Saturday, 26 October 2013

Things to come

I did not wake up until just before 10am this morning. I had intended to have a lie in, exhausted running up and down stairs.

After breakfast OH got up and had a strip wash, tomorrow I will try and get him into the shower. He wanted to walk out so I took him along the cul de sac, he almost made it to the top before turning for home.

I have a load of washing in, we are forecast very bad weather and the wind is already getting up, hoping it will dry the washing before the rain comes.

Nothing planned for today, I need to take some time out and relax, DB's foot is quite a bit better this morning, not so swollen and he has his re.enforced compression stockings back on. He walks ok in the house but is a bit unsteady outside, getting him into the car on Tuesday to go to DD2's is going to be novel.

I have taken some ham out of the freezer for supper, salad with cous cous, OH can have a yogurt for dessert.

I am trying to hang off going shopping until the middle of the week, when I am sure DB id going to be ok whilst I am out. I went to our local shop yesterday for spuds and some more butter, everything else will last out one way or another. I have fresh veg and also some frozen veg, so we will make it through.

Our LL arrived this afternoon to fit a new extractor in the bathroom, he had a look at the garden, very pleased with what we have done since we moved in. He said the house and garden always look nice. The grass needs cutting and spiking, it will get done in the next couple of weeks if we get a decent day. Hopefully the windows will be done within the next fortnight, the fitter will also replace the lead on the bay which has lifted.

 The laundry almost dried on the line, the lighter things are dry but the heavier tack suit bottoms etc are on the airer to finish off.

Supper over, just settling down to watch pointless and strictly. LL also turned the clock on the central heating boiler back an hour to cope with the change in clocks tonight.


  1. Glad DH is on the mend and that you had a lie in this morning.

  2. A very newsy blog today. So pleased that the feet seem to be improving. By next week DB will be thinking about going bowling perhaps!! I'm glad you are taking some time out for yourself. It's never easy looking after the other half, but you seem to be on top of things.
    Your LL must know he has the most model tenants. From all your photos of the improvements you have done to the garden, and the fact that your house is always neat and tidy, no wonder he was happy. Hope the gales forecast for the South of England don't affect you.
    Take care of yourself

  3. Very glad you seem to have such a helpful LL. Expect he is glad his house in in good hands!!! I have had a fab day shopping with my 23yr old son, may sound strange, but it was such fun!! He is good company. Hope you feel better for a chilled day. I didn't wake up until 10 either, and feel heaps better for the extra sleep! Another hour tonight, should be buzzing tomorrow!!! X

  4. It sounds like DB is making a good recovery and is doing the right thing by taking things slowly and cautiously.

    You've had a busy day so am glad a relaxing evening is planned prior to your extra hour's sleep tonight. We set our clocks back next weekend.

    I'm glad your LL is attentive and know you and DB are wonderful tenants as LL must wish everyone was.



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