Saturday, 12 October 2013


Very murky morning it had been raining most of the night. Last night for the first time we went to bed with a hot water bottle, must admit it was nice to get into a warm bed.  It was so cold during the evening we had the fire on in the sitting room, it soon warmed up.

Quite cool again this morning......not a lot going on here, I have been doing some research on the internet and also cooked the sauce for spag bol for supper. Prepared some plums for a crumble tonights  dessert . OH reading.

DB had his siesta and then went out for a walk, he has been bugging me about re-sizing a photograph he wants to put in a document. I tried to talk him through it, he ended up putting every photograph he has in 'my pictures' into Photobuckest. Needless to say I ended up doing it for him and then putting it into the document. The he announced he had 'lost the document'    excuse me while I run into the garden and scream!! He had not lost it, the file was still open, he just needed to click on it.

Its been a horrid day wet and windy. DB did go out for a short walk in between the showers, he cannot walk here like he could at our old place. The roads do not have footpaths in places so not really walk friendly.

Its pouring with rain and yet the barometer says dry......whats that about....just after 4pm and we have the ligh on in the sitting room.....I really dislike days like this, make me feel very lethargic and depressed....uuuggghhhh.....


  1. It's the male cannot-find-it gene thing that hampers so many men and boys in finding what they're looking for! Mystifying, isn't it?

    Our day is like yours, but not as cold. It's cool, overcast, and drizzling for the 4th day in a row except that the first two days were rainy. Lights are on here but there has been no need for heat yet. I'm dressing in layers to keep warm enough but I get cold easily.

    I've just finished a book and am planning to sew. Hope something captures your interest to get you out of the doldrums.


  2. What a grim day you have had. It has been sunny here and I even got my washing dry, rain promised for tomorrow, hence the rush to do the washing today!! Blooming chilly though, have dug out the thermal vest. My husband refuses to put the heating on until 31st December, off on Jan 1st!! That's what it seems like anyway!! Have a better day tomorrow!

  3. Beautiful and warm again. Spent most of the day with our sweet grandson. Man can that kiddo fight his sleep. 7-month old tiger. ha.

    I'd be the same with the computer. I always worry which buttons to push. Stay with what I know which isn't much.
    Being lazy this afternoon. Waiting for the Hobbit movie to come on at 8pm.

    Enjoy your sunday!

  4. I sometimes wonder if some men have some of kind mental block when it comes to understanding computers, glad you were able to set him straight.
    I also get lazy and somewhat depressed when the weather is dark and dreary, I am afraid it is going to get worse before it starts to get any better.
    I had my family here today for Thanksgiving dinner, forgot how much 18 people can eat. Just enough turkey for a sandwich, some mashed potatoes for one serving, and a dinner roll left over. No desserts, two pies, apple crisp and ice cream all gone. We all had a good day together, that's want counts. We won't be getting together again until Christmas, son and DIL are hosting this year.


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