Thursday, 31 October 2013

The dreaded shopping

So DB was up, showered and dressed early. I wanted to get off to do my shop at Aldi. I had decided to go to Syston as there is an Asda with cheap fuel (£133.9l) very close. So off I went, after paying the window cleaner who was at our neighbours. I used to do the outside windows at the apartment, they could be reversed to clean the outside. Not so here and I am too old to sit on the window cill and do them.

Asda petrol statioon was heaving, not helped by the fact that 2 of the pumps could not be used as they were delivering fuel. OK 2 months allowence all but £10 in the tank and off to Aldi.

Their car park too was heaving, I had to wait 10 minutes to get a space, there were lots of ladies with husbands in tow; why do husbands pushing a trolley always stand in the middle of the aisle so you cannot get past!!! ggggrrrrr....... got everything on my list £61, I have some things towards Christmas, the freezer is full and the cupboards are fast filling up too. I did get tinned veg incase we get snowed will get used one way or another.

Back at home DB had been fine, he had answered the door to someone who had knocked, leaflet about a wind farm but its a long way from here on the south side of Melton. Cannot see the residents of the village being very pleased, its a very pretty village with quite a few thatched cottages, looks like they are hoping to put the farm on the hill above the village. Must admit I have only looked at the map, will settle down to read all about it in a moment.

Supper tonight mushroom fritatta and salad........dessert, no idea will find something later.


  1. Gasoline, (petrol) prices here are up and down like a yoyo going up 15 to 18 cents at a time, and then only coming down 8 to 10 cents, often wonder how many people/companies/governments are reaping all the profits.
    Glad Oh was fine while you were out.
    Teaming down with rain and windy today, going to get my hair cut and then settling in for the afternoon to do some sewing. Pleased the weather was nice and I was able to get some more outside work done yesterday. More leaves will be coming down today, so will have to get out to rake and deposit in my compost bin when they dry.
    Have a good day.

  2. You had a day of wonderful accomplishment despite the aggravation of too many people/cars/hubbys in your way. It is so pleasing to see your well-stocked stores and are ready for any inclement weather should it come.

    Cheers that DB was fine while you were away. Perhaps this means you can see your friend soon.

    Damp and chilly here this morning but it's supposed to reach nearly 80*F this arvo, so hope things dry out. Leaves are falling like snow here.

    Prices for everything are horrid and I wish corporate regulations were in place so the greedy cannot continue to rob the rest of us.

    Am about to see if I can create a modern pillow cover from the solid fabrics I have on hand. I've had a good look thru my Amish and Mennonite quilting books for inspiration. Fingers crossed!



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