Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Winter draws nearer!!

The year is passing, its the first of October and someone reminded me it was only 12 weeks to Christmas Eve!!

My thoughts turned to winter preparations. We have recently had the insulation beefed up in the walls and attic, so less of our precious heat escapes into the wide blue yonder. We sadly no longer have the wood burning stove, this house has gas central heating, so what can we do to eek out the cost of heating??? Well during the summer I  had a pair of curtains made for the front window, I had thermal linings put in so any heat stays inside. We have the same curtains at the french doors, they also have thermal linnings as do the curtains in two of the bedrooms. I have looked to see if I can put a curtain over the front door, but I do not think that is going to be possible. We are waiting for the LL to replace several of the windows which have blown, so more heat saved.

We have quilts and fleeces on the arms of chairs and the settee so we can wrap ourselves up if we are watching TV reading etc, and the bed has its quilt on too. A little later I will be swapping the summer weight duvet for a slightly heavier one. The hot water bottles have had their covers washed and are ready to be brought back into use. Its so nice to get into a warm bed. The bottles get filled about an hour before we go up and PJ's wrapped round them to warm.

We both have thermal underwear if its very cold and fleece jackets. Last year I bought new walking socks which keep my feet nice and toasty. Layers of clothing will be the order of the day. Our waterproof coats will have their fleece linings zipped back in. Hats,scarves and gloves brought out.

If you are warm inside, you are warm outside used to be one of my grandmothers favourite sayings;  so back to porridge and toast for breakfast. We do not have a big lunch, prefer to eat in the evening, so the soup pot will be in evidence, nothing like a bowl of scotch broth, leek and lentil,split pea or leek and potato soup with some fresh bread or toast. Plenty of hot drinks during the day and in the evening stew and dumplings, shepherds pie and the like with a dessert to follow. All hearty food to keep you warm.

Yes we will have the heating on but not high, background heat will be sufficient unless it is really cold.

I doubt if the laundry will get dry outside a lot, but put on the airer in the sitting room it will dry overnight. If it is at all possible it will go on the whirly for a blow and to get that lovely fresh air smell.

Time to break out the quilting as well.....I have brought my small machine down so if I want to I can sew on the end of the dining table. The garden will have been put to bed till the spring.

Its time to close the curtains as the light fades and snuggle up in the warm............


  1. What a delightful post! I love hearing of all the ways you stay cozy and warm, inside and out!

    We do much the same, with the ceiling fans reversed to bring the heat down from the ceilings, too. Soon we'll bring in our two small heaters as they keep our Florida room warm. I hang flannel sheets over those doors to keep the warmth in.

    12 weeks until Christmas Eve? Yikes!!


  2. I must agree with Barbara Anne, such a useful and informative blog. We will also be making lots of pots of different soups for lunches. Scrambled eggs with cheese on toast is one of my fav lunches. Pity I don't like porridge though!

    Keep cosy & warm,


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