Friday, 18 October 2013

Deep breath....and r e l a x..........

Late up this morning, not much achieved except to go through the bag of brochures etc we got from the show yesterday and chuck out those we do not want to keep.

We did manage to go to Morrisons for a few bits we needed, bought 2 large blocks of Cathedral City cheese and also a half price beef joint for Christmas. DD2 is coming for her lunch so I will get a turkey crown as well. I just arrived at the reduced shelf as the chap was reducing posh sausages to 55p, I checked the date and they came home with me. 6 in the freezer for later, 2 in the pan with the liver for tonights supper.

DB did a bit of clearing up in the garden. He also tidied his side of the bed, he seems to have mislaid his library card somewhere, he says he cannot find it. Guess I am going to have to be super sleuth and see if I can locate it.

A quiet day after yesterday, the paracetamol I took when I went to bed did their job, just a slight stiffness in my thighs, even my knees are not to bad and my feet have recovered too.

DD1 and family came back from holiday yesterday DGD is now sorting out going to Jamaica in 5 weeks time her prize for coming in the top 20 sellers in the travel firm she works for.

Tomorrow we are summond to visit DS2 in his home he bought 2 years ago.....looking forward to that.

Supper, liver, sausage, mash, peas carrots and sweetcorn, we have some of the jelly to finish off, we did not want it when we got in last night, it was a case of somehing quick and off to bed.

We did enjoy the show and it gave us plenty to think about......

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  1. I'm so glad you and DB had a nice trip yesterday and that the caravan show was enjoyable! I wonder if you both need to take those pills again tonight to ward off any after workout aches?

    Cheers that DD1 and family had a lovely trip to Mexico and a safe return, too.

    What fun to get to see DS2's new home!!

    Hope the library card turns up soon.



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