Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Another dull day

A bad night's sleep so I felt like something the cat dragged in and forgot this morning. DB had a coughing fit when we went to bed and spent the night clearing his throat and giving little coughs. He was fast asleep I was wide awake!! This morning I  cleared the rubbish off the spare bed. If i have the same problem tonight I'm in there!!

Its another grey day, I washed the towels this morning, the weather cleared at lunch time and by 4pm the towles were dry enough to just needed airing. Looks like the airer is going to be up permanently in the dining room this winter. I will miss the dryer, but hey, its cheaper to use the heat in the house. As long as we keep it ventilated it should be ok.

DB phoned to see about the windows being done this morning, chap said after we had been away. Would like them done before the worst of the winter sets in. I need to think about tinned and frozen veg, just in case we cannot get out. Which ever way we go we have hills and both are fairly steep.

 A delivery from AF today, arrived just after 2.30,  needed to make room in the cupboards. I  need to make another loaf. I am using up mixes I got when we were in Scotland, something else out of the cupboard. I managed to drop a tin of mixed fruit on my toe when I was putting the tins away. The air was blue for a few moments. Its the toe I broke that it landed on, still feels a bit tender.

Supper tonight beef and bean stew with potato, cauli and calebrese. Bananas for dessert, might do baked ones for a change.

No machine sewing, hand sewing the binding on the pot holders I did yesterday.

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  1. Oh, ouch!! Poor squashed toe! I hope it's feeling better already.

    What a bother to have missed your sleep last night and cheers for having somewhere else to sleep if there's a repeat tonight.

    You're certainly wise to plan ahead for bad weather considering the terrain you'd have to traverse to get to the shops. We do the same but have no steep hills to deal with. Between home and the busy road, there are a couple of winding roads with small hills that are daunting enough when slippery.



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