Thursday, 17 October 2013

An away day

Up early, rolls to fill, picnic to get ready, we are off to the Motorhome and Caravan Show in Birmingham, on the train. We get reduced travel now I have my disabled travel card, thanks to DD2 telling me about it....

Back pack filled, waterproof coats at the ready. Its a bright morning but cold.......

No plans to buy either a new van or motorhome, but we want to see whats new and also do some research for a project.

I may post when we get back, depends how tired we are........

We got back about half an hour ago, footsore but not pocket sore!! Just had scrambled egg on toast, about to fill the hotties and have a shower, then bed!!!

Great day, going by train was a good idea.

More tomorrow.


  1. How lovely to have a pleasant train trip there and back again plus no car to park or traffic to deal with. Excellent! I hope you both enjoyed the outing and all the sights to see. I know your picnic was yummy and hope there was a nice place to enjoy it and to rest a bit.

    Is there some wine to have with dinner? After such a day, that might be just what's needed for a restful night's sleep.


  2. Ah Ha! This is where you have been hiding. Good to find you again. Hope you are both OK

  3. Ahh I have fond memories of getting Grasmere gingerbread on a family holiday to the Lake District back in the 70s

  4. Hope you enjoyed your day at the Caravan Show. Hope you found something for your new project. Your chicken rolls sounded delicious. Well done getting a disabled travel card. I have been told you can also apply for one if you wear a hearing aid, so perhaps I should apply too. Looking forward to hearing about your day. It has been miserable and cold here all day today.

  5. We are going tomorrow! Comfy shoes at the ready!!

  6. Glad to find you again. Hope you are both keeping well. Look forward to catching up with all your news. Ann x


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