Friday, 25 October 2013

So now we know...or do we

DD2 arrived just as I was finished putting the breakfast pots away. Shortly afterwards DB retired to bed with a dizzy, so I was glad she was there.

Book in, was told by the booking clerk, very surlily that the consultant was running late, I think she expected me to turn round and walk out. I told her I would wait, I had waited long enough for the appointment and I was not prepared to go back on the waiting list again.

Another hearing test and then about 10 minutes after I got back to the waiting room I was called through. After a consultation and a look into both ears, I was hoovered out, it was not very comfortable and made my ear ache. Outcome, there is a deep seated infection in my ear, I have to go in as a day patient to LRI and have it looked at under anaesthetic. What fun that will be especially as you usually have to be there for 8am and I live 30 miles away. I can see me having to have a taxi there and back!!

I took DB's compression stockings off this morning and washed them, his right foot is ok, but his left is all colours of the rainbow and still quite swollen. I have put a pair of his own compression stocking on, will put the others back when they are dry.

I took DD2 home and went for the drops the Dr prescribed for me, I have to put them in 3 times a day for a week. My ear did not hurt until he started hoovering it out, now it is aching, so I have taken some pain killers and put the drops in.

Supper tonight, fish, chips and sweetcorn, there is one banana left for OH, not sure what I will have.


  1. Sorry to read that your ear will need more attention and that must be done so far away. Bother! I hope the drops cure the problem so no further treatment is needed and hope the pain pills take care of the annoying ache.

    Why is it that surly people can keep jobs that bring them in contact with the public? Especially the part of the population that isn't feeling good themselves!

    Hope those bothersome dds become less frequent or stop entirely!

    We have a sunny and slightly warmer than forecast day today and the rain didn't materialize as forecast either.

    I hope to cut the 42 light blue squares for the 83 HSTs.


  2. Sorry to hear about the ear infection. Hopefully, your appointment at the hospital wont be long to wait for and you can finally get it sorted. Lucky your daughter was there for DB, especially as he had one of his dizzys. Take things easy over the weekend, and both of you sit and read and try and relax.

  3. Am glad you have got a result from your ENT appointment, even if not a favourable one. Do you have volunteer drivers attached to your Drs surgery that could drive you when you have to go in for the day? Might be worth asking around. I hope you have an uneventful weekend and you are able to put your feet up for 5min!!

  4. Oh sorry. Glad you know something about your ear but sorry you're going to have to have the other test. Hoping though that it's not more than an infection that they can easily treat. Hoping DB's foot is muchly better soon and the dizzies. Bless both your hearts.


  5. Hope you both feel better soon. please look after yourself.


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