Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Will it won't it.....

Rain??? It was dry and sunny when we got up, so washing our on the line, then it clouded over...eeekkkkk so far no rain and the sun keeps trying to peep through.

I have sorted out the caravan, water systems drained down, all cupboards and fridge left open, mattress's propped up and the condensation trap put in. Duvets are in a bag on top of the guest room wardrobe, pillows on the bed. I also washed the fridge out, there were a couple of signs of mould, so bicarb and vinegar in hot water. So the van is ready for the winter.

I did get at the machine briefly yesterday, more today I think, I am going to use some of the scraps of Christmas fabric to make decorative pot holders to hang on knobs on dressers etc. Tomorrow I need to make some baps for Thursday.I will do chicken in mayo to fill them with. We will take food with us and a couple of small bottles of orange. I have vouchers for tea or coffee at one of the stands, so thats one drink less I have to buy. We will have to be up and at 'em on Thursday, the train leaves at 10.33 and I have to park the car.

DB is out mucking about in the garden, clearing leaves and emptying the water but, we have several large containers he draws the water off into as we only have the one water but just now and it fills up quite quickly.

Supper tonight, cauli and calebrese gratin, jacket spud and baked tomatos, I have done oranges in jelly for dessert.


  1. Sounds like shutting down the caravan is a job.

    This past weekend I ran the weed whacker for the last time, I hope. Cleaned out the three flower beds and got the hostas ready for winter. I was dead on my feet but sunday evening. But now tis done. Hubby will do a last lawn mowing before the cold sets in.

    Beautiful and warm again today. But! Rain and cool on the way. Not looking forward to the rain *which we need* but am so looking forward to the cooling off. Hard to enjoy fall with 80 and up temps.

    Love reading about your day. JaG

  2. You have certainly worked hard getting the caravan sorted, ready for it's winter hibination. Have I missed something? Are you off to a fair on Thursday? If so, have a good time. You mentioned having drinks from one of the stands, so I maybe am just assuming.
    Weather also damp and dreary here too. However, hubby was able to cut the grass yesterday, hopefully for the last time this winter. Already, we have daffodil bulbs coming through.


  3. Hi!
    Well done in getting the caravan ready for winter and I hope you and DB have fun at the show on Thursday.

    Your pretty weather today probably let DB have his fill of duties out in the garden!

    I'm just in from errands with AMIL so am headed for lunch. Ta for fixing the hiccup with the posting here.



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