Thursday, 10 October 2013

Autumn morning

It is a lovely autumn morning, the sun is shining but its crisp and cold outside. The weather station told us it was 6.1c outside but 18.2c inside, the sun was shining and the room soon warmed up with the heat.

Whilst we were having breakfast that cheeky squirrel was digging at a patch of the lawn where DB had seeded, there are lots of berries on the trees and still acorns on the oak, so I went out and shoo'd him off.......

We were up early to get a shower before the water went off, they are working on the water main to increase the pressure......its to be off till 12 noon. So buckets of water in the kitchen and bathroom and the timer for the water turned off, it will come on automatically this evening.

Travelling to the hospital via Aldi this afternoon, a late appointment means we will be coming back through the evening rush hour, which really seems to cover 2 - 3 hours these days. Not expecting any great developments but one can live in hope. We need time to find out where we are going as well, wonder if we will manage to get into the hospital car park this time, it will still cost us where ever we park.

Waiting to hear from DS2 re his work next week, so we can go over and see him.

Supper tonight will be Ham & salad......the last of the almond slice for dessert.

As I thought, nothing positive from the consultant. DB has to stop the medication he is taking and has to have a 24hr BP monitor and is being referred back to Mr Rae at the ENT clinic. DB has been told to lighten up about his condition and learn to live with it, he is not going to die from it, well I knew that.......its just that it is so blooming stressful wondering when he is going to have the next one.....however we will see what happens, we have to see the consultant again in January when all the tests etc have been done. He was told that he was in very good condition for his age.......


  1. How wonderful that your weather was so pleasant for the drive into town. I hope the water came back on with the hoped-for higher pressure and without any problem.

    Bother about the lack of diagnosis and insta-cure. Grrrrrrr!

    It is possible for you to request a day of the week and time of day for your medical appts. so you're not stuck being out on Market Day or at rush hour? Perhaps it's just because I'm a pushy nurse, but I always request either late morning or early arvo for any appt. Since AMIL and I like to go to Izzy's consignment shop or the Farmer's Market, I also ask for Thursday appts. Izzy's is closed on Mondays and the Farmer's Market is located conveniently for us only on Thursdays. The medical offices are always happy to accommodate our wishes.

    More rain today, glub, glub!


  2. Well. That was rude! You know...I don't care if i'm not going to die from something or not i'd still like a little respect from a doctor when I express my concern. I have PAT w/many PVC's. Some days i'm exhausted from the constant fast heart beats and irregular beats. I take meds but they are not a cure all. My doctor suffers with the same thing so at least he is sympathetic when I whine. ;) Tell your hubby that I sympathize with him and am sorry he has to suffer through.

    Nothing more bothersome than not enough water pressure. Except too much. ha. They up our pressure once and it ruptured our hot water heater pipe. Flooded the laundry room. What a mess to clean up.

    Lovely day here but still a little warm. Still waiting for a cool day to last all day.



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