Sunday, 20 October 2013

sunny but brrrrrrrrrr

Much better nights sleep, in fact it was after 9am before I surfaced this morning. It was sunny but very cold, the sun lasted well into the afternoon but it did not get any warmer.

This time next week the clocks will have gone back and we will get an extra hour in bed....but the nights will be darker and earlier.....uugghhh. I am hoping the winter is not too bad, but extra stores for the cupboard just in case when I go shopping.

I managed to get a new ring on the pole for the curtain without having to take the whole thing down. I then gave the pole a polish with a bit of furniture polish so the rings slide easier.

DB went for his siesta and I read for a while after doing the vegetables for supper, roast pork, roast potato's, calebrese and cauliflower. I have also made some stuffing as the potato's are not too big. Banana for dessert, I caved in and bought db some bananas.

The grass is very wet, as you walk on it you can hear it squelching, DB said he would take the garden fork and spike it, then spread some sand to brush down into the holes. One of the clematis I was concerned about has started to shoot from the bottom, I will give it another week and then plant it, I am hoping it will flower early in the spring, its a cream one.

Not a lot done today except a bit more research on the internet.

DB is on his way to hospital having tripped in the sitting room and falling he has hurt his foot, in pain so the paramedic decided he needed to get his foot X Rayed.

Latest news they are keeping him in apparently both feet are now giving him trouble, he has definitely got ligament damage so they are keeping him in for tonight, he has to see the physios tomorrow, so I have to phone in the morning for the latest news.....hey ho...


  1. It never rains but always pours in your house!! Hope DB is OK, or you'll be chief cook, bottle washer and nurse!! Poured with rain most of the day here, but didn't care, I was at a sewing weekend!! Got a quilt finished, only another million to go!! Or so it seems!!

  2. Hope DB is ok and will be home later

  3. Grim thought that the clocks change next weekend, deep joy!

  4. Dearie me! I was just about to remark about your nice, tho chilly day, and then I saw that DB had fallen and injured his foot. OUCH! I'm so sorry to hear that he may well have ligament damage and that his other foot hurts now, too. Wishing him well.

    Wishing you well, too, as things are once again up in the air due to this unpredictable injury. Hope you enjoyed your dinner and will sleep well tonight, letting the nurses care for DB for now.

    Big hugs, my friend.

  5. Since I read your Sunday blog, you have added 2 more paragraphs. Goodness, I'm so sorry to hear about DB falling and ending up in hospital. I do hope it isn't too serious and that he will soon be back home to all home comforts. Ligament damage can be so debilitating. What a relief it didn't happen whilst at the caravan show. Will be thinking of you.


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