Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Hmmmm in for a change.......

It was very bright when we got up, but around 10am it began to change, sky very grey and stormy looking. By late afternoon we were still getting very dark stormy clouds but no rain. Correction DB has just been out and the pavement is wet, so we must have had a shower. A friend in SW Scotland has had a mini cyclone, almost took her poly tunnel away........

We had a card through the door, the water board are working on improving the water pressure, we are getting the water shut off tomorrow from 8am, so we need to fill a bucket tonight. DB fetched in the wine making bucket, I will sterlize it before filling it.

A present in the post from DB this morning. My old headphones were a disgrace, all the ear padding had gone and sound was leaking out, so he got me a new pair free, he just paid the postage, brilliant, so much more comfortable on my ears. He spent the morning working in the garden, just pottering putting in some bulbs and pansies.

After his siesta we walked down to the library van, first time for ages we have met him in the village. New books to read,,,,,

Supper tonight sausage, mash and beans......we had almond slice with our afternoon cuppa so dessert is banana and custard.


  1. What a delight to have such a useful surprise arrive in the mail, thanks to DB's thoughtfulness! Enjoy the new headphones!

    We have a chilly rain falling and the autumn beauty is looking a bit tattered since so many leaves have been blown down. I plan to sew, to read, and perhaps to make a pot of soup. The house is chilly, too, so I've gone for the layered look.


  2. The weather here the last few days has been beautifully fallish. Cooler. With highs up to 77* and low humidity. Open windows for fresh air. Yesterday and today we will have higher temps by afternoon but i'll take it.
    Enjoy the new earphones. Sweet of your DB.
    I wish I could find some headphones I liked. The earbuds ones hurt my ears, the over the head one mash my hair ;) and bugs me. I had a pair once that came around the back of the neck and hooked over the ears but can't find them anymore.
    We had zucchini boats w/roasted chicken for dinner. Well hubby had the chicken and I stuck with the Z-boats.

    Jake's a Girl


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