Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Dog Days Of Summer

Another lovely sunny morning, we certainly cannot complain about this summer, even though at times it has been too hot.

DB  out in the garden continuing to sort out the bit where we massacred, cut down, the catoneaster.

Various bits and pieces sorted in the house, a chair taken upstairs after I re-arranged the spare bedroom, I still have two empty boxes to go up into the attic, might get DB to bring the ladder in later.

Crumble made for the plums I was given, it will do three days desserts, prepped the veg for supper and put a white loaf on.

Spent some time in the garden with DB sorting out the top bed, its full of roots from the catoneaster, you pull a bit and 3ft of root come up in your hand, we are cutting them off as close to the base as we can.

This is the new bed, you can see the gravel path it the bottom going up to the compost bin and behind it the gravel to stand pot on the new bed goes up to the laurel you can see at the back the old root we cut back is just visible.

 I found a pot I can plant daffs in to stand where the Christmas tree is, hopefully it will disappear sometime in December N is going to cut it down and sell it......I hope. The roots are everywhere and very thick. We have another clematis to go in on the right hand fence, hopefully I will get that in later.

DB had his siesta, the sun has continued to shine and we had our afternoon tea sitting on the patio, very pleasant.

Supper, roast pork. roast potato's. cauli, calebrese and carrots with red wine gravy. I made a crumble for dessert with some plums I was given, that should last us a couple of days at least.

The forecast is not so good for tomorrow. Hopefully I will get the washing dry in the morning before it damps down. DB also wants to cut the grass before the rain that's due on Tuesday.


  1. Love seeing your garden. Lots of hard work getting it the way you want. Hubby needs to mow our lawn before we are wading up to our knees. :)
    Rain is headed our way too. Lovely day and still really warm. Can't wait for the fall temps to show up and stay. We'll go from hot to cold most likely as we always do.

    Jake's a Girl

  2. Well done in getting the garden ship-shape before the winter weather arrives! You and DB will be so pleased to see the results of these garden work days when spring comes again!

    Will you still have a smaller evergreen or two in view of the patio when the Christmas tree is gone? I so love seeing the greens they provide when the trees and shrubs are bare during the winter and evergreens are so lovely in the snow.

    Dinner and dessert sound delicious!



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