Sunday, 27 October 2013

The wind is rising

Ahead of the predicted storm, the wind seems to be rising but we have bright sunlight.

DB managed into the shower this morning, the foot is looking a lot better although he says it is sore this morning. Tomorrow he will get up when I do. I have sussed out how to get him in the car to go to DD2's on Tuesday.

I am suffering a bit from cabin fever, however getting out on Tuesday will help.

Nothing planned really DB was out for a walk this morning just round the cul de sac. He went for his siesta, I fell asleep on the settee, woke to the sound of something siding down the stairs, shot to the sitting room door to find OH had sent one of his crutches down the stairs and was making his way down. It took a while for my blood pressure to subside!

Supper roast pork, veg and stuffing. I have a tin of apple and blackberry from AF so a few more blackberries in it and sponge on the top, will last us for 3 suppers.


  1. Yes, tending to a patient does keep one rather homebound, too, and cabin fever is a downer, for sure. I hope your books can take you away from home, at least in your head and imagination.

    Mercy! I can imagine your instant thought of DB himself sliding down the stairs when you heard that sound! Methinks he should loudly announce his intention of coming down the stairs and wait to hear you answer before starting down! You don't need those surges of adrenalin.

    Hope the storm isn't bad.

    I'm trimming those blue HSTs today and may start sewing them together. Or not.


  2. Have to agree, not very considerate of DB sending his crutch down stairs making all that clatter. No wonder you are desperate to get outside.
    Lots of predictions for the storm which is coming your way, so hope you have everything battened down in the garden, and pray it isn't as bad as they say.


  3. we were told by a physio to put a plastic carrier bag on the car seat and get the patient to back towards the seat, sit and then swivel round on the plastic. Worked like a charm. I am on the East Anglian coast and they have predicted wind that has lost all sense of responsibility. One of my friends is in flood area so have told her the spare bed is ready and the cat flap open - she has three moggies. Stay safe

  4. Be safe we have prepared as best we can

  5. They can scare you in a way that makes you want to bop them in the noggin. :) Just the tone hubby has used when he is unwell sends my heart rate over the top. MEN!
    But at least it just his crutch and not him. Small blessings.
    The slip and slide plastic bag sound a good idea. It will be slippery enough for him to slide in and out of the car.
    Safe travel and hope they wind doesn't cause any damage.


  6. Hugs. I was told the plastic trick on the seat too for FIL and it worked well for him. He couldn't help himself at all.

  7. Typical man!!! Have battened down the hatches! Take care


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