Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Where did the last 20 years go???

DGD is 20 today, hardly seems 5 minutes since she was born. We are off later to have supper with her, which will no doubt include white chocolate cheesecake!! I have just finished off a lavender heart and 3 lavender bags for her, all wrapped up and ready to go.

Nice morning, sun shining but cold, just the weather to blow the cobwebs away. OH up, showered and down for breakfast, he has been for a walk down the road, still using 2 crutches outside but walking much better with them. I am encouraging him to walk round the sitting room every hour so he does not get stiff. I have a feeling its going to be a long job getting him to not use his crutches at all, his foot is much better, bruising is fading, but he says his little toe and the top of his foot still hurt. Hey ho.....I might have to resport to hiding his crutches......

I need to bake some scones, we have nothing to have with our afternoon tea today, I treated us to 2 sugar donuts yesterday, I miss the ones we used to get from Blanes in Haddington, they were scrummy. Its a long way to go for two donuts!!

No supper plans for tonight, lunch green pea soup and fresh bread, I put a lof on yesterday, we had a 'jammy piece' last night, lovely crusty fresh bread with butter and apricot jam!!!

Back from DD2's lovely supper, chicken, saute potato's carrots and peas followed by white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake, washed down with a glass of Rose cava.......delicious...

Off to watch Mary Berry and Paul Hollywoods bake off masterclass  and drool!!!!


  1. Nice to have supper made for you Anne. Is the photo at the top of your blog the town you now live in?

    1. No Sylvia the house on the bridge is in Ambleside in the Lake District.

  2. It sounds like your patient is making a good recovery, but this healing does take time. As I've gotten older, it seems healing is slower. Have you noticed that?

    Happy 20th birthday to DGD!! Her birthday dinner and the cheesecake sound scrumptious!

    Am going to try to machine quilt a little wall quilt. Wish me well!


  3. Lovely day for you both. Happy Birthday wishes to your DGD.


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