the blogger's higher media profile. Still, there do seem to be lots of folk who have bought into the myth that they simply must have everything new, and that spending other people's money & getting into massive debt without a thought about how to pay it off, let alone what to do if their circumstances change for the worse, is the way to do it. Seems the blog is now aimed at them, not at those of us who subscribe to the belief of living within our means, can actually differentiate between a want and a need, and put these things into practise day after day without making a big song and dance about it. Rant over!
    I love your blog and pop by every day. I was interested to hear that your Monday and Friday clean follow the principles taught to you for a hotel clean, I would love to know what that involves so that I too can avoid the dreaded spring clean /more thorough clean. Please give us some details when you have the time. All best wishes, have a great day, Vee xx

  14. I also think I know what blog of which you speak and I choose to go on to the next one, when the writer gets preachy! Pick and choose, that's my decision but I love your blog, especially since you increased the size of the font!

  15. I too am pretty sure I know which blog you're talking about and I couldn't agree more. I sometimes get the feeling that the person who writes that particular blog seems to think they have reinvented the frugal wheel!!

  16. I also know the blog you mean ... I went off it a while ago when I realised the blogger drives a high-end sporty car. There are many people out who HAVE to make do on very little, but I don't see why you'd live what seems a rather joyless existence if you didn't have to. I also think that refusing to go to a friend's wedding, not because you couldn't afford it, but because you'd rather save the money, is ... well, the word mean springs to mind! Mean and frugal are very different things.

  17. I do agree with you and other readers that the blog of which you are speaking has not appealed to me lately. I feel the fame has put me out of touch with her.
    I love your down to earth way of writing and always look forward to your posts.
    Thank you.
    Pam in TX

  18. I visit your blog everyday, now that I have found you again, and really enjoy reading it, so thank you.

    With regard to the other blog I stopped reading it a few weeks ago, she has definitely changed.


  19. Well, might as well jump off the fence for once - my concern about this blogger is there does appear to be quite a bit of hypocrasy there. Extreme frugality, but still have flash car(s)/new sewing machines/i-phone/pads etc etc - because 'someone' donated/wanted me to review it. Sorry, that option is not open to the rest of us who are not minor celebrities - and I agree - most people do not have the opportunity to 'chose' the frugal lifestyle. And also (whilst I am on a rant) who got themselves into quite so much debt in the first place?? Oops sorry!!

  20. I have been thinking the same for a while too.I read the whole blog when I discovered it and it has changed drastically! I live on disabilty and my frugal life is one of the things I dont have a choice in but I am fed rather then fed up and although a bit cold sometimes I have a warm bed.Condescending and a bit know all strikes me some of the time.
    I do think it is perhaps aimed to another readership and for further advancement in the sponsorship and making an income area. Thats not wrong and maybe they really need the money!!!
    I probably wouldnt change much about my life if I had more money as frugality is ingrained into me . I struggle to get xmas together and any family dos but my family just love to see me so thats ok! So I am very lucky indeed.
    Nice flash car I wouldnt want or big flash sewing machine either. no ipad ,iphone but I do have a lovely small dog !
    I dont think the frugal awards will go down so well next year although there seem to be some gushing fans.
    Simple and happy thats what I aim for but we are all different in how we see that in our lives.... Debs

  21. This particular blogger was once extremely rude to me in her comments box, so I do not hold an objective view of her. Your post today made me smile though.
    I enjoy your blog because it's so down to earth and am so pleased to be able to follow it again. Your quilts are beautiful. I wish I had half your quilting skills :-)

  22. Definitely had a smile at this one! The blog I believe you may be referring to has had its history edited rather a lot in the past few years - quite a lot has been removed. It was a good read back at the start, before it became more about "what can I get" than "what can I give". Above all those blogging on Frugal matters should remember that not everyone is "Voluntarily frugal" in the way that this particular blogger is, and indeed in the way that I am, although to a lesser extent. There is a huge difference between - for example - choosing not to use your heating, and being unable to afford to do so - to muddle the two is a huge insult to those for whom frugality is not a choice but a plain necessity. I have some of the luxuries mentioned above, I have them because I've saved for them and bought them, usually via means like doing surveys etc. I value them all the more for that reason!

  23. Regarding the blog you mention I seem to have the same opinion as everyone
    else - nobody likes to be preached at (and for the record, frugal living wasn't
    invented in 2009 - I personally invented it in the early eighties when I was a
    penniless student!). Here in Australia there are a couple of similar blogs
    which used to be enjoyable to read (and are linked to a lot of frugality blogs
    in the UK) but they've unfortunately gone down the same preachy path so
    I avoid them now.

  24. Agree 100%.

    But - do you realise that you still link to her in your sidebar?

    1. Yes I know they are still on my side bar. I do still read. If a post starts to preach I go on to the next blog.


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