Friday, 11 October 2013

Dank and Damp

Very dank and dark morning and its raining.

Friday clean done, expecting DD2 this afternoon so tea and cake me thinks. I made a loaf with cranberries in, also have a couple of bits of the almond tart left, we will have those with supper tonight.

Started to wean OH off his medication, he has to have it every other day for a week and then drop it. Last time that happened he had 4 days with a dizzy a day, but the consultant wants us to try, so we will see how we get on.

OH went to the post office to get a form to remove an old speeding fine from his diving license, its going to cost him £20....... I have told him he can pay for it himself. He was driving my car when he was caught with a speed camera.

The rain stopped for a while over lunch time, but then the sky went black again and more rain.

I am considering dumping Sky for our phone and broadband, we would be better without a main phone line just using a mobile and getting an independent provider for the broadband. I am going to look into it. It would cost me less per month for the mobile than the line rental and extra £7 they charge us for the broadband. Need to look at some comparisons.

Continued to rain all afternoon, DD2 came up on the bs, she had intended to walk, but changed her mind.

Fish Mash, peas and parsley sauce for supper, the last of the almond slices for dessert.

OH has a bowls club AGM tonight so an early supper.


  1. It's been another day of various accomplishments and a welcome visit from DD2 for you! What a nice way to make the most of a wet day.

    I hope you find a good provider for broadband that will be far more economical to use.

    We've had off and on rain this morning but the sky is a bit brighter. It's chilly and damp so I plan to do some laundry, cut fabric strips for my new project, and read.


  2. Don't want to rub it in, but we have another glorious day full of sunshine and warm temps. Hope it lasts through the weekend as all the family (18) is coming for Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday. My house can't seat all those people so planning on eating on the back deck. Fingers crossed.
    Hope OH med reduction proves to be a positive move.
    Keep well.

  3. Beautiful and warm here again today. Warmer weekend ahead. Fall is on hold.

    I bet it's nice to have dd be able to drop by and to have her close. Sure hope the drop off of med works for OH this time.

    Ouch! On the old speeding ticket. I'm always telling hubby to ease up the lead foot. A ticket is wasted money. His last one cost him $120. He never listens. *sigh*
    Keeping the new grandson tomorrow so hubby can help ds with his wife's new office electrical.

    Have a great weekend.


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