Sunday, 6 October 2013

Shades of Autumn

The leaves on the trees in the wood behind us are gradually beginning to change. DB was digging in the top bed yesterday and unearthed a stash of acorns, guess the squirrels are getting ready to hibernate, sensible creatures!!

We were late getting up, but its Sunday.......finished up some French croissant for breakfast and tried to kid ourselves we were sitting on a boulevard in Paris for breakfast, didn't work though.

DB is researching the bowls club he now belongs to and came home from the meeting last week with a box full of stuff including photographs many of which were duplicated, so he spent the morning sorting them out and putting them into envelopes which he has marked.

I made a pot of lentil soup for lunch, there is enough for tomorrow as well.

Supper tonight, chicken supreme, cooked in the remoska with roast potato's, carrots and calebrese. We will finish off the oranges in jelly for dessert.

My combi microwave was looking a it the worse for wear, so decided to try some stuff I got at Lakeland to clean it. Had to do it twice, but it is looking better.

DB went for his siesta, I sat reading, trying to finish all my library books before the van comes on Wednesday.

It has been another lovely day, once the dew burnt off it was quite warm in the sun with just a slight breeze, more to come they tell us. Bring it on, its means I do not have to put the heating on.


  1. It sounds like you and DB have had a delightful day and will have a yummy lunch and dinner, too. Today is likely to be our last hot day for a good while but it's expected to hit 90*F again this arvo.

    DB certainly must enjoy organizing the histories and photos as I think he'd done this for his various bowls clubs ever since I've known you. More power to him! I imagine those club members are pleased to have his expertise put to this purpose.

    I think I've arrived at an arrangement of the Hidden Wells blocks that I like. Am doing a variation on the usual arrangement as I think the recipient will like this more. Stay tuned!


  2. Oh goody goody, I can read and leave comments again! I've missed your news. Congrats. on the new blog - hope it goes well and you have no further problems Anne.

    Tonight we're in Vienna after three fabulous days in Budapest - I loved it there so much! Couldn't see much here on arrival - thick fog. Hopefully sunny tomorrow to sightsee and take pics, then we leave for Prague on Tuesday. Bob brought me to these three lovely cities to celebrate the 'big one' - 70 on Oct. 26!! Tonight we're eating the best B-day cake ever - sent to the room by the Hilton Hotel along with a bottle of Prosecco - life is good!!!

    Warm hugs to you and Edwin.
    Mary X


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