Friday, 27 September 2013

An away day

It was rather dull early this morning but by the time I set off for my visit to a friend the sun was shining.

I called at the local post office to post a couple of parcels and then carried on.

We had a lovely day, chatting as we do, lunch, my favourite, smoked salmon sandwiches, yummy. Another friend called in whilst I was there she had been to the nursery and brought us a pack each of tete a tete bulbs. So saved me a trip to our local nursery at the weekend.

After lunch I installed CR's new printer for her and sorted her out to read my blog.

I needed to call at Tesco on the way back to fill up with diesel, back on the road it was stop start all the way to the Syston roundabout, it took me 45 minutes to do a journey which normally  would take me 15 minutes at the most.

DB had been fine whilst I was out, had worked hard in the garden, it is looking much better. CR gave me several lavender plants, which are to go in at the top of the garden to make a low edge round a bed.

Supper tonight fish and chips with the left over gratin from last night.No sure whats for dessert, think it might be bananas..............

The top of the garden in May

Work in progress. quite a difference. we have more work to do but now you can see right to the top of the garden.


  1. What a lovely time away with your friends and the nice surprise of new plants and bulbs for your garden. How delightful!

    Cheers that DB was fine while you were gone and that he accomplished so much.

    I noticed there are no comments on your past posts and I wonder why that is. There has been one comment each day from me so I wonder if they've gone to cyber-nowhere or if they're waiting for you to see them.

    Think I'll get a beverage and then get back to sewing borders, pressing, trimming, and sewing again.


  2. Good to find you again. I know the little house on the bridge at Ambleside. Didn't see your blog telling about your Lake District holiday. Do hope you had a lovely time.
    Your back garden looks so much bigger now the trees and bushes have gone. You and DB must have worked hard to achieve all that. Is that the fence where your clematis will be climbing. It will look stunning.
    So glad you are back and blogging.


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