Thursday, 24 October 2013

My goodness

Sun...... not that its expected to last, rain forecast for tomorrow again.

OH down stairs, but complaining of feeling tired. He will go back for his siesta after lunch, I will get him up for his supper. At last I have got through to him how to use his crutches, as it was fine I opened the french doors and took him onto the deck for a few minutes this morning. The laundry that got wet yesterday has dried so needs to be folded and put away.

I had a quick trip out, to the local surgery to put the letter from the hospital in and ask for a call re his stockings they sent him out with. Also put in a script at the chemist and got a couple of other things at the local post office.

Had some beans left from supper on Tuesday so sausage mash and beans for supper idea about a dessert......


  1. While caring for your needy patient, I hope you take time for yourself, to read, to peruse quilting books, to play with fabrics, or to chat with a friend by phone. Take good care of you during this stint of being the caregiver.

    How about ice cream with chocolate sauce and a few peanuts on top for dessert?

    I'm gearing up to start cutting blue fabrics as I need 84 HSTs. It's cold here and we had to turn on the heat last night. DH is wearing a light coat as he's half polar bear, that's astonishing.


  2. I agree with Barbara Anne, I hope you aren't getting too tired chasing round or you'll make yourself bad. Take care. We have had a lovely sunny day today too, with the promise of dreadful weather to come!! Mmm Thanks!! Have had a day trying to sort my - far to large - fabric stash out! I must have enough to make everyone in Berkshire a quilt!!!! Am working on down-sizing the pile!!!!!

  3. Friday a.m.......I agree with both of the two comments take care of yourself.
    When coming home from my quilting meeting last night we had wet SNOW mixed with rain, I am not ready for the white stuff. It must have cleared during the night as low temp last night was -1*C with a heavy frost. Waking today, we have bright sun but it is chilly.


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