Saturday, 5 October 2013

Sunny Satudray

A bright morning, sun shining and blue sky. We decided to tackle finishing planting up the top of the garden and get the rest of the daffodil bulbs in.

Pots placed DB planted them in their spots, now the catoneaster has gone from the top of the garden it gets quite a bit more sun. Delphiniums, penstemon, pansies and primulas all planted. Daffodil bulbs planted some in a pot on the deck the rest in the garden, 100+ in there somewhere. I put them in groups of 5, and they will be left to naturalize. DB also planted the last clematis.

We sat in the garden and enjoyed our morning tea, there is a slight breeze, you need a jumper on, but very pleasant out there.

You may be wondering why I am doing this blog in large print. I have some readers whose sight is not as good as it could be, so for them I am using the larger print, its easier to read.

I started off the mince for tonights supper of mince and dough balls, ingredients ready for the dough balls just needs mixing and popping in the mince to cook later. Carrots and cauliflower with it. If we have dough balls we do not have potato.......too many carbs.....

DB went for his siesta after lunch. We went out for a short ride to a almost local nursery. We enjoyed a walk round and of course some plants came with us. DB paid for them. We treated ourselves to a pot of tea and cake. Its not very often we go out like that and they say a change is as good as a rest!! They were getting ready for the big 'C' lots of decorations being put up. I was tempted by one of those wire trees with tiny lights, but resisted the temptation. We only put up a few decs now.

It has been another nice day, clear sky, I hope there is not a frost warning for tonight, I guess if we were in Scotland there would be. We still have the summer duvet on the bed, I might change it over in a couple of weeks, will see how the weather goes.

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  1. Cheers for pretty weather! Won't your garden be glorious in the spring and summer thanks to the good work you and DB have done this week! I wish DH and I had your energy and determination as our garden could use our attention. Perhaps we'll do some cleaning up next week when the weather is cooler.

    I bought my mother a very small Christmas tree when she decided not to put up a large tree any longer. She quite enjoyed the ease of the little tree and it's festive touch. At the time, I made a little quilted tree skirt to use with the little tree. Perhaps that wire tree will call you when it's on clearance sale?!



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