Saturday, 19 October 2013

Its Saturday

Bad night last night, I was drinking tea and reading at 3am. OH woke me getting out of bed at 8.30. I could easily have slept on for an hour or so.

It was belting with rain, not much done this morning, doing a bit more research on the internet.

We had an early lunch and set off for DS2's, L, M & E there, the little one was asleep on the settee.

Spent a pleasant couple of hours with the, and had a look round the house. DS has quite a bit to do including fitting a new bathroom, renewing the CH boiler, replacing some of the roof slats, replacing the wooden facsia boards,   new guttering and down pipes, digging up a yard thats covered with concrete to create a garden.

A pleasant journey both ways, the sun had come out it was quite bright as we came home.

Fish and chips for supper, we have bananas for dessert.


  1. Looks like your son has loads of DIY to do to get his home up to scratch, but if he takes after his Mother, it will get done sooner rather than later.
    Hope you have a better night tonight. Maybe got too much on your mind, researching the internet. We have had rain most of the day today.
    Slow cooker been on the go most of the day with pork tenderloin, apricots and some veggies, so tonight's meal catered for and there will be enough left for another meal too.

  2. So glad you and DB had an enjoyable visit at DS2's new home and I wish him well on the DIY jobs to come. Just yesterday our DS1 was trying to convince a customer that it was unwise to try to do his own electrical work when the customer was unaware that there are different kinds and sizes of wiring! The customer was certain he didn't even need to buy a book about electrical work but could find all he needed on the internet. DS1 asked him if saving money by not hiring a licensed electrician was worth risking his home (fire) and the lives of those living there if there was an unintended mistake in his DIY. Give me a break!

    I also wish you a better night's sleep tonight. Some wine, some paracetamol, and perhaps the guest room bed might do the trick.

    I'm cutting green fabrics today and am about to have lunch.


  3. Sounds as if your DS2 has lots of DIY jobs to keep him busy for quite awhile.
    Hope you had a better night's rest.
    I broke down and turned my furnace on yesterday, it rained all day and the house was damp, making it feel colder than it actually was.
    Colder night time temps forecast for the coming week, although we have yet to have a killing frost.
    As I write Sunday a.m. it looks as if we might have sun today. Hoping to be able to finish all the outside jobs within the next few days and then I can settle in for the Winter, Oh!! how I hate the thoughts of snow and freezing cold weather.
    Keep well.


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