Monday, 14 October 2013

Another day for the waterproof!!

I am not complaining honest, but I wish it would stop raining, I have a bin full of laundry, really do not want to dry it inside. I have had to have the light on in the sitting room to see what I am doing. No heat on yet, we just put the fire on in the sitting room in the evening.

DB is complaining because he cannot get into the garden. He did vacuum the carpets upstairs when I did the Monday clean, now he keeps looking at the weather and sighing!! Apparently it is to be better tomorrow.

I have to get myself into a sewing mind set, its been weeks since I touched the machine and I have so much material to use up and so many projects to finish........

We have finished the last of the cornflakes I bought before we went on holiday so its back to porridge tomorrow. Also if it fines up we need to winterize the caravan, drain down the water heater and the loo, bring in the quilts and pillows, open all the cupboards and put the condensation catcher in. Plans are afoot for next year and are not what we expected them to be......enough said for now, more later, much later.

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon going through a bag of fabric that cotton reel gave me, sorted bit out and ironed them, they are now in my Christmas fabric box.

Supper tonight chicken and salad with a baked spud, need to sort out a dessert........


  1. Ooo! Hope they are nice things for next year!! We pick up our new caravan tomorrow, I know the weather is naff but I would love to be going away in it!! Providing the electrical side works in THIS cvan!!!! Raining and chilly here, off to Embroidery tonight, will be warm in the Church Hall!!! Quilt group Wednesday, busy week!!

  2. I read that used tea and teabags will fertilize indoor plants, so if you have any plants inside, perhaps DB can cater to them while the rain pours down outside.

    What fun to have fabric from a friend to enjoy! I don't care for ironing clothes but never tire of pressing quilting fabrics. Hope you come across some project that interests you and fans the fires of your imagination!

    I look forward to hearing about your plans for next year's travels.


  3. Today we have had a mixture of weather, finishing with a lovely sunny evening. Sadly I was too busy to get out and finish my bulb planting, maybe tomorrow.......

  4. rained here all yesterday, last night and today. am over it now


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