Thursday, 26 September 2013

All change

A lovely sunny morning, quite warm in the sun.

DB had a quick visit to the hospital to collect his new insoles. I dropped him home and went off to do the months shop at Aldi in Loughborough. The shop was packed, had a job to find a space in the car park. Home again DB had been working in the garden, we unpacked the bags and spilt up stuff that needed freezing, we now have a full fridge and freezer.

I needed to sort out the cauliflower and broccoli gratin for supper. Doing a jacket spud and tomato salad for supper, we have some gardeners delight tomatos to use up.

DB went for his siesta, I had a few minutes on the settee before repairing to the kitchen.

Off to see my friend tomorrow, sorting out the bits I have to take with me. I got her 3L of white vinegar for her pickling. Some other bits and pieces to go as well.

After we had our 'afternoon tea' I went out with the large loppers and completely removed the overgrown catoneaster, I cannot believe the amount of garden it has freed up. OH will be scarifying it and sieving the gravel we found underneath. The growth should come away from the bottom and I can keep it clipped and more tidy.

The gratin was delicious........banana and cream for dessert. I need to make some more ice cream DB is complaining.

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  1. Oh the bananas and cream sound so delicious! We're about to have enchiladas and tossed salad.

    Cheers for all you accomplished today and for the fun you have planned for tomorrow! Greetings to Cottonreel from me!

    AMIL's INR remains within the desired range but her appetite is dwindling again and that's a worry.



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