Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Will it ever stop???

Woke up to sunshine, its now looks as black as the ace of spades and I am sure it will be hissing down again shortly.

DB retired to bed after supper, had a nap and then sat reading till I went to bed. I watched DIY SOS after bake pleased Frances was so sad to hear at the end  of DIY SOSthat the little boy only enjoyed his new room for such a short time before he many people had worked so hard to build an extention and remodel the house so Josh could be with his family everywhere even in the garden where they had not been able to take him before.

I needed to take the books to the mobile library this morning and get new ones. DB gave me a list of authors he likes, Managed to get 2 for him.  I got him up and washed when I got back. He has taken the stronger pain killers this morning as both feet are sore. He had a slight dizzy when he got downstairs but I put the chair back and he laid back, just could not face getting him up the stairs again. He went for a siesta after his lunch.

Trying to hold things together, very tired, but needs must. DD2 is coming on Friday while I go to see the consultant about my ear, so thats one thing off my mind. By the weekend I am hoping to get him to the car, might need a shoe horn.

Supper tonight turkey strips in cream sauce with pasta and garlic bread, OH can have a banana.

Brownies and a white loaf baked this afternoon.


  1. The books will keep him busy when he's resting. And glad to hear he's moving around. Do you think the dizzy was due to the pain meds or one of his regular dizzies? If he can't get his shoes on maybe they will give him the walking shoes for sprains. Healing prayers for DB and strengthening prayers for you.


  2. Is there any chance that DB could sleep downstairs? I would be worried for him struggling with the stairs in case he has one of his dizzies. Good that your daughter can stay with him whilst you have your consultation with the audiologist. Do take care of yourself. You need your strength to be able to cope with all your day to day things besides running after DB.
    Your supper sounds yummy, as always.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear you're so very tired but caregiving isn't a picnic even with your patient is mostly okay. Wishing DB speedy healing for his feet and an end to the dds.

    Take good care of you, too, and do please give yourself permission to rest as needed.

    It was raining this morning but now we have chilly sunshine. I need to go to the library and take AMIL to get her hair trimmed.


  4. Glad to read you again. I will be back again next week.


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