Thursday, 31 October 2013

The dreaded shopping

So DB was up, showered and dressed early. I wanted to get off to do my shop at Aldi. I had decided to go to Syston as there is an Asda with cheap fuel (£133.9l) very close. So off I went, after paying the window cleaner who was at our neighbours. I used to do the outside windows at the apartment, they could be reversed to clean the outside. Not so here and I am too old to sit on the window cill and do them.

Asda petrol statioon was heaving, not helped by the fact that 2 of the pumps could not be used as they were delivering fuel. OK 2 months allowence all but £10 in the tank and off to Aldi.

Their car park too was heaving, I had to wait 10 minutes to get a space, there were lots of ladies with husbands in tow; why do husbands pushing a trolley always stand in the middle of the aisle so you cannot get past!!! ggggrrrrr....... got everything on my list £61, I have some things towards Christmas, the freezer is full and the cupboards are fast filling up too. I did get tinned veg incase we get snowed will get used one way or another.

Back at home DB had been fine, he had answered the door to someone who had knocked, leaflet about a wind farm but its a long way from here on the south side of Melton. Cannot see the residents of the village being very pleased, its a very pretty village with quite a few thatched cottages, looks like they are hoping to put the farm on the hill above the village. Must admit I have only looked at the map, will settle down to read all about it in a moment.

Supper tonight mushroom fritatta and salad........dessert, no idea will find something later.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

We are getting a little more mobile!!

Another bright morning, laundry basket raided and it out on the line. The heating kicked in for an hour this morning went off and the sun streaming through the front windows warmed the house.

DB's foot seems to be a lot better he announced that he thought he could walk without his crutch, ok in the house, but I prefer him on two outside until we are sure his foot is not going to let him down.

Asda has started another fuel war it seems their diesel is down to £1.33 a litre. I have decided to go to Syston Aldi tomorrow and fill up with fuel at Asda at Thurmaston, I will fill the tank which will last us 2 months. The fuel at our local Tesco is £1.40 a litre, quite a bit of a hike!!

DB for his INR this morning,it had gone up drastically due to the codeine he has been taking so medication reduced and appointment for next week for another check. Collected his scripts from the chemist at the same time and also picked up the TV mag so he can plan his programmes for next week. Do not care what he watches as long as I can see Strictly and Downton.

DB went for his siesta, I prepared the sausages etc for supper, we have the apple and blackberry sponge to finish off. Had a few minutes zizz on the settee myself.

The laundry dried well on the line, its been folded and put away.

Finished a book I was reading and went looking for a couple of quilting magazines with patterns in I wanted, cannot find them...brilliant, I must have had a senior moment when I sorted out the sewing room and filed them in the dustbin. One of them I knew was a Bonnie Hunter scrap pattern from 2010......The other was a star patten I used to make several sets of place mats and table runners. I have a photo of the mats, and I am sure it used 2 1/2" squares, so will have to try and work out the pattern, typical. I did not even make a set of mats or a runner for myself.

They were one of a set  of two I sent to my friend and her sister in the US. I had used the same pattern the previous year to make them table runners. The photograph below is a 6 foot table runner I made, it was a commission for a friend who wanted to give something different to her next door neighbour. I used the same star pattern, but alternate blocks were plain red with a friendship star embroidered on in gold thread. I also made a smaller one for my friend using the same fabrics.

It took me a sleepless night to work out how to make such a long runner. It was very well received as was the smaller one. 

Need to go and sort out the supper its all ready, just need to put the veg in the steamer and put it on, the casserole is bubbling away gently.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Where did the last 20 years go???

DGD is 20 today, hardly seems 5 minutes since she was born. We are off later to have supper with her, which will no doubt include white chocolate cheesecake!! I have just finished off a lavender heart and 3 lavender bags for her, all wrapped up and ready to go.

Nice morning, sun shining but cold, just the weather to blow the cobwebs away. OH up, showered and down for breakfast, he has been for a walk down the road, still using 2 crutches outside but walking much better with them. I am encouraging him to walk round the sitting room every hour so he does not get stiff. I have a feeling its going to be a long job getting him to not use his crutches at all, his foot is much better, bruising is fading, but he says his little toe and the top of his foot still hurt. Hey ho.....I might have to resport to hiding his crutches......

I need to bake some scones, we have nothing to have with our afternoon tea today, I treated us to 2 sugar donuts yesterday, I miss the ones we used to get from Blanes in Haddington, they were scrummy. Its a long way to go for two donuts!!

No supper plans for tonight, lunch green pea soup and fresh bread, I put a lof on yesterday, we had a 'jammy piece' last night, lovely crusty fresh bread with butter and apricot jam!!!

Back from DD2's lovely supper, chicken, saute potato's carrots and peas followed by white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake, washed down with a glass of Rose cava.......delicious...

Off to watch Mary Berry and Paul Hollywoods bake off masterclass  and drool!!!!

Monday, 28 October 2013

We missed the worst!!

Apart from a very windy afternoon yesterday and rain blattering at the bedroom window at 5am this morning, that was our storm.

It appears to have gone round us, for which I am very thankful, it has been far worse 50+ miles away and so sad that people have lost their lives. Lots without electricity although the powers that be are working overtime to try and re-connect everyone. I did switch off everything last night just in case.

Monday clean done, opened the windows and let some fresh air into the bedroom. I decided to wash the towels late this morning, we have some sun and a fair breeze so they are out on the whirly, will be getting them in soon and finish them off on the airer in the dining room.

I made green pea soup yesterday so a bowl full each for lunch. DB went for his siesta and I nipped to Tesco for the bits I cannot get from Aldi, will be going there on Thursday morming.

Bit of a mixed bag for supper, grilled gammon, sausage, fried egg, fried bread and tomato. More of the apple and blackberry sponge for dessert.

Our heating is not really on yet, the thermostat is set at 19c, it did come on for about an hour this morning, but as the sun began to warm the house it switched off.

DB got up with me this morning and apart from his siesta has been down all day, a great improvement. Mind you we are out for supper tomorrow so he needed to up the ante a bit. He is just usiing one crutch most of the time, even managed to make a cup of tea this morning, although I carried it in for him. The bruise is fading and very little swelling left now another few days and he should be able to manage most things without the crutch. Will see how he gets on when he goes for his INR on Thursday morning.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

The wind is rising

Ahead of the predicted storm, the wind seems to be rising but we have bright sunlight.

DB managed into the shower this morning, the foot is looking a lot better although he says it is sore this morning. Tomorrow he will get up when I do. I have sussed out how to get him in the car to go to DD2's on Tuesday.

I am suffering a bit from cabin fever, however getting out on Tuesday will help.

Nothing planned really DB was out for a walk this morning just round the cul de sac. He went for his siesta, I fell asleep on the settee, woke to the sound of something siding down the stairs, shot to the sitting room door to find OH had sent one of his crutches down the stairs and was making his way down. It took a while for my blood pressure to subside!

Supper roast pork, veg and stuffing. I have a tin of apple and blackberry from AF so a few more blackberries in it and sponge on the top, will last us for 3 suppers.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Things to come

I did not wake up until just before 10am this morning. I had intended to have a lie in, exhausted running up and down stairs.

After breakfast OH got up and had a strip wash, tomorrow I will try and get him into the shower. He wanted to walk out so I took him along the cul de sac, he almost made it to the top before turning for home.

I have a load of washing in, we are forecast very bad weather and the wind is already getting up, hoping it will dry the washing before the rain comes.

Nothing planned for today, I need to take some time out and relax, DB's foot is quite a bit better this morning, not so swollen and he has his re.enforced compression stockings back on. He walks ok in the house but is a bit unsteady outside, getting him into the car on Tuesday to go to DD2's is going to be novel.

I have taken some ham out of the freezer for supper, salad with cous cous, OH can have a yogurt for dessert.

I am trying to hang off going shopping until the middle of the week, when I am sure DB id going to be ok whilst I am out. I went to our local shop yesterday for spuds and some more butter, everything else will last out one way or another. I have fresh veg and also some frozen veg, so we will make it through.

Our LL arrived this afternoon to fit a new extractor in the bathroom, he had a look at the garden, very pleased with what we have done since we moved in. He said the house and garden always look nice. The grass needs cutting and spiking, it will get done in the next couple of weeks if we get a decent day. Hopefully the windows will be done within the next fortnight, the fitter will also replace the lead on the bay which has lifted.

 The laundry almost dried on the line, the lighter things are dry but the heavier tack suit bottoms etc are on the airer to finish off.

Supper over, just settling down to watch pointless and strictly. LL also turned the clock on the central heating boiler back an hour to cope with the change in clocks tonight.

Friday, 25 October 2013

So now we know...or do we

DD2 arrived just as I was finished putting the breakfast pots away. Shortly afterwards DB retired to bed with a dizzy, so I was glad she was there.

Book in, was told by the booking clerk, very surlily that the consultant was running late, I think she expected me to turn round and walk out. I told her I would wait, I had waited long enough for the appointment and I was not prepared to go back on the waiting list again.

Another hearing test and then about 10 minutes after I got back to the waiting room I was called through. After a consultation and a look into both ears, I was hoovered out, it was not very comfortable and made my ear ache. Outcome, there is a deep seated infection in my ear, I have to go in as a day patient to LRI and have it looked at under anaesthetic. What fun that will be especially as you usually have to be there for 8am and I live 30 miles away. I can see me having to have a taxi there and back!!

I took DB's compression stockings off this morning and washed them, his right foot is ok, but his left is all colours of the rainbow and still quite swollen. I have put a pair of his own compression stocking on, will put the others back when they are dry.

I took DD2 home and went for the drops the Dr prescribed for me, I have to put them in 3 times a day for a week. My ear did not hurt until he started hoovering it out, now it is aching, so I have taken some pain killers and put the drops in.

Supper tonight, fish, chips and sweetcorn, there is one banana left for OH, not sure what I will have.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

My goodness

Sun...... not that its expected to last, rain forecast for tomorrow again.

OH down stairs, but complaining of feeling tired. He will go back for his siesta after lunch, I will get him up for his supper. At last I have got through to him how to use his crutches, as it was fine I opened the french doors and took him onto the deck for a few minutes this morning. The laundry that got wet yesterday has dried so needs to be folded and put away.

I had a quick trip out, to the local surgery to put the letter from the hospital in and ask for a call re his stockings they sent him out with. Also put in a script at the chemist and got a couple of other things at the local post office.

Had some beans left from supper on Tuesday so sausage mash and beans for supper idea about a dessert......

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Will it ever stop???

Woke up to sunshine, its now looks as black as the ace of spades and I am sure it will be hissing down again shortly.

DB retired to bed after supper, had a nap and then sat reading till I went to bed. I watched DIY SOS after bake pleased Frances was so sad to hear at the end  of DIY SOSthat the little boy only enjoyed his new room for such a short time before he many people had worked so hard to build an extention and remodel the house so Josh could be with his family everywhere even in the garden where they had not been able to take him before.

I needed to take the books to the mobile library this morning and get new ones. DB gave me a list of authors he likes, Managed to get 2 for him.  I got him up and washed when I got back. He has taken the stronger pain killers this morning as both feet are sore. He had a slight dizzy when he got downstairs but I put the chair back and he laid back, just could not face getting him up the stairs again. He went for a siesta after his lunch.

Trying to hold things together, very tired, but needs must. DD2 is coming on Friday while I go to see the consultant about my ear, so thats one thing off my mind. By the weekend I am hoping to get him to the car, might need a shoe horn.

Supper tonight turkey strips in cream sauce with pasta and garlic bread, OH can have a banana.

Brownies and a white loaf baked this afternoon.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

And yet more rain

Woke to heavy rain again this morning, so another load of laundry on the airer in the dining room.

DB banged on the floor about 9.30 last night and asked for tea and toast which he got. He sat and read for a short while and then he was off again. I had to get him to move into the middle of the bed, he has a nasty habit of sleeping right on the edge, one of these nights he is going to fall out and whap his head on his chest of drawers by the side of the bed.

He slept all night, I put the light out just after 11pm and did sleep, woke a couple of times but was soon off again.

Breakfast over, I need to get liquid into him so two cups of coffee with his brekkie and a cup of tea around 10.30am. He was still in bed when I took it up, dozing. He is still very tired having not had any sleep Sunday night, so I left him where he was.

DB finally made it downstairs around 3pm after his after lunch siesta. He is managing his crutches quite well and although he cannot put hos whole foot to the floor he can put his heel down.

I managed to get his INR sorted, he has to make an appointment for next week.

DD2 has said she will come on Friday and see DB behaves whilst I go to the hospital to see the consultant about my ear.

Egg chips and beans for supper. DB had a banana and I finished off some oranges.

The final of Bake Off tonight, who is going to win?????? is it going to be the sulky cry 9pm we will know........

Monday, 21 October 2013

Rain, rain and more rain

It was pouring with rain when I finally got up this morning and at 11am its still hissing down.

I did not sleep too well last night, well after 2am before I went off and awake by 7am.

Rang the hospital, they let me speak to DB, told me he had not slept and they had given him morphine for the pain. I can see big problems ahead, he does not deal well with slight pain so this is going to be mammoth...........I am waiting to hear what the Drs said, DB is going to ring me. I am not trailing in till I hear from him.

Bed changed laundry on the clothes airer  in the dining room, Monday clean done. Cannot really settle to anything until I hear if DB is staying in or coming out. He says both feet are swollen one worse than the other. I have visions of wheel chairs etc........

Call late this afternoon to say that DB is being discharged. He is on crutches and can get up and down stairs ok, they are bringing him home by ambulance....wonders will never cease, I thought I would have to go and struggle with him. They are sending him home with pain killers as he is still getting quite a bit of pain from his foot and his left one is still quite swollen. No idea when he will land he has to wait for an ambulance to collect him.

I am shattered, tried to have a nap this afternoon but did not manage it, so tired, but I guess I am going to be a lot tireder before the week is out. He did not sleep so well last night, he may well decide to go straight to bed when he gets home, so plenty of running up and down stairs for me.

Will have to see what DB wants for his supper. I have his last nights supper on a plate in the fridge, I guess I may end up eating it. 

OH arrived home at 7pm after having to wait 3 hours for an ambulance car. He had to sit in the discharge lounge waiting for the driver to call for him. He said that a chap he had been sitting with had waited 6 hours and he was still there when he left.

He went up the stairs on his bum, is now in bed asleep exhausted, did not even drink the tea I made for him and has had nothing to eat since lunchtime. I will see if he wakes later and make him some toast.

I have a feeling I am in for a few bad nights, think I may well sleep in the guest room tonight for what sleep I am going to get.

I re-heated DB's last nights supper and ate it, I was starving. I have had the heating on to warm the house up, switched it off now.

Sunday, 20 October 2013

sunny but brrrrrrrrrr

Much better nights sleep, in fact it was after 9am before I surfaced this morning. It was sunny but very cold, the sun lasted well into the afternoon but it did not get any warmer.

This time next week the clocks will have gone back and we will get an extra hour in bed....but the nights will be darker and earlier.....uugghhh. I am hoping the winter is not too bad, but extra stores for the cupboard just in case when I go shopping.

I managed to get a new ring on the pole for the curtain without having to take the whole thing down. I then gave the pole a polish with a bit of furniture polish so the rings slide easier.

DB went for his siesta and I read for a while after doing the vegetables for supper, roast pork, roast potato's, calebrese and cauliflower. I have also made some stuffing as the potato's are not too big. Banana for dessert, I caved in and bought db some bananas.

The grass is very wet, as you walk on it you can hear it squelching, DB said he would take the garden fork and spike it, then spread some sand to brush down into the holes. One of the clematis I was concerned about has started to shoot from the bottom, I will give it another week and then plant it, I am hoping it will flower early in the spring, its a cream one.

Not a lot done today except a bit more research on the internet.

DB is on his way to hospital having tripped in the sitting room and falling he has hurt his foot, in pain so the paramedic decided he needed to get his foot X Rayed.

Latest news they are keeping him in apparently both feet are now giving him trouble, he has definitely got ligament damage so they are keeping him in for tonight, he has to see the physios tomorrow, so I have to phone in the morning for the latest news.....hey ho...

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Its Saturday

Bad night last night, I was drinking tea and reading at 3am. OH woke me getting out of bed at 8.30. I could easily have slept on for an hour or so.

It was belting with rain, not much done this morning, doing a bit more research on the internet.

We had an early lunch and set off for DS2's, L, M & E there, the little one was asleep on the settee.

Spent a pleasant couple of hours with the, and had a look round the house. DS has quite a bit to do including fitting a new bathroom, renewing the CH boiler, replacing some of the roof slats, replacing the wooden facsia boards,   new guttering and down pipes, digging up a yard thats covered with concrete to create a garden.

A pleasant journey both ways, the sun had come out it was quite bright as we came home.

Fish and chips for supper, we have bananas for dessert.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Deep breath....and r e l a x..........

Late up this morning, not much achieved except to go through the bag of brochures etc we got from the show yesterday and chuck out those we do not want to keep.

We did manage to go to Morrisons for a few bits we needed, bought 2 large blocks of Cathedral City cheese and also a half price beef joint for Christmas. DD2 is coming for her lunch so I will get a turkey crown as well. I just arrived at the reduced shelf as the chap was reducing posh sausages to 55p, I checked the date and they came home with me. 6 in the freezer for later, 2 in the pan with the liver for tonights supper.

DB did a bit of clearing up in the garden. He also tidied his side of the bed, he seems to have mislaid his library card somewhere, he says he cannot find it. Guess I am going to have to be super sleuth and see if I can locate it.

A quiet day after yesterday, the paracetamol I took when I went to bed did their job, just a slight stiffness in my thighs, even my knees are not to bad and my feet have recovered too.

DD1 and family came back from holiday yesterday DGD is now sorting out going to Jamaica in 5 weeks time her prize for coming in the top 20 sellers in the travel firm she works for.

Tomorrow we are summond to visit DS2 in his home he bought 2 years ago.....looking forward to that.

Supper, liver, sausage, mash, peas carrots and sweetcorn, we have some of the jelly to finish off, we did not want it when we got in last night, it was a case of somehing quick and off to bed.

We did enjoy the show and it gave us plenty to think about......

Our Away Day

We were at the station in good time for the train, managed to park the car fairly near the station entrance for a quick get away when we got back.

The train was late into Birmingham but they must have held the London Train which stops at Birmingham International airport as we managed to get the train we were booked on despite having to walk the length of the station.

There was a shuttle bus service to the halls we were looking for so we waited for it. Walking into the show we saw wall to wall caravans and motor homes. We went to the Bailey stand to enquire about a wheel clamp for our caravan and were advised what to look for.

We then started walking round the stalls which were many and varied, offering all sorts of things some pertaining to carvaning some not. We found the camping and caravan stand and registered for the ACSI book which comes out at the end of December for 2014. We had also got vouchers for a cup of tea, so we waited a few minutes for a free table and then sat and had our chicken rolls and a cup of tea.

We resumed our walk round the show. We found Towsure and DB bought a couple of things he wanted,  we looked at the wheel clamps, but did not buy one. We also found A & S whose travels around Europe we had read about on their blog, they sell wi fi equipment for caravans and motor homes. A works from their motorhome when they are travelling. They also knew C & C our friend who were wardens on our Lake Distric camp site, A told me they were hoping to join C & C when they go to Morocco for the winter.

A few of the van conversions drew our attention and they have come a long way since we had our Highwayman, we looked at quite a few but the prices......aarrgghhh....... We also saw motorhomes with a garage underneath for your car. You need a special license to drive one of these monsters and they cost more than a small house, do only about 5 miles to the gallon and look like a bus. Several of them had sides which slid out.

Another stop to rest the feet and backs was called for. I actually bought two cups of coffee that cost me £5.......and at that they were only very small. Its a good job I paid for them out of my pocket money, that was at least 3 days main meals on two cups of coffee.

It was almost 5.30 when we started for the exit to get the shuttle back to the we were walking along we walked through the Bailey stand and into the Lunar stand, I looked at the blurb about a small van and saw........we could tow it, just under our maximum weight. DB went off to see if he could get some info and came back with the news that there was in fact another one we could tow.....and joy of joys, it had an end bathroom!! I so missed the one in the Abbey Oxford we had. It was small but it was an end bathroom, with a separate shower so, you could shower and dress without causing havoc whilst breakfast preparations were underway. We were most surprised that there is no fire......a completely new warm air system which is controllable so you can use either electric, gas or both and has a boost for hot water if you are taking one shower after another.    Magic........the dealers are not that far from us and its something we will bear in mind.

A new van looses 25% of its value when you put it on the road. So a sensible solution for us would be to wait until the second hand vans start to come onto the market and decide then if we are going to continue caravanning and if it is worth changing at that point.

We got home just after 8.30pm, both of us shattered. The train had been a good alternative to going by road, no strain on the driver. Scrambled eggs and 2 cups of tea, a shower and bed.

This morning we talked over the day, we both enjoyed it and were happy with what we had seen. I have 2 carrier bags full of bumf which we will go through and throw out what we do not want.

DB was fine all day which was a great relief to me, at several places he asked for and got a chair to sit on. I do think that carrying a back pack is not the way to go, we saw several people with wheeled suitcases, not over large ones, I think thats the way to go, if we go to another show.

We both slept well, late getting up, but so what we are retired......

Thursday, 17 October 2013

An away day

Up early, rolls to fill, picnic to get ready, we are off to the Motorhome and Caravan Show in Birmingham, on the train. We get reduced travel now I have my disabled travel card, thanks to DD2 telling me about it....

Back pack filled, waterproof coats at the ready. Its a bright morning but cold.......

No plans to buy either a new van or motorhome, but we want to see whats new and also do some research for a project.

I may post when we get back, depends how tired we are........

We got back about half an hour ago, footsore but not pocket sore!! Just had scrambled egg on toast, about to fill the hotties and have a shower, then bed!!!

Great day, going by train was a good idea.

More tomorrow.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


A dull morning, we are assured it will clear up by lunch time, I live in hope. The load of white laundry is on the line.

Rolls proving for tomorrow, beef stew in the pressure cooker, chicken spread to make for the rolls and a loaf in the bread maker, phew.....

DB had a nasty attack of palps yesterday, he is ok but tired this morning, fingers crossed he is ok tomorrow. Its not a vast  amount to loose but enough if he is not fit to go.

Had to go searching for the pattern I want to use to make some decorative pot holders, ended up going through the photos on the external hard drive and found a picture so I know what I am doing. Will make a test one first.

Clothes put out for the morning so I do not have to search, DB taking his camera rather than my big one, just a ruck sack with rolls a drink in and of course the tickets. We will have to set the alarm, we slept in again this morning.

I ended up having to dash out and rescue the laundry, as it started to rain and continued on and off through the afternoon, very heavily at times.

Rolls turned out really well, I proved them in the combi micro at 40c and then baked them for 15 minutes at 190c.

DB went for his siesta, I was reading, have had to cave in and put the fire on in the sitting room, its turned cold, still fighting not putting the central heating on though.

The sun came out for all of 20 minutes late this afternoon, then we had to put the light on it was so dark again.

Supper tonight, beef stew, mash, whats left of the gratin from yesterday and carrots. Oranges in jelly for dessert.

Recipe for the chicken filling for rolls.

Cooked chicken about 4 - 6 ozs.

Onion finely diced,

Pepper and salt to taste.

Dried fruit - sultanas or dried cranberries work well.

Tablespoon Mayonnaise.

Chop the chicken up and mix with the onion in a bowl, add the dried fruit and combine with the mayo. Add salt and pepper to taste. Cover with cling film and leave in the fridge for an hour or so to allow the flavours to mix. Use it to make sandwiches or to fill rolls. Yummy.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Will it won't it.....

Rain??? It was dry and sunny when we got up, so washing our on the line, then it clouded over...eeekkkkk so far no rain and the sun keeps trying to peep through.

I have sorted out the caravan, water systems drained down, all cupboards and fridge left open, mattress's propped up and the condensation trap put in. Duvets are in a bag on top of the guest room wardrobe, pillows on the bed. I also washed the fridge out, there were a couple of signs of mould, so bicarb and vinegar in hot water. So the van is ready for the winter.

I did get at the machine briefly yesterday, more today I think, I am going to use some of the scraps of Christmas fabric to make decorative pot holders to hang on knobs on dressers etc. Tomorrow I need to make some baps for Thursday.I will do chicken in mayo to fill them with. We will take food with us and a couple of small bottles of orange. I have vouchers for tea or coffee at one of the stands, so thats one drink less I have to buy. We will have to be up and at 'em on Thursday, the train leaves at 10.33 and I have to park the car.

DB is out mucking about in the garden, clearing leaves and emptying the water but, we have several large containers he draws the water off into as we only have the one water but just now and it fills up quite quickly.

Supper tonight, cauli and calebrese gratin, jacket spud and baked tomatos, I have done oranges in jelly for dessert.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Another day for the waterproof!!

I am not complaining honest, but I wish it would stop raining, I have a bin full of laundry, really do not want to dry it inside. I have had to have the light on in the sitting room to see what I am doing. No heat on yet, we just put the fire on in the sitting room in the evening.

DB is complaining because he cannot get into the garden. He did vacuum the carpets upstairs when I did the Monday clean, now he keeps looking at the weather and sighing!! Apparently it is to be better tomorrow.

I have to get myself into a sewing mind set, its been weeks since I touched the machine and I have so much material to use up and so many projects to finish........

We have finished the last of the cornflakes I bought before we went on holiday so its back to porridge tomorrow. Also if it fines up we need to winterize the caravan, drain down the water heater and the loo, bring in the quilts and pillows, open all the cupboards and put the condensation catcher in. Plans are afoot for next year and are not what we expected them to be......enough said for now, more later, much later.

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon going through a bag of fabric that cotton reel gave me, sorted bit out and ironed them, they are now in my Christmas fabric box.

Supper tonight chicken and salad with a baked spud, need to sort out a dessert........

Soggy Sunday

My good ness it has rained during the night and continued during the morning. Very dull and grey, did manage not to put the light on in the sitting room.

Forecast is for much of the same tomorrow, so no laundry it will have to wit until Tuesday which is forecast to be a better day.

Spent most of the day researching a project on the internet.

DB went for his siesta after lunch.

Supper tonight was roast chicken, roast potato's, carrots cauli and calebrese, we finished off the plum crumble for dessert.

Saturday, 12 October 2013


Very murky morning it had been raining most of the night. Last night for the first time we went to bed with a hot water bottle, must admit it was nice to get into a warm bed.  It was so cold during the evening we had the fire on in the sitting room, it soon warmed up.

Quite cool again this morning......not a lot going on here, I have been doing some research on the internet and also cooked the sauce for spag bol for supper. Prepared some plums for a crumble tonights  dessert . OH reading.

DB had his siesta and then went out for a walk, he has been bugging me about re-sizing a photograph he wants to put in a document. I tried to talk him through it, he ended up putting every photograph he has in 'my pictures' into Photobuckest. Needless to say I ended up doing it for him and then putting it into the document. The he announced he had 'lost the document'    excuse me while I run into the garden and scream!! He had not lost it, the file was still open, he just needed to click on it.

Its been a horrid day wet and windy. DB did go out for a short walk in between the showers, he cannot walk here like he could at our old place. The roads do not have footpaths in places so not really walk friendly.

Its pouring with rain and yet the barometer says dry......whats that about....just after 4pm and we have the ligh on in the sitting room.....I really dislike days like this, make me feel very lethargic and depressed....uuuggghhhh.....

Friday, 11 October 2013

Dank and Damp

Very dank and dark morning and its raining.

Friday clean done, expecting DD2 this afternoon so tea and cake me thinks. I made a loaf with cranberries in, also have a couple of bits of the almond tart left, we will have those with supper tonight.

Started to wean OH off his medication, he has to have it every other day for a week and then drop it. Last time that happened he had 4 days with a dizzy a day, but the consultant wants us to try, so we will see how we get on.

OH went to the post office to get a form to remove an old speeding fine from his diving license, its going to cost him £20....... I have told him he can pay for it himself. He was driving my car when he was caught with a speed camera.

The rain stopped for a while over lunch time, but then the sky went black again and more rain.

I am considering dumping Sky for our phone and broadband, we would be better without a main phone line just using a mobile and getting an independent provider for the broadband. I am going to look into it. It would cost me less per month for the mobile than the line rental and extra £7 they charge us for the broadband. Need to look at some comparisons.

Continued to rain all afternoon, DD2 came up on the bs, she had intended to walk, but changed her mind.

Fish Mash, peas and parsley sauce for supper, the last of the almond slices for dessert.

OH has a bowls club AGM tonight so an early supper.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Autumn morning

It is a lovely autumn morning, the sun is shining but its crisp and cold outside. The weather station told us it was 6.1c outside but 18.2c inside, the sun was shining and the room soon warmed up with the heat.

Whilst we were having breakfast that cheeky squirrel was digging at a patch of the lawn where DB had seeded, there are lots of berries on the trees and still acorns on the oak, so I went out and shoo'd him off.......

We were up early to get a shower before the water went off, they are working on the water main to increase the pressure......its to be off till 12 noon. So buckets of water in the kitchen and bathroom and the timer for the water turned off, it will come on automatically this evening.

Travelling to the hospital via Aldi this afternoon, a late appointment means we will be coming back through the evening rush hour, which really seems to cover 2 - 3 hours these days. Not expecting any great developments but one can live in hope. We need time to find out where we are going as well, wonder if we will manage to get into the hospital car park this time, it will still cost us where ever we park.

Waiting to hear from DS2 re his work next week, so we can go over and see him.

Supper tonight will be Ham & salad......the last of the almond slice for dessert.

As I thought, nothing positive from the consultant. DB has to stop the medication he is taking and has to have a 24hr BP monitor and is being referred back to Mr Rae at the ENT clinic. DB has been told to lighten up about his condition and learn to live with it, he is not going to die from it, well I knew that.......its just that it is so blooming stressful wondering when he is going to have the next one.....however we will see what happens, we have to see the consultant again in January when all the tests etc have been done. He was told that he was in very good condition for his age.......

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Hmmmm in for a change.......

It was very bright when we got up, but around 10am it began to change, sky very grey and stormy looking. By late afternoon we were still getting very dark stormy clouds but no rain. Correction DB has just been out and the pavement is wet, so we must have had a shower. A friend in SW Scotland has had a mini cyclone, almost took her poly tunnel away........

We had a card through the door, the water board are working on improving the water pressure, we are getting the water shut off tomorrow from 8am, so we need to fill a bucket tonight. DB fetched in the wine making bucket, I will sterlize it before filling it.

A present in the post from DB this morning. My old headphones were a disgrace, all the ear padding had gone and sound was leaking out, so he got me a new pair free, he just paid the postage, brilliant, so much more comfortable on my ears. He spent the morning working in the garden, just pottering putting in some bulbs and pansies.

After his siesta we walked down to the library van, first time for ages we have met him in the village. New books to read,,,,,

Supper tonight sausage, mash and beans......we had almond slice with our afternoon cuppa so dessert is banana and custard.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

And so it goes on....

It was quite grey when we got up but by the time I had the towels ready to go out on the line the sun was making an effort to come through.

We have had patches of grey cloud going overhead but no rain and just now its quite warm in the sun. Towels dry and folded ready for the airing cupboard.

DB had an appointment with the Dr this morning, he has a spray for his nose, Dr seems to think its post nasal drip, so he has to use the spray for a month and see if it clears.

Home for a cup of tea and then he was off for his INR in Melton.

We had bacon sandwiches for lunch. I am doing macaroni cheese with baked potato and tomato's for supper. We have the almond slice for dessert with some custard.

DB went for his siesta, I tackled the sheets and a bit of ironing from last week, all done now ready to go away.

I have finished all my library books so am now reading a book on my Ipad, its one I downloaded to the kindle a while ago. All about a couple and a house in of my favourite escapes....its many years now since we went on a fact finding visit to The Loire to look for a house. We had a friend out there who acted for an estate agents showing people round houses. We found a house that would have suited us.....further on we discovered that, as DB would have to retire 4 years early, he would have his pension from the civil service but not his DWP. We would only have my income as a teacher of English as a foreign language, at that time you had to apply for a carte de jour and my income alone was not enough, so reluctantly we gave up our plans. We did try again later but it was not to be but a corner of my heart will always be in France. We holidayed there for many years in gites and caravans, travelling down to the Pyrenees on our last trip to see friends. I would go again but now DB is over 80 the travel insurance is horrendous, its just not worth it.

The planning for next years holiday is on going, several of the places we want to visit are in popular tourist areas so we need to book those sites. DB is emailing to see when the sites will start taking bookings.

Monday, 7 October 2013


It was very grey early this morning, it lightened up after a while and there was a slight breeze blowing, so I changed the bed and did two lots of laundry, fingers crossed that they dry.

DB is putting a wooden divider between our front plot and next door, once its in he is going to scrape the pebbles under the bushes that are there in an effort to keep the weeds down.

Today is my daughters 53rd birthday, hope they are having a good time in Mexico. Sent her birthday wishes via facebook. I sent her card last week.

At last DB has made an appointment to see the Dr re the cough he has, he has had it for more than 2 years, but its really irritating.......he also has an appointment for his INR tomorrow, we have to go into Melton for that and its Market day the place will be stowed out.

The chicken supremes I did for supper last night were delicious, I rubbed the skin and underside with oil and then rubbed in lemon pepper. Cooked them in the resmoska for just over half an hour. Served with cauliflower, calebrese, roast potato's and gravy. We finished off the oranges in jelly for dessert.

Tonight its egg, chips and beans, possibly banana for dessert unless I make a whip, depends how I feel. Did not sleep too well last night, DB got overhot and spent ages sitting on the side of the bed.......

In the end I decided to do some almond fingers for dessert, we can have them with custard.

The first lot of washing dried, the second lot is finishing off on the airer in the dining room, should be ok to fold and put away tomorrow.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Shades of Autumn

The leaves on the trees in the wood behind us are gradually beginning to change. DB was digging in the top bed yesterday and unearthed a stash of acorns, guess the squirrels are getting ready to hibernate, sensible creatures!!

We were late getting up, but its Sunday.......finished up some French croissant for breakfast and tried to kid ourselves we were sitting on a boulevard in Paris for breakfast, didn't work though.

DB is researching the bowls club he now belongs to and came home from the meeting last week with a box full of stuff including photographs many of which were duplicated, so he spent the morning sorting them out and putting them into envelopes which he has marked.

I made a pot of lentil soup for lunch, there is enough for tomorrow as well.

Supper tonight, chicken supreme, cooked in the remoska with roast potato's, carrots and calebrese. We will finish off the oranges in jelly for dessert.

My combi microwave was looking a it the worse for wear, so decided to try some stuff I got at Lakeland to clean it. Had to do it twice, but it is looking better.

DB went for his siesta, I sat reading, trying to finish all my library books before the van comes on Wednesday.

It has been another lovely day, once the dew burnt off it was quite warm in the sun with just a slight breeze, more to come they tell us. Bring it on, its means I do not have to put the heating on.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Sunny Satudray

A bright morning, sun shining and blue sky. We decided to tackle finishing planting up the top of the garden and get the rest of the daffodil bulbs in.

Pots placed DB planted them in their spots, now the catoneaster has gone from the top of the garden it gets quite a bit more sun. Delphiniums, penstemon, pansies and primulas all planted. Daffodil bulbs planted some in a pot on the deck the rest in the garden, 100+ in there somewhere. I put them in groups of 5, and they will be left to naturalize. DB also planted the last clematis.

We sat in the garden and enjoyed our morning tea, there is a slight breeze, you need a jumper on, but very pleasant out there.

You may be wondering why I am doing this blog in large print. I have some readers whose sight is not as good as it could be, so for them I am using the larger print, its easier to read.

I started off the mince for tonights supper of mince and dough balls, ingredients ready for the dough balls just needs mixing and popping in the mince to cook later. Carrots and cauliflower with it. If we have dough balls we do not have potato.......too many carbs.....

DB went for his siesta after lunch. We went out for a short ride to a almost local nursery. We enjoyed a walk round and of course some plants came with us. DB paid for them. We treated ourselves to a pot of tea and cake. Its not very often we go out like that and they say a change is as good as a rest!! They were getting ready for the big 'C' lots of decorations being put up. I was tempted by one of those wire trees with tiny lights, but resisted the temptation. We only put up a few decs now.

It has been another nice day, clear sky, I hope there is not a frost warning for tonight, I guess if we were in Scotland there would be. We still have the summer duvet on the bed, I might change it over in a couple of weeks, will see how the weather goes.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Blustery Day

It does not seem to be able to make its mind up what its doing today weatherwise. We have a very blustery wind, and dark scudding clouds, occasional bursts of sunshine, quite weird.

Friday clean day, I needed to do the laminate floors in the dining room and sitting room, so all the furniture moved including the settee.....floors done. Kitchen tackled next......the floor needed doing in there too.

DB was in the garden picking up leaves, we are putting them in sacks and turning them into leaf mold for the garden. Some bulbs for the house planted and DB dug over the top bed which is now ready to be planted. I have delphiniums, grannies bonnets and penstamon  to put in. All have been grown from seed.

DB went for his siesta, I spent the time clearing rubbish off my Ipad.

DD1 and family were having a day by the pool yesterday after leaving 3 hours late due to a faulty plane. They had to get a replacement from Manchester. She said it  was 32c in Cancun.

Supper tonight fish and chips, I did oranges in jelly yesterday so thats dessert sorted.

Thursday, 3 October 2013


Another dull, and quite cold morning, no rain first thing we were promised heavy rain for later.It did rain again after lunch but cleared up around mid afternoon.

DB said he was tired and went to bed with a dizzy which took quite a while to clear. We see the specialist next week.

I spent quite a while looking to see what the coverage was like with wi fi for our trip next year, its blog entries may be sparse. Might do what I have done with this years lake district trip and do an extra page just for the holiday.

I fell asleep on the settee, only woke when DB put the TV on to watch 'Flog it'

Our neighbours have had the grass on their front scraped off, they are going to put down gravel the same as us. Since DB cleared the gravel from the top of the garden we have some gravel left he is going to put it under the small bushes that form the dividing line between the two gardens.

It was quite cool this afternoon so we had the fire on for a short time to bring the room temperture up a bit.

Supper tonight sausage, mash and beans, banana for dessert. I made oranges in jelly for tomorrows dessert.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

So its raining.

Very grey and dull, we had to have the light on in the sitting room, very dark. DB said it had stopped raining, but the sky has not cleared at all.

Yesterday I went on a hunt for soup mix in my cupboards, found a tiny bit in the bottom of a jar, put it in soak. Pan of scotch broth sort of soup done in the pressure cooker. Put carrot, sweetcorn and peas in with it and tickened it with a little instant spud. Had it with fresh bread for lunch.

I forgot to say yesterday when talking about dressing for cold weather...I wear tee shirts under jumpers or a fleece; in the cold weather I tuck the tee shirt into my trousers so there is no draughty gap for cilly air to get in.......

DB had an appointment in the town for his blood test. What a pain, apparently there was no cover for the blood tests at our local surgery so everyone has had to trail into town. Bad planning on someones part. He was told that there will not be a nurse at the local surgery for at least a month, so he has no choice but to go to the main surgery which involves us going into town, next week is Tuesday which is market day , it will be horrendous trying to park.

We had a couple of jobs to do in the town. I wanted to book a parking space at the station for our trip later this month and we had some paper work to take into the house agents. The chap was supposed to be coming this week to do the windows, so far - zilch.

Supper tonight chess and tomato pizza and salad. The rest of DD2's cheesecake for dessert.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Winter draws nearer!!

The year is passing, its the first of October and someone reminded me it was only 12 weeks to Christmas Eve!!

My thoughts turned to winter preparations. We have recently had the insulation beefed up in the walls and attic, so less of our precious heat escapes into the wide blue yonder. We sadly no longer have the wood burning stove, this house has gas central heating, so what can we do to eek out the cost of heating??? Well during the summer I  had a pair of curtains made for the front window, I had thermal linings put in so any heat stays inside. We have the same curtains at the french doors, they also have thermal linnings as do the curtains in two of the bedrooms. I have looked to see if I can put a curtain over the front door, but I do not think that is going to be possible. We are waiting for the LL to replace several of the windows which have blown, so more heat saved.

We have quilts and fleeces on the arms of chairs and the settee so we can wrap ourselves up if we are watching TV reading etc, and the bed has its quilt on too. A little later I will be swapping the summer weight duvet for a slightly heavier one. The hot water bottles have had their covers washed and are ready to be brought back into use. Its so nice to get into a warm bed. The bottles get filled about an hour before we go up and PJ's wrapped round them to warm.

We both have thermal underwear if its very cold and fleece jackets. Last year I bought new walking socks which keep my feet nice and toasty. Layers of clothing will be the order of the day. Our waterproof coats will have their fleece linings zipped back in. Hats,scarves and gloves brought out.

If you are warm inside, you are warm outside used to be one of my grandmothers favourite sayings;  so back to porridge and toast for breakfast. We do not have a big lunch, prefer to eat in the evening, so the soup pot will be in evidence, nothing like a bowl of scotch broth, leek and lentil,split pea or leek and potato soup with some fresh bread or toast. Plenty of hot drinks during the day and in the evening stew and dumplings, shepherds pie and the like with a dessert to follow. All hearty food to keep you warm.

Yes we will have the heating on but not high, background heat will be sufficient unless it is really cold.

I doubt if the laundry will get dry outside a lot, but put on the airer in the sitting room it will dry overnight. If it is at all possible it will go on the whirly for a blow and to get that lovely fresh air smell.

Time to break out the quilting as well.....I have brought my small machine down so if I want to I can sew on the end of the dining table. The garden will have been put to bed till the spring.

Its time to close the curtains as the light fades and snuggle up in the warm............