Monday, 28 October 2013

We missed the worst!!

Apart from a very windy afternoon yesterday and rain blattering at the bedroom window at 5am this morning, that was our storm.

It appears to have gone round us, for which I am very thankful, it has been far worse 50+ miles away and so sad that people have lost their lives. Lots without electricity although the powers that be are working overtime to try and re-connect everyone. I did switch off everything last night just in case.

Monday clean done, opened the windows and let some fresh air into the bedroom. I decided to wash the towels late this morning, we have some sun and a fair breeze so they are out on the whirly, will be getting them in soon and finish them off on the airer in the dining room.

I made green pea soup yesterday so a bowl full each for lunch. DB went for his siesta and I nipped to Tesco for the bits I cannot get from Aldi, will be going there on Thursday morming.

Bit of a mixed bag for supper, grilled gammon, sausage, fried egg, fried bread and tomato. More of the apple and blackberry sponge for dessert.

Our heating is not really on yet, the thermostat is set at 19c, it did come on for about an hour this morning, but as the sun began to warm the house it switched off.

DB got up with me this morning and apart from his siesta has been down all day, a great improvement. Mind you we are out for supper tomorrow so he needed to up the ante a bit. He is just usiing one crutch most of the time, even managed to make a cup of tea this morning, although I carried it in for him. The bruise is fading and very little swelling left now another few days and he should be able to manage most things without the crutch. Will see how he gets on when he goes for his INR on Thursday morning.


  1. It's good to hear that the worst of the storm missed you and that the whirly plus the breezes dried the laundry for you. I have concerns for friends who live further south than you do.

    Cheers that DB is feeling better, that the foot looks better, and that he's getting around more easily.

    I've lost my momentum on the North Winds quilt since I now know its variety of print fabrics won't suit L. I hope to get most of the blue blocks together today and sort out what I might make for L instead. She changes her mind so often that it's difficult.


  2. So glad to hear DB is better and that you missed the worst part of the storm! Looks like a long, mild fall for us, though we did have thunderstorms over the weekend. We need the rain-just coming out of a drought this past summer. Enjoyed reading about your trip to the Lake District.

  3. We were lucky too! The storm hasn't done much damage around here although a couple of miles up the road the electricity was off until this afternoon, which meant an early finish for me!! Every cloud.....!!

  4. Good news! I'd read on the web how you guys were getting battered with wind, rain and some flooding. Sounds as if a quick healing is going on now with OH. More good news.
    Good luck on Tuesday! I'm a bit late with that but. :)



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