Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sunny Saturday

Cannot believe its another lovely sunny day. How long is it going to last one wonders??? The couple on the corner are getting married today, they have been blessed with good weather.

Nipped up to the village this morning to get some liver for supper from the butcher, it was all ready wrapped when I got there. I phoned before I left home and asked him to cut me 4 slices of pigs liver.

DB and I then set too in the garden. I have cleared the two planters and planted pansies, tete a tete daffs and primulas in there. They look a bit sparse just now but I know given time they will fill out. I then went on to plant groups of daffs and tulips round the garden in the borders. DB is working on the piece where we took out the bush on Thursday, moving gravel to make a standing for the two big hosta pots. Trying to plant anything near the Christmas tree is just not a possible, the roots are everywhere, its impossible to even get a spade in it. I need to have a think about just what I can do there. We reminded the LL he is going to take it out at Christmas.

DB had his siesta, I lay on the settee reading for a while and then sorted out the supper. Liver and bacon, mash, carrots cauliflower and calebrese. DB mentioned something about toffee bananas for dessert.

Freezer audit was done this week and shopping has topped up the freezer, enough to last us through October.....not all meals will involve meat, we do eat quite a few meatless meals.

Chocolate brownies made fto have with our afternoon tea.....yummy.


  1. Cheers for a beautiful day for the wedding and for your gardening work! It's always a delight to see the sunshine after a few days of overcast skies.

    I dare not make brownies as I would eat them all up in a day or two with my sweetie getting only a couple. As far as will power goes, brownies, Oreo cookies, and the Coke and vanilla ice cream (Coke float ingredients) cannot be in the house as I am helpless when such temptations are here.


  2. Found you at last!
    I always like to read about your gardening.


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