Monday, 7 October 2013


It was very grey early this morning, it lightened up after a while and there was a slight breeze blowing, so I changed the bed and did two lots of laundry, fingers crossed that they dry.

DB is putting a wooden divider between our front plot and next door, once its in he is going to scrape the pebbles under the bushes that are there in an effort to keep the weeds down.

Today is my daughters 53rd birthday, hope they are having a good time in Mexico. Sent her birthday wishes via facebook. I sent her card last week.

At last DB has made an appointment to see the Dr re the cough he has, he has had it for more than 2 years, but its really irritating.......he also has an appointment for his INR tomorrow, we have to go into Melton for that and its Market day the place will be stowed out.

The chicken supremes I did for supper last night were delicious, I rubbed the skin and underside with oil and then rubbed in lemon pepper. Cooked them in the resmoska for just over half an hour. Served with cauliflower, calebrese, roast potato's and gravy. We finished off the oranges in jelly for dessert.

Tonight its egg, chips and beans, possibly banana for dessert unless I make a whip, depends how I feel. Did not sleep too well last night, DB got overhot and spent ages sitting on the side of the bed.......

In the end I decided to do some almond fingers for dessert, we can have them with custard.

The first lot of washing dried, the second lot is finishing off on the airer in the dining room, should be ok to fold and put away tomorrow.


  1. Hope the reason for DB's cough can be found and treated so it becomes a thing of the past.

    Happy Birthday to your daughter! Hope the storms that have hit Mexico from both the Atlantic and the Pacific have not caused them problems on their trip.

    Your chicken dinner last night sounds wonderful as does your dinner menu and dessert for tonight!

    Rainy day here with cool weather to follow the very welcome rain.


  2. My late dh's cough was a side effect of his blood pressure meds, hope Edwin finds the cause of his and it can be taken care of. Don't know about you, but when my children are looking at more than 50 candles on the cake, it makes me feel old.
    It was cold and windy here today, a lot of rain overnight, too wet to work in the garden, so I did some sewing.

  3. love bananas. we have been freezing them and then blending with yoghurt. we saw that on Saturday kitchen years ago. it is delicious


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