Tuesday, 8 October 2013

And so it goes on....

It was quite grey when we got up but by the time I had the towels ready to go out on the line the sun was making an effort to come through.

We have had patches of grey cloud going overhead but no rain and just now its quite warm in the sun. Towels dry and folded ready for the airing cupboard.

DB had an appointment with the Dr this morning, he has a spray for his nose, Dr seems to think its post nasal drip, so he has to use the spray for a month and see if it clears.

Home for a cup of tea and then he was off for his INR in Melton.

We had bacon sandwiches for lunch. I am doing macaroni cheese with baked potato and tomato's for supper. We have the almond slice for dessert with some custard.

DB went for his siesta, I tackled the sheets and a bit of ironing from last week, all done now ready to go away.

I have finished all my library books so am now reading a book on my Ipad, its one I downloaded to the kindle a while ago. All about a couple and a house in France.....one of my favourite escapes....its many years now since we went on a fact finding visit to The Loire to look for a house. We had a friend out there who acted for an estate agents showing people round houses. We found a house that would have suited us.....further on we discovered that, as DB would have to retire 4 years early, he would have his pension from the civil service but not his DWP. We would only have my income as a teacher of English as a foreign language, at that time you had to apply for a carte de jour and my income alone was not enough, so reluctantly we gave up our plans. We did try again later but it was not to be but a corner of my heart will always be in France. We holidayed there for many years in gites and caravans, travelling down to the Pyrenees on our last trip to see friends. I would go again but now DB is over 80 the travel insurance is horrendous, its just not worth it.

The planning for next years holiday is on going, several of the places we want to visit are in popular tourist areas so we need to book those sites. DB is emailing to see when the sites will start taking bookings.

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  1. Our day has been much like yours with cloudy alternating with sunshine. The temperatures are very much cooler since yesterday's rain with a high of 70*F today and more rain probable tomorrow. I'm glad AMIL's two medical appts. were today and that I could stop at the library. I'm ready for rain!

    If you and DB travelled by car to France and stayed in a B&B or a rental property, would lower travel insurance make that affordable? It seems a shame not to be able to enjoy your favorite destination again.

    I need to get the remaining blocks trimmed and it shouldn't take very long, so please tell me why I'm delaying? Ta!



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