Monday, 23 September 2013

What a dull day

My goodness its been a dull drab day. I did a load of laundry and hung it out hoping it might dry a little. By lunch time some of the lighter stuff was dry but the rest was still very wet.

I did the Monday clean and washed the bathroom floor, when I do the sitting room later in the week I need to take the rug up and move the settee so I can dry mop the floor underneath. Its so much easier to move the settee on the laminate flooring than on carpet.

I sorted out the projects I still have to complete in my sewing room and also took the binding off a table runner I made last year, it has shaped points and I did not get them crisp enough. Whilst I was up there to took the two following pictures.

Whats in a box like this???

In case you have not guessed, its the bits and strips box, looks like I have a lot of work to do if I want to use them all up.

As I suspected the washing did not dry through so its now on the airer in the dining room, apart from DB's track suit bottoms it should all be dry in the morning. The greyness has not lifted all day.

I have put the binding on another 3 pot holders and also a practice piece of machine quilting, I will put a loop on it and hang it on the dresser. The pot holders will go in the sales box.

Supper tonight, chicken salad and the last of the apple and black berry sponge for dessert.


  1. You've had a wonderfully accomplishment filled day! Will join your wish for sunshine there tomorrow. We have a a beautiful autumn day here with sunshine, a breeze, and a high expected to be 70*F!

    Have fun choosing what to do with your strips and bits. I am cutting such bits into 2.5" squares to use in a scrappy quilt. All blue, red. cream, or white squares go in separate boxes for two scrappy snowball 9 patch quilts I plan to make.


  2. You are far too organized! No wonder your work is always so wonderful.


  3. Found you again! Glad you've got your sewing room sorted out at last, I've just lost my sewing room as my son has just moved back and everything is stacked up in the corner of our bedroom until I can get it sorted.


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