Wednesday, 30 October 2013

We are getting a little more mobile!!

Another bright morning, laundry basket raided and it out on the line. The heating kicked in for an hour this morning went off and the sun streaming through the front windows warmed the house.

DB's foot seems to be a lot better he announced that he thought he could walk without his crutch, ok in the house, but I prefer him on two outside until we are sure his foot is not going to let him down.

Asda has started another fuel war it seems their diesel is down to £1.33 a litre. I have decided to go to Syston Aldi tomorrow and fill up with fuel at Asda at Thurmaston, I will fill the tank which will last us 2 months. The fuel at our local Tesco is £1.40 a litre, quite a bit of a hike!!

DB for his INR this morning,it had gone up drastically due to the codeine he has been taking so medication reduced and appointment for next week for another check. Collected his scripts from the chemist at the same time and also picked up the TV mag so he can plan his programmes for next week. Do not care what he watches as long as I can see Strictly and Downton.

DB went for his siesta, I prepared the sausages etc for supper, we have the apple and blackberry sponge to finish off. Had a few minutes zizz on the settee myself.

The laundry dried well on the line, its been folded and put away.

Finished a book I was reading and went looking for a couple of quilting magazines with patterns in I wanted, cannot find them...brilliant, I must have had a senior moment when I sorted out the sewing room and filed them in the dustbin. One of them I knew was a Bonnie Hunter scrap pattern from 2010......The other was a star patten I used to make several sets of place mats and table runners. I have a photo of the mats, and I am sure it used 2 1/2" squares, so will have to try and work out the pattern, typical. I did not even make a set of mats or a runner for myself.

They were one of a set  of two I sent to my friend and her sister in the US. I had used the same pattern the previous year to make them table runners. The photograph below is a 6 foot table runner I made, it was a commission for a friend who wanted to give something different to her next door neighbour. I used the same star pattern, but alternate blocks were plain red with a friendship star embroidered on in gold thread. I also made a smaller one for my friend using the same fabrics.

It took me a sleepless night to work out how to make such a long runner. It was very well received as was the smaller one. 

Need to go and sort out the supper its all ready, just need to put the veg in the steamer and put it on, the casserole is bubbling away gently.


  1. Cheers that DB's foot is well on the mend and that he can walk without crutches while in the house!! Hope he remembers to be extra careful as he steps so as not to cause another fall.

    How nice that you have pretty weather and low gas prices, too. Both out of your control, but good to take advantage of!

    It is lovely to see your beautiful Christmas mats and table runner once again! I make many of my one block wall quilts or table runners from patterns I know by memory and adjust the block units to the size I need for the project I have in mind. Perhaps the Bonnie Hunter pattern is on her website? For patterns that are free to print and come in various sizes, go to the World Wide Web of quilting on your google search. I have found their patterns easy to use.


  2. have you tried Bonnie Hunters website -- quiltville. There are lots of wonderful patterns on it and she does a good blog as well.
    Hope you soon find the one you want as I know they can cause sleepless nights whilst you are trying to figure it all out.
    Helen in France

  3. Very pleased to hear DB is a lot more mobile, but hope he takes things steady and not try and do any digging in the garden!!

    I hope you manage to find the pattern you are looking for. The Christmas runner and placemats looks so lovely and festive. Thanks to your previous commentors, I had a look at Bonnie Hunters website and have downloaded 3 of her scrappy quilt patterns for free. Look so easy to make up.
    Hope you both have a good weekend and that the sun keeps shining for you. It is beautiful here this morning but still quite chilly.



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