Tuesday, 22 October 2013

And yet more rain

Woke to heavy rain again this morning, so another load of laundry on the airer in the dining room.

DB banged on the floor about 9.30 last night and asked for tea and toast which he got. He sat and read for a short while and then he was off again. I had to get him to move into the middle of the bed, he has a nasty habit of sleeping right on the edge, one of these nights he is going to fall out and whap his head on his chest of drawers by the side of the bed.

He slept all night, I put the light out just after 11pm and did sleep, woke a couple of times but was soon off again.

Breakfast over, I need to get liquid into him so two cups of coffee with his brekkie and a cup of tea around 10.30am. He was still in bed when I took it up, dozing. He is still very tired having not had any sleep Sunday night, so I left him where he was.

DB finally made it downstairs around 3pm after his after lunch siesta. He is managing his crutches quite well and although he cannot put hos whole foot to the floor he can put his heel down.

I managed to get his INR sorted, he has to make an appointment for next week.

DD2 has said she will come on Friday and see DB behaves whilst I go to the hospital to see the consultant about my ear.

Egg chips and beans for supper. DB had a banana and I finished off some oranges.

The final of Bake Off tonight, who is going to win?????? is it going to be the sulky cry baby.............by 9pm we will know........


  1. It's good to hear that DB is catching up on his sleep and has entertained himself by reading while in bed. Good to know that he's managing better on the crutches, too. Using them well and safely just takes practice, patience, and time and that cannot be very easy at his age.

    Cheers that you got a good night's sleep as that makes everything better.

    Is your Friday appt late enough that you might pop up to see your friend before the appt. You could do with a change of scenery and some fun if that is possible.


  2. Sounds as if he is moving along as well as can be expected. Had a giggle at him banging on the floor. ;) I can see hubby doing that or if he had a bell he'd wear it out.
    With any luck he will heal up fast and get back to his busy self.
    Hope everything is well with your ear when you go to the doctor. Mine rings or roars and it drives me nuts.


  3. Good to see DB and yourself are managing well.

  4. Lovely to be reading about your adventures again :) Hope DB is feeling better.


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