Wednesday, 2 October 2013

So its raining.

Very grey and dull, we had to have the light on in the sitting room, very dark. DB said it had stopped raining, but the sky has not cleared at all.

Yesterday I went on a hunt for soup mix in my cupboards, found a tiny bit in the bottom of a jar, put it in soak. Pan of scotch broth sort of soup done in the pressure cooker. Put carrot, sweetcorn and peas in with it and tickened it with a little instant spud. Had it with fresh bread for lunch.

I forgot to say yesterday when talking about dressing for cold weather...I wear tee shirts under jumpers or a fleece; in the cold weather I tuck the tee shirt into my trousers so there is no draughty gap for cilly air to get in.......

DB had an appointment in the town for his blood test. What a pain, apparently there was no cover for the blood tests at our local surgery so everyone has had to trail into town. Bad planning on someones part. He was told that there will not be a nurse at the local surgery for at least a month, so he has no choice but to go to the main surgery which involves us going into town, next week is Tuesday which is market day , it will be horrendous trying to park.

We had a couple of jobs to do in the town. I wanted to book a parking space at the station for our trip later this month and we had some paper work to take into the house agents. The chap was supposed to be coming this week to do the windows, so far - zilch.

Supper tonight chess and tomato pizza and salad. The rest of DD2's cheesecake for dessert.

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  1. Hope the window guy shows up when the weather is nice so having the windows worked on or replaced won't make it miserable inside your home.

    What a bother that your local surgery cannot offer simple INR tests! I wonder what they'd pay a nurse to sit and do this simple test as a convenience to their local patients?

    I'm just in from taking AMIL to get her TSH drawn so those results are available when we see the thyroid doctor next week. We also went to the nearby quilt shop and found a beautiful border fabric for the quilt AMIL is trying to finish for her SIL.

    It's hot and sunny here today.



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