Friday, 4 October 2013

Blustery Day

It does not seem to be able to make its mind up what its doing today weatherwise. We have a very blustery wind, and dark scudding clouds, occasional bursts of sunshine, quite weird.

Friday clean day, I needed to do the laminate floors in the dining room and sitting room, so all the furniture moved including the settee.....floors done. Kitchen tackled next......the floor needed doing in there too.

DB was in the garden picking up leaves, we are putting them in sacks and turning them into leaf mold for the garden. Some bulbs for the house planted and DB dug over the top bed which is now ready to be planted. I have delphiniums, grannies bonnets and penstamon  to put in. All have been grown from seed.

DB went for his siesta, I spent the time clearing rubbish off my Ipad.

DD1 and family were having a day by the pool yesterday after leaving 3 hours late due to a faulty plane. They had to get a replacement from Manchester. She said it  was 32c in Cancun.

Supper tonight fish and chips, I did oranges in jelly yesterday so thats dessert sorted.


  1. Do you buy your fish and chips or make them yourself? I miss that meal so much.

  2. Marjorie, I do my own fish and chips, must admit to buying frozen fish from Tesco Haddock £2.00 for 4 bits DB likes oven chips, so I blanch the chips in boiling water, drain and dry them, then brush with a drop of sunflower or vegetable oi and bake them in the oven with the fish for 30 minutes. They come out nice and crispy.

    1. Frozen fish is good if you can find nice fish. Neat idea with the chips. I had torn a recipe out of the Woman's Weekly similar to that so will try it.

  3. Your fish and chips sound yummy!

    It's sunny and headed for the low 90s*F here and we're so ready for cooler weather next week. Hope TS Karen just brings rain.

    Cheers for all the work done to tuck the garden in for the winter and to prepare for next spring and summer's flowers! After all that work, a nap for DB sounds like a good idea.

    You've done a mammoth job, too, with all of the furniture moving for deep cleaning. Applause!

    I plan to sew my other two strip sets today (needed 4) so I can begin cutting the 9" blocks, then cutting them corner to corner in both directions, and then sewing those triangles into squares according to the instructions. Easy!



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