Monday, 30 September 2013

The Gas Man Cometh

Late waking up this morning, I was just getting out of the shower when the phone went, it was the plumber wanting to come and do the gas safety check......give me 10 minutes.......He arrived just as I was putting the breakfast on the table. 

After he had finished he went out to his van, back a second or two later he had left his keys on the sink side. Out to his van and off. Just as he drove off the postman knocked, the plumber had left his kit on the pavement!! I phoned the office and asked them to ring him, shortly afterwards he phoned, on his way back....... fortunately he had not got too far.

DB got out the lawn mower and cut the grass, rain is forecast for tomorrow and Wednesday.....I put a load of washing in and later decided to put in the second lot,, there was a good breeze.

Monday clean done, I could do with moving our bed, but it will have to wait until DS2 comes, we pile all we can onto the bed and move it so I can hoover as much of the carpet underneath as possible. I like to do it twice a year. I knew there was some reason that a complete brass bed appealed to me, you can hoover underneath without having to shift the thing!!!

DD2 here tomorrow, so ham out of the freezer for sandwiches. might do egg mayo as well.

DD1 and family fly to Mexico on wednesday for 3 weeks on holiday. The last time they went was when the bird flu thing was on,  she broke her leg 3 weeks before they were due to go. They had to take a wheel chair for her!!!

Its DS2 and DD1's birthdays so cards sent, he was born on the 2nd October 10 years after DD1 was born on the 7th.

The sun came out at lunchtime, there was quite a breeze, but by the french doors it was very pleasant.

DB nipped to the village after his siesta to put in a prescription.

The laundry dried and has mostly been folded and put away....just a couple of bits need ironing

Fritatta and salad for supper with plum crumble for dessert.


  1. What an interesting day you had with such various things accomplished by you, DB, and the plumber. It sounds like you might have enjoyed a bit of a rest yourself.

    Happy Birthday wishes to the kids, too, on their upcoming birthdays!

    I'm pulling fabrics for a small Hidden Wells wall hanging that will be for DDIL's new office. Her birthday is about 7 weeks from now.

    It's another sunny day with the high expected to be nearly 80*F.


  2. Well done, what a lot achieved today. Perhaps the plumber had other things on his mind today!!
    Will that mean 2 birthday cakes to bake this week? Enjoy the celebrations.


  3. You have been so busy. Thanks so much for letting me know about your new cyber home. You are my daily read. Hugs.

  4. Hi - glad to have got here at last - life has been very stressful these past couple of weeks and I haven't been around everyone's blogs as much as I was.
    Quick question - someone has asked on my blog about you and how you is one of my regular readers, so I wondered what you wanted me to do? Presuming you don't want the new blog plastered on a post, but would you like to come and see the comment and then you can decide whether you perhaps want to visit her blog and tell her where you are?
    I love the header photo - I have walked down that street in the pouring rain once!


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