Sunday, 22 September 2013

I am here............


I was having trouble with the weebly site, no one could leave comments and I was unable to find how to enable comments, so I have come back to blogger under a new name.

There is a link from weebly so my other friends can find me.

I managed today to finish sorting out my sewing room, its only taken me about 3 weeks on and off. Its now nice and tidy.

Some pretty things on the wall unit and also the threads I tend to use the most, close at hand. The hooks underneath hold the hoops for embroidery on the machine and my scissors.

This side of the room is dedicated to sewing threads and bits and pieces for the machine, at the side of the bookcase is the chest of drawers which holds stabilizer and my card making equipment.

This side has fabric in labelled boxes my books and files and there is a bit of space on here too.

Under the table with my machine on are 2 boxes one contains backing fabric and bag fabric, the other is the bits and strips box, which I am ashamed to say is very large and very full, at least everything is all in one place and the B & S box is easy to get at.

Two pot holders made out of the bits and strips box, I have a couple more to sew the binding on.

DB had his first dizzy for 13 days, just now they seem to be spaced out a bit. We are waiting for appointments to come through for various appointments.


  1. Glad to find you again. Love hearing about your travels, keep track of how Edwin is doing, and enjoy the midlands thru your eyes. I miss the blog list you had on the other blog. Found Frugal Queen that way. You had a good list. Ana

  2. Glad I found you again! This is a comment about your visit to Beatrix Potters house. We visited it on our trip to the UK in 2010 and I really enjoyed it. I bought a mug with Jemima Puddle Duck on it so when I drink my tea it reminds me of our trip there :) Your sewing room looks great!

  3. Welcome back to blogspot!! Love the photograph in your header. Your sewing room looks very organised - I wish I had the space to make one! Take care and good luck with your new blog.

  4. I am sooo very happy to have you back and blogging!
    Many blessings to you


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