Monday, 21 October 2013

Rain, rain and more rain

It was pouring with rain when I finally got up this morning and at 11am its still hissing down.

I did not sleep too well last night, well after 2am before I went off and awake by 7am.

Rang the hospital, they let me speak to DB, told me he had not slept and they had given him morphine for the pain. I can see big problems ahead, he does not deal well with slight pain so this is going to be mammoth...........I am waiting to hear what the Drs said, DB is going to ring me. I am not trailing in till I hear from him.

Bed changed laundry on the clothes airer  in the dining room, Monday clean done. Cannot really settle to anything until I hear if DB is staying in or coming out. He says both feet are swollen one worse than the other. I have visions of wheel chairs etc........

Call late this afternoon to say that DB is being discharged. He is on crutches and can get up and down stairs ok, they are bringing him home by ambulance....wonders will never cease, I thought I would have to go and struggle with him. They are sending him home with pain killers as he is still getting quite a bit of pain from his foot and his left one is still quite swollen. No idea when he will land he has to wait for an ambulance to collect him.

I am shattered, tried to have a nap this afternoon but did not manage it, so tired, but I guess I am going to be a lot tireder before the week is out. He did not sleep so well last night, he may well decide to go straight to bed when he gets home, so plenty of running up and down stairs for me.

Will have to see what DB wants for his supper. I have his last nights supper on a plate in the fridge, I guess I may end up eating it. 

OH arrived home at 7pm after having to wait 3 hours for an ambulance car. He had to sit in the discharge lounge waiting for the driver to call for him. He said that a chap he had been sitting with had waited 6 hours and he was still there when he left.

He went up the stairs on his bum, is now in bed asleep exhausted, did not even drink the tea I made for him and has had nothing to eat since lunchtime. I will see if he wakes later and make him some toast.

I have a feeling I am in for a few bad nights, think I may well sleep in the guest room tonight for what sleep I am going to get.

I re-heated DB's last nights supper and ate it, I was starving. I have had the heating on to warm the house up, switched it off now.


  1. Bless your heart and other parts, and DB's too. What a bother it is to have one painful foot, but two may really be the huge problem you foresee. Going up and down stairs on crutches with morphine or any pain killer on board will be a hazard.

    Do you have a loo on the ground floor? If so, perhaps DB needs to stay downstairs, sleeping on the sofa and sitting with his feet up on a footstool. If you can rent a wheelchair, that might be very handy. Wishing you well in figuring this all out.

    I'll hope and pray for quick healing and that this will all work out more easily than it seems just now.


  2. I just read your update and am glad DB is home again and catching up on his sleep. It's outrageous that he and the other person waiting for transport both had to wait so long without the staff caring for them. Methinks you need to call the hospital and register your concerns about that.

    Sleeping in the guest room sounds like a good idea. Sweet dreams!

    More hugs!

  3. So very sorry about all yours and DB's problems. I do hope he manages to sleep, and perhaps more importantly, I hope you are able to sleep too. As you say, you are going to have a lot of extra caring to do for the next week or so. Hopefully, the pain relief will kick in and DB will feel more comfortable. He will have to be so careful managing the stairs. This is when a bungalow would be a great advantage.
    Take care of yourself. Perhaps your family will help you.


  4. Oh dear! Men are never good patients are they! I really feel for you, with the week ahead you are likely to have to endure!!! I hope you manage to get some rest in between your nursing duties!!! Thinking of you X

  5. Oh my! Bless your heart and DB's. Just one more thing...huh? Hope he is muchly better soon and you aren't too worn out. Rabbitquilter is right. Men are never good patients. Ever. Will say a prayer for you both.


  6. I was so happy to find your new blog but then so very sorry to read about DB's fall. Such a discouraging development. Sending him healing thoughts and strength to you!
    Your header picture is so clear, I almost feel like I'm there. Your new camera and your photo skills make for wonderful pictures.
    Wishing you all the best.
    Janice in Colorado

  7. I have to ask but why did he need the hospital to provide a ride home? Here in Canada, it's the patient and their family's responsibility to get them home. The only time it's different is if the patient has been flown in from the far north for specialist treatment not available in their territory.

    But hope he's a good patient.


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