Saturday, 30 November 2013

Well That was a night

I should have kept quiet about DB. As the injections began to wear off the socket began to bleed, and bleed it did. By 815pm a kitchen roll and several home made swabs had been used, so off we went 30 miles to A & E. Thankfully they processed him quickly, and he was seen by the maxillary registrar who decided that it needed stitches, so stitches he got, then of course because they had not left him on a couch he had a dizzy and his BP was everywhere.

Eventually he was put in a cubicle on a couch and after about half an hour began to pull himself together. A couple more checks on his BP which at this stage was starting to go down and he was passed fit to come home. It was 1am as I drew up on the drive.

The journey to the hospital was horrendous, why do people insist in driving right behind you with their headlight full on? I was so glad to get off the country road and onto the A46. Coming back there was hardly any traffic. Its ages since I drove at night not a pleasant experience at all, and one I hope not to repeat. May
be I should have sent him in by ambulance but really it was quicker to take him. I had to park the car away from the hospital so that involved a walk to collect it, I was warned not to go through the park, no way, I was sticking to the bright lights thank you.

It was well after 2am before I got to sleep, only to be wakened by DB shouting again, thats 2 nights this was 10am when I woke and he informed me he now had the dreaded palps.... so after breakfast he is sitting up in bed reading. Do not doubt he will also be sleeping. I put a towel over  the pillows but there is a big blood stain on the bottom sheet and also on the duvet cover. They can stay on the bed till tomorrow, hopefully by then serum will have stopped leaking.......I have a double cover on the mattress so that will not be a problem, but the duvet might be another matter, will see when I take the cover off.

Supper tonight will I think be haggis with mashed neeps (swede) and tatties, its all soft so DB should cope alright with it.

Lets hope today is a better day.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Fun Friday

Welome to a new follower, Louise, you are very welcome.

What a grey day, light levels so low I have the light on in the sitting room......DB is in the garden clearing the leaves again, lots coming down after the heavy frost this week. Weather makes me feel very depressed, feel so much better when the sun shines. Usual winter aches and pains, seems to move to a different part of my body this time its hands and fingers. Typing with one finger is a pain.

Friday clean done with some help. I need to look at Christmas week make sure the house is nice and clean for the festivities, so I can relax. I do not touch the cleaning again then until New years eve, the whole house gets done in one go then.

DD2 asked us for lunch on New Years Day which will be nice for us. I have a couple of appointments at the hospital before Christmas. One for my ear op, funnily enough the last lot of drops the specialist gave me seems to have cleared up what ever the problem was, I seem also to be able to hear slightly more in that ear too without my hearing aid. Weird..........the second one is to check my hearing aid.

DB is having a tooth out, so he has asked for paoched eggs at lunch time and then he will have soup for his supper. His INR was 2 so he should not bleed too much, fingers crossed. I will drop him at the dentist and then go and pick him up I have to collect a parcel from Tesco.

Need to do a list of Christmas cards, I bought some a couple of years ago from the Oxfam shop reduced, should have enough, fingers crossed. I do not want to spend out on any more.


Tooth out, it was not a pretty sight apparently. No bleeding which has to be good. He is having soup for supper.

I also picked up the parcel from Tesco. I have been given a new lap top computer.  its windows 8 and very different can  see problems ahead so there may be some weird entries on my blog for a few days till I get used to the thing.

Tomorrow is Saturday, lie in day....hooray........

Thursday, 28 November 2013

More Fog

Another foggy start, no sun today so it was still hanging about after lunch.

DB's bp monitor stopped working sometime during the night, when he woke this morning there was an error message on I took it off. I slept in the guest room, did not want it to keep me awake, I am not a happy bunny if I cannot sleep.

We went to return it, I nipped into Morrisons I wanted some stem ginger. Thanks to Morgan for the heads up on the Aldi voucher, I got 2 papers, DD2 and I are going to Aldi next Thursday and the vouchers are vailid until closing time next Thursday, so looking forward to a £5 discount.

DD2's for lunch, soup, crackers, cheese and yogurt, went down very well, came home and DB went for his siesta. He has ro go to the dentist tomorrow and I have something to collect from Tesco, so will drop him off and then go back and collect him.

Fish mash, peas and sweetcorn for supper tonight, we have bananas so banana and ice cream, I have a carton in the freezer thats needs finishing off.

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Now we have fog!!

No frost today just swirling fog. Busy day DB has his INR this morning and then we are both getting our eyes tested and DB gets his 24 hour BP monitor fitted this afternoon, so I will be residing in the guest room tonight.

Very foggy when we got up, could no see the top of the hill from the front bedroom, it started to clear but  was still hanging about until mid morning when some blue sky appeared, not that it was any warmer....its been bbrrrrrr all day.

I have had several enquiries about stovies......they are mainly a Scottish thing DB's mother used to make them on Monday, wash day. You can have the, just potato or put in the bits off the Sunday joint, cooked sausage or as in our case half a large tin of corned beef cut into dice.

Peel and slice potato's thinly. Finely chop and onion. Put the onion in a heavy bottomed saucepan  that has a well fitting lid,with some dripping and lightly fry, then add the sliced spud and turn over so the potato is coated with the dripping. Turn the heat down very low and keep tossing the potato's until they are cooked, shake the pan a couple of times without taking the lid off, at this point turn off the heat and add the diced corned beef or whatever and leave for about 10 minutes to enable the spuds to 'unstick' themselves from the pan bottom, serve. The idea is that the lid enables the potato to cook in the steam. I put a circle of foil on the top of the pan before I put the lid on, it helps to seal the lid so no steam escapes.
I usually melt a stock cube in a tiny drop of water and pour it down the side of the pan, it helps to create some steam and also flavours the spuds, do not add any salt, there is enough in the stock cube.

OH puts ground black pepper om his and a dollop of spicy brown sauce. Cheap and cheerful grub, but loaded with fat which is why we only have it very occasionally. I keep the corned beef in the fridge, it makes it easier to slice.

Back from town, neither of us need a change of prescription, my cateract is almost ready to be sorted, I have to go back in 6 months for a further test and at that point the optician will refer me to set it done, The MD has not got any worse so thats great.

Supper tonight is chicken, salad and jacket spuds, the remains of the lemon cheesecake for dessert.

I have spent some time on the sewing machine this afternoon, finishing off a project. I could not remember how to add script to a design.......its time I got back to using it more frequently.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Its Frosty

We woke up to signs of a heavy frost, even the trees had silver edges to the leaves that are still clinging on and it was b....y cold when I put my nose out of the door.

By lunchtime it has thawed but was still bitter.

DB retired to bed with a dizzy this morning, it was lunch time before he appeared down stairs. I did the Monday clean before he came upstairs, just have to do the carpets and bathroom floor with the hoover and mop.

The central heating is back on, I just will not be cold. I  turned the bedroom rads off though,  turned them back on when I went up to draw the curtains late this afternoon.

I  decided to give DB a treat, he loves stovies, so, as I got a tin of corned beef recently, I will make them for his supper. We can eat the rest of it later in the week with jacket spuds and a small side salad. Corned beef has become very expensive over the last 12 months, I bought a tin as a treat when we were in Sainsbury recently.

This afternoon we had a quick trip out to do a couple of errands, I was glad to get back into the warm, it was blooming cold out.

Monday, 25 November 2013


Grey morning but it brightened up at lunchtime. Then it was down hill all the way, by 2.30 it was very cold in the house, so the heating went on.

No Monday clean done. DB had an appointment at the dentist. He has to go back and get a tooth out on Friday, had to pay in advance £49!!

Whilst DB was in the dentist I nipped to get some cook in the oven bags, also picked up 2 new tooth brushes, think its about time we had new ones.

Back home we had a drink and then DB went out to cut the grass and I prepped the chicken for supper tonight, cannot make up my mind whether to do veg or pasta.......

Yesterday laundry was dry apart from one of DB's roll neck sweaters and a pair of socks so most of it folded and put away.

As the mobile library vans are out of action I went onto the website and renewed my books for another 2 weeks, due back 16th December. Hoping the van will be back after the holiday.

DS2 sent a message to say they got back ok last night. DD2 has asked us for lunch on Thursday. Just a snack lunch, like us they eat at night.

DB will be up soon after his siesta, better go and fill the kettle.......

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Disappointing Day

Late night last night, both reading until after 1am, then DB decided to sit up and shout at 3am just as I was dropping off, he thought he was choking, no he was dreaming......he laid down and was fast asleep, I dropped off as it was starting to get light!!

It was really nice when we got up, so a load in the washer, by the time the washer finished it had clouded over and was very grey looking. I have put the laundry on the airer and it is on the deck, keeping my eye on it in case it starts to rain.

We watched Strictly last night, did anyone else think it was a bit lacklustre???? I was disappointed with all the dances. Wonder who will go out this week.

DGD having an amazing time in Jamaica, she is not back until Friday, so will have to work extra hard next week to make up for the sales she has lost while she was away.

DS2 arrived just after 4pm this afternoon on his way to see his ex partners Mother who is in hospital in Nottingham, she was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour a few weeks ago and is having Chemo just now. It was nice to see him and DGD. He did phone to say he was coming so a bit of a rush to make some scones before they arrived, nothing like scones still warm from the oven slathered with butter......

Supper tonight, rubber chicken, roast spuds, cauli and carrots, not decided whats for dessert, might just go down the easy route with banana something, maybe in the bottom of a chocolate whip, have a few to use up from AF.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

A Bit of a Rant

If you do not want to read a rant do not go any further.....

There is a blog I read where the person concerned is more than a little inclined to preach.

Now I admire them for what they have done, cleared a large amount of debt in a short time, thanks to the fact that both partners were high earners, some of the things they have done would not be my way, rather extreme, I do not want to stand in a bucket in the shower to save the water to flush the toilet thank you. We practice the, if its yellow let it mellow way, which means the toilet gets flushed twice during the day and last thing at night once the last flush is done toilet cleaner is put in so the loo is fresh for the next morning. We also collect rainwater from next doors garage and our shed to water the garden and if its very dry I use non greasy washing up water. My washing is done at 40c if coloured and 60c for sheets and towels, the programme takes just an hour, if I cannot hang the clothes out they are put on the airer in the dining room.

Cleaning is spilt into 2, Bedrooms. bathroom and top landing on Monday, Sitting room, dining room, hall stairs and kitchen on Friday, each room gets a proper clean so I no longer do a spring clean. I follow the way I was taught at college for cleaning an hotel room.

Yes I do compare grocery prices, most of my shopping is done at Aldi, just a couple of things I cannot get there come from Tesco. Aldi sell good quality food at reasonable price.Where I can  I buy clothes from a charity shop. I also have a clear out every so often in the wardrobe, if I have not worn something for 12 months it goes to the charity shop. Bigger stuff I recycle either through freecycle or by selling on Ebay.

All food is eaten, I batch cook and freeze portions. Stock made from bones, ie chicken carcass is done in the pressure cooker with carrot and onion to make stock for soup. If I am not going to use it straight away its frozen. I can only store so much frozen stuff as we no longer have a second freezer, no room for one in our little dolls house.

I do consider myself to be frugal, our food bill per month is £150 at the most and often quite a bit less. We do not eat meat every day have at least 2 or 3 veggie/pasta/fish meals a week. A chicken gives us 4 good meals plus stock. I also make our bread and rolls.

 Since we had the extra insulation put in and the defective windows changed the house keeps warm with a couple of blasts from the boiler in the morning and then in the evening before we go to bed. Much to my regret we do not have a multi fuel stove, there is no way we could fit one in this house, there is just no where to put a chimney.....a great shame as we live in an area where wood is freely available. When we decided on this house in the short time we had before having to travel back to Scotland we had to settle for what was available in our price bracket, so we have to put up with what we have got. At least DB has a garden to keep him occupied and grows veg in between the flowers.

I do all these things without preaching about them on my blog, they are done as a matter of course, I may refer to Monday and Friday clean and usually what we are having for supper but thats it.

I do feel that sometimes the blog is written in a rather condescending way, as if they are talking to someone with a simple mind unable to grasp the meaning of frugality which gets up my nose............

There are people who are aware of their responsibilities and address them but at the same time do not take it to extremes. 
OK enough........its a rather grey day and at just after 3pm its beginning to get dark.

DD1 has been over, stayed for some lunch and for a chat, news about the extended family exchanged, I have dug out the family history I did some years ago for her, it needs bringing up to date.....when I have 5 minutes I will do it. I need to sort out some names and dates.

Supper tonight sausage mash and veg, banana and ice cream for dessert.

Friday, 22 November 2013

Another bright but very cold morning. I did have to wipe the windows this morning, our bedroom was the worst.

DB still complaining about his neck, he has an appointment with our GP. I had a letter yesterday the pre-op assessment, Christmas week, no date for the op though as yet.

Thank you to the couple of people who sent me the link to Pattypans blog, she has got in touch with me.

Friday clean to do, chap came bleed the landing radiator, I could not turn the thing, no problem for someone with a strong wrist and fingers, we checked them all and the one in the little front bedroom also needed doing.

DB had a dizzy so was in bed when the chap came to inspect the insulation, he found condensation on the back roofing felt where the sun does not reach during the winter, so the installers have to come back and put in some vents to ensure the roofing felt dries out. Its not a problem in the summer as the sun hits the back during the afternoon and any condensation will dry out.

I did the last 2 blocks for the quilt, sewed the last strip on, when I got to the end I realized the bobbin thread had run out ggrrrr so I had to redo it. Now need to decide what I am going to do, how I am going to finish it, I have several ideas, I will bounce them off my friend B when she has recovered from her travels.

The ironing has been looking at me all week, so as the quilt top needed pressing I did the ironing as well......good job out of the way.

The usual Friday supper, fish and chips, not sure whats for dessert yet.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Blue Skies?????

Yes, blue skies this morning and the sun shining, its still very cold though.

After breakfast DB and I went to Aldi at Loughborough, I managed to get a turkey crown so thats in the freezer, had to do a bit of a jiggle round but I got it in. I also bought a new pair of slippers, my old ones fell to pieces. I have left my 'Jellies' by the french doors so I can slip them on when I go out into the garden. Topped up with fruit and veg so should be fine till we go to do the December shop in a couple of weeks. DD2 is going with me then. We also have a trip to Ikea lined up for the same week.

I have an appointment for 20th December for my pre op assessment for my ear but no date for the actual op, we also got notification of our winter fuel allowance which should be paid into the bank in the next couple of weeks.

DB went for his siesta I did a couple more blocks for the quilt. I have 2 more block to do and I can sew another strip on. I want to measure it then, have thought about a different way to finish it.

 It did rain for a short while but cleared up and the sun came out again. By 4pm we are having to put the light on in the sitting room, so curtains get closed throughout the house to keep the precious heat in

Baked gammon, potato wedges and baked tomato's for supper, banana and ice cream for dessert.

Now a plea, can anyone give me the site address for Pattypans blog. She lives in Peterborough and works for a firm of solicitors. I had her on my old blog but cannot find her now, I need to get in touch with her.

Thank you if you can help..........

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Whay a yuk day

First of all I must apologize for not welcoming several new followers who have joined my blog recently, you are very welcome.

It was a nasty rainy start to the morning, very dark and overcast, wish I was going with my DGD to Jamaica, she is off on her jolly for being one of the top sellers for her company, lucky girl. Thankfully the heavy frost lifted during the night it was -2c when we went to bed.

I did not have to put the heating back on yesterday, the frost lifted and the temperature in the house went up, so the heat stayed off. I did try to bleed the landing radiator, but could not undo the screw no matter how hard I a call for the plumber to come and sort it for us.

Laundry done, now drying on the airer in the dining room.

By lunch time the sun was out although it was still rather cold. I used up the last of the pea and ham soup for lunch. Whilst DB went for his siesta I sewed another couple of blocks for the country quilt which I have fetched out of storage. I need to put another 8 blocks down the side, I am thinking of getting some planish material and putting large borders on it, getting a bit fed up with doing the squares. I need a trip to the fabric warehouse for either pink, green, beige or cream fabric.

Macaroni cheese made for supper, doing a couple of baked potato's and a small side salad to go with it. DB asked for banana fritters and ice cream for dessert.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Double Bbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

My goodness its cold this morning, a heavy frost, should kill some of the germs that are about. The sun is shining but just now the frost is holding, its -2c in the garden. Me thinks the heating will be going back on. I had to clean the condensation off the windows this morning. the ones in the front bay were the worst. I thought double glazed windows did not get condensation.........glad I am not committed to going out, the roads will be like skating rinks especially the one over the hills to the A46. When I was younger I used to love the clear frosty mornings to go for a walk, now its a case of keeping warm so my joints do not seize up or I manage not  to do a dying fly on the ice. The thought of a broken limb fills me with horror.

DB is staying inside too he is still a bit unsteady on his feet, no more concord landings required thank you!!

Nothing really planned for the day except to make a pot of pea and ham soup using the liquor from the gammon joint, some dried peas I have soaked overnight and chopped up bits of ham. I have taken mince out of the freezer for mince and dough balls for supper, we were to have had macaroni cheese and salad but its too bbbrrrrr for salad. We have the remains of the sponge pudding from Sunday for dessert.

New laptop is on hold for a while, I cannot make up my mind what to get, there are so many available its very confusing, think I may have to ask my techie to source one for me........having said that the next time I go into Leicester I may well have a look at what they have in Tesco, that might give me a better idea of what I am looking for and cost. We are going to have an expensive few weeks if we both need new glasses........

Monday, 18 November 2013

Welcome Home

My laptop returned this morning but its not in good shape, so it looks as though I am going to have to bite the bullet and buy a new one, cannot really afford it, but I keep so much info on here it is almost a necessity.

It was a dull morning and did indeed start to rain during the morning. Monday clean done DB actually did the hoovering, wonders will never cease!! Stripped the bed, laundry is drying in the dining room, far too wet to hang it out. We are only a few weeks into winter and I am fed up with laundry hanging around already....heaven knows what I will be like at the end of the winter.

After lunch we ventured into town. We needed to sign on with a dentist and DB made an appointment for himself. I left him in the library and went down to make an appointments for us both to get our eyes tested so a busy week next week. DB also has an appointment to get his blood pressure monitor fitted and the dentist.

We saw S the driver of the mobile library who informed us that he would not be coming this week as the bus is off the road, his next visit will be 18th I quickly found 4 books, we will return all our books when DB goes to the dentist next week.

Back home for a welcome cup of tea.

Supper tonight cold roast gammon, jacket spud, tomato and cucumber salad. Apple and black berry sponge for dessert.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Not much to report today, it's been a very grey one.

We were late up again this morning. Porridge and croissant for breakfast. Gammon on in the pressure cooker to cook, fat trimmed,scored and a mixture of mustard and broown sugar rubbed in, then in the convection oven at 200c for 20 minutes. Sliced it when it was cold, thickish slices for supper tonight and tomorrow, the rest cut thin for sandwiches in the freezer. Apples peeled, blackberries added from the freezer and sponge topping, 3 nights desserts done.

I guess ice cream making is more or less done for now so took the base out of the freezer, a bit more room in there now. I can easily put it back in if DB decides he want's ice cream.

DB spent some time in the garden he did think about trying to cut the grass but it was just too wet, so dead heading and leaf gathering. He went for his siesta after lunch.

Put the heating on just after 3 pm, my feet were like blocks of ice even with 2 pairs of socks on!! The readings will be up this week, have just paid another DD, so we should be ok for now. We have noticed a difference since the windows were done.

Rain forecast for tomorrow so the laundry will have to be dried inside.  

We are half way through November and Christmas will soon be on us, this time last year we had no idea we would move back to was the beginning of January my daughter phoned with her news and sparked us looking for a new home. Here's to 2014 being a more settled year for us.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Hurray!! It's Saturday

Not so cold this morning, and we can see out of the windows, no nasty my knickers out before I went to bed last night, so no floor show for the neighbours this morning!!

We were late getting up, a lie in for the weekend. DB was hoping to cut the grass but it has rained heavily.

My left wrist started to do a dance last night, to just keep up with all the other bits that jump about from time to time. First time for the wrist, it's usually shoulders and fingers. To add to the discomfort a small blood vessel in my left  decided to rupture, so I also have a nice bruise. Have a wrist support on this morning. Now DB is mobile again am getting a bit more rest which is helping overall.

Early  lunch, decided its time we had a bit of an outing, so going to the local nursery to look at their decks and treat ourselves to a toasted tea cake and a cup of tea.

Loaf in the bread maker, liver out for supper, gammon joint in soak for tomorrow's supper. We will have some sausage with the liver.

No news is good news re my lap top J was supposed to call yesterday guess he is still working on it. We will see on Monday.

Friday, 15 November 2013

We can now see out the windows

The window chappie arrived on time..... unheard of, all the blown panes have now been replaced and we can see out of all the windows. I must remember not to go into the front bedroom in the nude, as now the misted panes have gone, the world and his wife will be able to see me getting my knickers out of the chest of drawers.

We had to move the caravan slightly so that the ladder could be put at the right angle up to the landing window, no problem there with the mover.

I made a plate of sandwiches for P, he sat and ate them with us at lunch time.

I put the bath mats and towels in the washer, it has been fine but cold, the mats are dry, but the towels are on the airer to finish off.

DB went for his siesta, yesterday was a bad day he started with the dreaded palps during the afternoon and still had them when we went to be, however they had gone this morning. He had an appointment with the Dr this morning about his neck, told to stop taking paracetamol as it could be masking other things, he has an appointment with our own GP to follow up a couple of things from the hospital.

Fish and chips for supper tonight, possible chocolate mousse for dessert, will see.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Not so cold this morning, sun is out and we have a breeze which is blowing the leaves off the trees in the wood all over the garden.The grass is too wet to walk on, so they will have to stay for a bit.

Sauce made for pasta salad for supper. Used up a couple of slices of bacon from the fridge, onion, garlic, herbes de provance,splash of white wine and half a chicken stock cube, will finish it off with some soft cream cheese stirred in later.

Not much going on, lap top is still undergoing technical surgery, new glass panels being fitted in the blown windows tomorrow, starting upstairs, think we may have to move the caravan for the chap to get at the landing window. Could be an interesting day.

No more sewing done, although DB is much better and back 'doing his duties' I am still very tired, very little energy, not that that is anything unusual!!

Friday clean will be put off, no point if the chap is going to be making a mess. He did manage yesterday to get one of the front bedroom windows to shut properly, a screw had come loose from the locking mechanism and jammed. It had been jammed ever since we moved in. He also has to relay the lead over the bay on the front, it has lifted in a couple of places.

DB has just been out to the shed, he says despite the sun it's bitter out, I am planning on staying in the warm. The heat is not on, the sun through the bay is warming the room nicely. It will go off around 3 pm, so the heat will kick in then.

My friend in the US has gone with her MIL to visit family, it's strange not seeing a comment from her each day. Hope she is having a good time catching up with all the relatives.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Sunny but very cold

We had a frost last night. DB and I went to  Tesco for a few bits.

No news re the lap top, no news is good news  I suppose.

Chap came at lunch time with the units for the windows, he is coming on Friday to fit them, we might be able to see out of the windows then, they have got steadily worst since we moved in. I had to clear mould off the front window this morning. Hope it clears when the new units are finished.

Supper tonight beef and bean casserole, the remainder of last nights gratin and mashed spuds for supper. Banana and cream for dessert.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Lap top l'hospital

My lsp top has gone to my tame techie, it seems as if it might be terminal but he will do his best. Just in case I am going to do  little research, excuse any mistakes I am using DB's lap top which has a smaller key board than mine.

Its a bright day laundry out on the line for a blow, will finish it off on the airer. I was horrified to see black mould on the french doors, attacked it with bleach and a tooth brush. I will have to keep an eye on that. We still have not had the windows done. They are going to have to wait till the spring. No way am I sitting here with windows open/out at this time of year.

DB is in bed dizzy yesterday and today, makes me wonder about the trip we are planning, but we have time for improvement.

Pot on the stove with soup for lunch. We had a trip to Sainsbury yesterday, not impressed, very pricy. I have £40 of vouchers to spend there, will keep them till nearer Christmas. I also have £15 of Tesco vouchers to use up. Again they will wait until nearer Christmas.

Supper tonight cauli and calebrese Gratin........banana for dessert.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Short but sweet

I am having a problem with my lap top, just now it is doing a full scan, we'll has been for the last 6 hours.

Hopefully I will be back tomorrow, or may be later tonight.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Gosh a sunny day

We woke up to a sunny morning, I sorted through the laundry basket and found enough to do white load. It almost dried in the sun. It's on the airier to finish off.

Db watched the service at the Cenotaph on TV. I was doing various jobs and also finished sewing down the binding on the table mats and pot holders. I also made one to go with the mats, I just have the binding to sew down on it.

Supper cooking. I decided to make a lemon sponge, it's ages since I last made one, hope it turns out ok. We will watch strictly later.

Hope I do not get indigestion again, I could do with a decent nights sleep.

DB back to normal, walking ok and doing his jobs round the house including the washing up!! For which I am very thankful.

We have an appointment with the chiropodist in the morning, we will do another couple of errands whilst we are out and also have a trip to Sainsbury's which opened this last week.

Lest we forget

                             Those who died that we might live....................

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Whats happened????

Its not raining but we have had a slight frost. We were late up thisd morning it was twenty to 9 when I opened my eyes.

Prepped supper as I was going to see my friend this afternoon, thanks to DB its 6 weeks since I saw her.

A quick sandwich at lunch time and then extricate myself from the drive in my car, some kind soul had parked right across our access on the opposite side of the road, It was a wheels on the pavement job. Why do builders not make the roads wide enough to take cars on modern estates. There is barely enough room for two cars to pass on our road, and if a car is parked by the pavement it can be a bit of a struggle to get past.

Great to see my friend again, we had tea, trifle and viennese whirls. some came home with me along with some trifle for DB. Plenty of chat and some laughs.

Not a bad journey home, it was just starting to get dark as I drew up on the drive. DB had been fine whilst I was out.

Supper tonight sausage mash and beans and strawberry trifle for dessert, as change from bananas.

Who is going to go out of strictly tonight I wonder?  I know who should but after last week one really wonders................................

Friday, 8 November 2013

Even more brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

My goodness its cold this morning, had to crank the heating up a bit......sun was shining but no heat in it really.

Cotton Reel phoned me last night and put my visit off till tomorrow, she has to be somewhere this afternoon, so I had an afternoon free, what shall I do??? Well possibly sleep as I was still awake at 3am.

Friday clean was done yesterday, so no cleaning. I could sit and sew down the binding on the two mats I made or I could just simply read........we will see.

The sunshine turned to rain before lunch and by 3pm we had to have the light on in the sitting room it was so dull and dark. It was good to close the curtains and shut the weather out,

I did have a quick nap on the settee when DB went for his siesta, when I woke, I was really cold so put the fire on in the sitting room for a while to get the temperature up a bit. I cannot stand to be cold.

We are having fish, mustard mash and peas for supper. I will bake a couple of bananas and have them with custard for dessert.

Yesterday I had a conversation with the 3 call centre in India. me, Hi, this is....... I have a mobile broadband dongle number........ the contract runs out on 10th Dec, I am giving you a months notice to termiate my agreement with you as per your terms and conditions. 

Them: pardon madam?

Me; I repeat previous statement.

Them; I have your account up madam (being called madam or by my christian name by these people really hacks me off.) I can see you have been a customer of ours for a long time and have never been in arrears with your payments. We would like to retain your business, we will only charge you £5 25 a month and give you more gigabytes........

Me; no thanks I want to terminate my contract.

Them; are you sure your do not want to keep the dongle at the reduced rate.

Me; almost snarling at this point, no I do not want to keep the dongle I no longer have a use for it.

There then followed a very convoluted conversation during which they almost wanted my leg measurements and how many times I pee a day!! By this time I was royally hacked off, only good manners prevented me from snarling a particularly sarcastic comment down the phone.

They still persisted in trying to get me to take the cheaper deal.....eventually after 36 minutes (good job I was not paying for the call) they got the message and agreed to terminate the contract.

I had to be revived with brandy when I got off the phone!! Took me an hour to recover. DB said I had used the words 'no I do not want the deal' 14 times during the conversation.

Why cannot these people just accept when you say NO!! thats exactly what you mean.

Thursday, 7 November 2013


A cold but fine morning, sun out but very little warmth in it.

Friday clean done this morning as I am out tomorrow to visit my friend Cotton Reel.  I like the sitting room etc tidy for the weekend.

DB drove the car up to the village to get his TV mag, I went with him 'just in case' but he coped ok, said his foot was sore when he got back, but he has not mentioned it since. He is going to have to exercise his foot anyway, so I guess using the clutch is gentle exercise. He managed to get a shoe on with his usual socks this morning, so thats good too, his actual foot swelling is going down.

I made a ginger cake yesterday so we can have a slice with our afternoon tea when DB gets up after his siesta.

Supper tonight is beef and bean stew with mash, carrots and cauliflower. No idea whats for dessert. I need to do a hunt through the cupboards. 

Letter this morning confirming a new CC account has been set up, the cards will be another few days before they come through.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Its raining again!!

Guess what? Yes its raining.

Regarding yesterdays visit to look at the Lunar Venus, we are not in the market for a new van certainly not at £12,000+. We wanted to have a good look at it with a view to maybe buying one when they start to come onto the second hand market in a couple of years or so.

Like a car, a caravan looses around 25% in value as soon as it goes on the road, I am not into to throwing my cash away. Nor are we in it for the kudos of having a ‘new’ van.

We are looking at doing a fairly substantial trip September 2014, once we get back from that we will see how we feel about carrying on, and then maybe look into changing the van. If we only intend to carry on for a couple of years it will not be worth it and we will keep our Bailey until it falls to bits.

DB had his INR this morning so a combined visit to the Drs and the library van to change our books. The main street of the village is a real mess. Severn Trent are working on the water mains, there is mud all over the road, its like a skating rink in places.

Spag bol and garlic bread for supper with the rest of the bread and butter pudding for dessert.

OH walked without his stick to go to the Drs this morning, so although I will keep it in the crutch in the car he can do without it from now on.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

So thats what happened to the rain

It arrived this morning.We had decided to go out this morning to Grantham to check out the caravan dealers we found at the show. It was pelting down, windscreen wipers going full tilt all the way there.

We blagged the key to the van we had been looking at when we went to the show. Took it to bits and had a good nosy round. Still ticked all the boxes. Back in the showroom we handed back the key and were given 2 cups of coffee. T the salesman had a chat to us and we made a few enquiries about various things and headed off to have a butchers at the shop. Very well stocked, but no pressure to buy. We priced up a couple of things, storing the info away for future use. At no time did we feel any pressure to put our names down for a van, nice dealer and very nice salesman.

By the time we left to come home the rain had stopped and the sun was out, but the nearer we got to home the nearer we got to the very black clouds scudding over and by the time we got in the door it was pouring again.

Lunch over DB retired for his siesta, I did a bit of research on the internet on halogen convection ovens, need to do a bit more before I make up my mind about them.

It turned really cold so I put the fire on in the sitting room for a while, just brough the heat up enough to make it comfortable, using the electric fine is a heck of a lot cheaper than using the gas.

DB asked for egg chips and beans for supper, so thats what he  got,. I had a hm roll left so cut it into 4 slices, buttered it and made a bread and butter pudding, delicious. its ages since I made one so we really enjoyed it and there is enough for tomorrow night.

Library van here tomorrow, I finished my books and have been reading freebies on my Ipad. Some of them are total rubbish, but any port in a storm.......

Monday, 4 November 2013

Rain???? Hmmmmmmmm

Well the forecast yesterday said we would have rain today, so I did not sort out the laundry. Wake up to bright sunny skies, so quick ferret round for a coloured load, in the washer and out on the line. We do check the forecast regularly, well DB does, they certainly got it wrong for today.

Monday clean done, I want to finish the mug rugs I started yesterday and get the binding sewn down on the table mats. Then I just might start on some more pot holders.......My machine foxed me yesterday I wanted to sew the binding on the table mats, could not get the thing to change so I could do a 1/4" seam, tried several times to no avail, then I remembered I had the straight stitch plate on, had not changed wonder it did not like me cussing at it.

Supper tonight will be cold turkey and salad, used the slicer to slice the remainder of the meat up. It would easily have done 3 of 
us, will decide later whether to get another one for Christmas or a small turkey crown.

Nothing planned for the rest of the day, DB is now walking without his crutches in the house and has his slippers on, might get him out for a walk later. We are going out tomorrow morning for a couple of hours, I am feeling stifled in the house all the time.

DD2 phoned at lunchtime she had something she wanted me to print off and take down to her. Job done, we will be going to deliver it when DB gets up after his siesta. Tea and cake at her house today.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Sun, rain sun

has been the case, it was sunny but quite windy when we got up, so I stripped the bed and put the washer on. Out on the whirly after about an hour of twirling round black clouds and rain. I was upstairs making the bed, could not be bothered to go out and fetch it in so it stayed out, after 20 minutes rain gone, sun out again, hopefully I will get it dry......

DB is moving around much better just using the crutch to steady himself as he goes up stairs, good job he is recovering, I know I would not be able to keep up the pace much longer, very painful this morning and extremely tired.

I bought a turkey breast joint from Aldi this week, I have de-frosted it to have for supper with roast spuds, calebrese and carrots, might do some stuffing balls with it. Did think about unrolling it, stuffing it and putting the net back on, cannot be bothered.

Still not sewing done, mats cut out and thats it. I am really feeling that having the embroidery machine is a complete waste, I am just not using it as I used to........perhaps once DB gets back into working mode I might feel better about it, if not I have to consider my options. Having said that when DB went for his siesta I went into the sewing room and quilted both mats and have the binding sewn on one and almost on the other, decided to quit whilst I was ahead and came down for tea and cake. Prepped the supper.

DB has managed to get an ordinary slipper on his bad foot and is now bending his foot as he should, he says it does not hurt going up stairs but does coming down, but of course  you stretch your feet as you come down.

I fetched the sheets etc in after lunch we had another sharp shower of rain, so everything is folded in the basket waiting to be ironed. Forecast is for rain tomorrow so the rest of the laundry will have to wait.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Oh Dear - Another Grey Day

Welcome to all my followers old and new, Tania from Aus is the latest to sign up to follow, I hope you enjoy my witterings........

It was very grey and overcast again this morning, how wonderful - not...

Had an extra lie in, woke at 8.30. DB is moving about better, still slow but getting there by this time next week he should be fully mobile and I might get a chance to re-coup some lost energy.

The leaves are very slow to come off the trees this year, a lot of them still have most of their leaves on despite last weeks wind. The grass badly needs cutting but I cannot do it whilst it is still so wet, a few dry days would dry it out and I could get it cut. I emptied the kitchen waste into the compost bin, the water was squelching out of the grass as I walked over it.........

The sun did manage out around 11.30. Just after DB had retired to bed with a dizzy. He is being weaned off his tablets and true to form they are ramping up again, not a happy bunny.

Dough made and cooked for some soft rolls. Also made 6 large white chocolate cup cakes and prepped the liver and bacon veg etc for supper.

We had a call from out credit card providers, some lowlife had tried to draw cash and book an hotel and travel using our CC details. No idea how they got them, I do not carry the card unless I am going to put diesel in the car, which I did last Thursday. Its kept in the safe when I am not using.

Our cards have been cancelled and they are sending us new ones.....

Liver and bacon casserole for supper, bananas for dessert.

I am going to put my head down for hald an hour see if I can get some shut eye.

Friday, 1 November 2013

What a grey day

It was sunny when we got up, I was tempted to strip the bed, glad I resisted, its now dull grey and vercast, there has been some rain the drive is damp.

OH walking  in the house mostly without his crutch, just uses it for going up and down stairs. Was going to try and get him out for a short walk, but maybe not as it looks like rain.

I am so very tired, sat at the breakfast table wishing I was still in bed. Friday clean done, the sitting room and dining room floors were looking very dusty, so got the little floor cleaner out and moved everything, under DB's chair was particularly dusty and 'bitty'. Its at least 3 weeks since I last did it and it showed. The bed settee gets heavier each time I move the blessed thing, I am loathe to get rid of it, its handy if we have more than one visitor, I sleep on it and DB sleeps in the guest room.

It started to rain at lunchtime, a horrid grey day yyuukkkk.....DB had just reminded me that there are only 51 days to go until the nights start to draw out again, I cannot wait.....

Supper tonight fish and chips, we have bananas so thats dessert sorted.