Monday, 30 September 2013

The Gas Man Cometh

Late waking up this morning, I was just getting out of the shower when the phone went, it was the plumber wanting to come and do the gas safety check......give me 10 minutes.......He arrived just as I was putting the breakfast on the table. 

After he had finished he went out to his van, back a second or two later he had left his keys on the sink side. Out to his van and off. Just as he drove off the postman knocked, the plumber had left his kit on the pavement!! I phoned the office and asked them to ring him, shortly afterwards he phoned, on his way back....... fortunately he had not got too far.

DB got out the lawn mower and cut the grass, rain is forecast for tomorrow and Wednesday.....I put a load of washing in and later decided to put in the second lot,, there was a good breeze.

Monday clean done, I could do with moving our bed, but it will have to wait until DS2 comes, we pile all we can onto the bed and move it so I can hoover as much of the carpet underneath as possible. I like to do it twice a year. I knew there was some reason that a complete brass bed appealed to me, you can hoover underneath without having to shift the thing!!!

DD2 here tomorrow, so ham out of the freezer for sandwiches. might do egg mayo as well.

DD1 and family fly to Mexico on wednesday for 3 weeks on holiday. The last time they went was when the bird flu thing was on,  she broke her leg 3 weeks before they were due to go. They had to take a wheel chair for her!!!

Its DS2 and DD1's birthdays so cards sent, he was born on the 2nd October 10 years after DD1 was born on the 7th.

The sun came out at lunchtime, there was quite a breeze, but by the french doors it was very pleasant.

DB nipped to the village after his siesta to put in a prescription.

The laundry dried and has mostly been folded and put away....just a couple of bits need ironing

Fritatta and salad for supper with plum crumble for dessert.

Sunday, 29 September 2013

The Dog Days Of Summer

Another lovely sunny morning, we certainly cannot complain about this summer, even though at times it has been too hot.

DB  out in the garden continuing to sort out the bit where we massacred, cut down, the catoneaster.

Various bits and pieces sorted in the house, a chair taken upstairs after I re-arranged the spare bedroom, I still have two empty boxes to go up into the attic, might get DB to bring the ladder in later.

Crumble made for the plums I was given, it will do three days desserts, prepped the veg for supper and put a white loaf on.

Spent some time in the garden with DB sorting out the top bed, its full of roots from the catoneaster, you pull a bit and 3ft of root come up in your hand, we are cutting them off as close to the base as we can.

This is the new bed, you can see the gravel path it the bottom going up to the compost bin and behind it the gravel to stand pot on the new bed goes up to the laurel you can see at the back the old root we cut back is just visible.

 I found a pot I can plant daffs in to stand where the Christmas tree is, hopefully it will disappear sometime in December N is going to cut it down and sell it......I hope. The roots are everywhere and very thick. We have another clematis to go in on the right hand fence, hopefully I will get that in later.

DB had his siesta, the sun has continued to shine and we had our afternoon tea sitting on the patio, very pleasant.

Supper, roast pork. roast potato's. cauli, calebrese and carrots with red wine gravy. I made a crumble for dessert with some plums I was given, that should last us a couple of days at least.

The forecast is not so good for tomorrow. Hopefully I will get the washing dry in the morning before it damps down. DB also wants to cut the grass before the rain that's due on Tuesday.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Sunny Saturday

Cannot believe its another lovely sunny day. How long is it going to last one wonders??? The couple on the corner are getting married today, they have been blessed with good weather.

Nipped up to the village this morning to get some liver for supper from the butcher, it was all ready wrapped when I got there. I phoned before I left home and asked him to cut me 4 slices of pigs liver.

DB and I then set too in the garden. I have cleared the two planters and planted pansies, tete a tete daffs and primulas in there. They look a bit sparse just now but I know given time they will fill out. I then went on to plant groups of daffs and tulips round the garden in the borders. DB is working on the piece where we took out the bush on Thursday, moving gravel to make a standing for the two big hosta pots. Trying to plant anything near the Christmas tree is just not a possible, the roots are everywhere, its impossible to even get a spade in it. I need to have a think about just what I can do there. We reminded the LL he is going to take it out at Christmas.

DB had his siesta, I lay on the settee reading for a while and then sorted out the supper. Liver and bacon, mash, carrots cauliflower and calebrese. DB mentioned something about toffee bananas for dessert.

Freezer audit was done this week and shopping has topped up the freezer, enough to last us through October.....not all meals will involve meat, we do eat quite a few meatless meals.

Chocolate brownies made fto have with our afternoon tea.....yummy.

Friday, 27 September 2013

An away day

It was rather dull early this morning but by the time I set off for my visit to a friend the sun was shining.

I called at the local post office to post a couple of parcels and then carried on.

We had a lovely day, chatting as we do, lunch, my favourite, smoked salmon sandwiches, yummy. Another friend called in whilst I was there she had been to the nursery and brought us a pack each of tete a tete bulbs. So saved me a trip to our local nursery at the weekend.

After lunch I installed CR's new printer for her and sorted her out to read my blog.

I needed to call at Tesco on the way back to fill up with diesel, back on the road it was stop start all the way to the Syston roundabout, it took me 45 minutes to do a journey which normally  would take me 15 minutes at the most.

DB had been fine whilst I was out, had worked hard in the garden, it is looking much better. CR gave me several lavender plants, which are to go in at the top of the garden to make a low edge round a bed.

Supper tonight fish and chips with the left over gratin from last night.No sure whats for dessert, think it might be bananas..............

The top of the garden in May

Work in progress. quite a difference. we have more work to do but now you can see right to the top of the garden.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

All change

A lovely sunny morning, quite warm in the sun.

DB had a quick visit to the hospital to collect his new insoles. I dropped him home and went off to do the months shop at Aldi in Loughborough. The shop was packed, had a job to find a space in the car park. Home again DB had been working in the garden, we unpacked the bags and spilt up stuff that needed freezing, we now have a full fridge and freezer.

I needed to sort out the cauliflower and broccoli gratin for supper. Doing a jacket spud and tomato salad for supper, we have some gardeners delight tomatos to use up.

DB went for his siesta, I had a few minutes on the settee before repairing to the kitchen.

Off to see my friend tomorrow, sorting out the bits I have to take with me. I got her 3L of white vinegar for her pickling. Some other bits and pieces to go as well.

After we had our 'afternoon tea' I went out with the large loppers and completely removed the overgrown catoneaster, I cannot believe the amount of garden it has freed up. OH will be scarifying it and sieving the gravel we found underneath. The growth should come away from the bottom and I can keep it clipped and more tidy.

The gratin was delicious........banana and cream for dessert. I need to make some more ice cream DB is complaining.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Another grey morning

It was very misty when we got up and by the time we were ready to go out it had started to rain quite heavily....thr stuff DB put on the grass will be well watered in, as will the patches of seed he put on yesterday.

Blood test, not good, he has to go to Melton next week as our surgery does not have cover....pain....we then went to the library van which was parked just down the road from the Drs. The van will be in a different place next time it comes as where they usually park there are road works going on, renewing gas pipes. On to the chemist and post office. DB asked me to drive home as he had a dizzy coming on, so in through the front door and straight up to bed....3 on the trot.....not good.

Cake for afternoon tea was needed so I made some white chocolate cup cakes and prepped the veg for supper tonight. I am casseroling the chicken legs from the weekend.

The weather cleared up during the afternoon although it was not as warm as it has been.

I fell asleep on the settee this afternoon, I did sleep ok last night but was very wearly after lunch so put my head down for half an hour.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Another dull day

A bad night's sleep so I felt like something the cat dragged in and forgot this morning. DB had a coughing fit when we went to bed and spent the night clearing his throat and giving little coughs. He was fast asleep I was wide awake!! This morning I  cleared the rubbish off the spare bed. If i have the same problem tonight I'm in there!!

Its another grey day, I washed the towels this morning, the weather cleared at lunch time and by 4pm the towles were dry enough to just needed airing. Looks like the airer is going to be up permanently in the dining room this winter. I will miss the dryer, but hey, its cheaper to use the heat in the house. As long as we keep it ventilated it should be ok.

DB phoned to see about the windows being done this morning, chap said after we had been away. Would like them done before the worst of the winter sets in. I need to think about tinned and frozen veg, just in case we cannot get out. Which ever way we go we have hills and both are fairly steep.

 A delivery from AF today, arrived just after 2.30,  needed to make room in the cupboards. I  need to make another loaf. I am using up mixes I got when we were in Scotland, something else out of the cupboard. I managed to drop a tin of mixed fruit on my toe when I was putting the tins away. The air was blue for a few moments. Its the toe I broke that it landed on, still feels a bit tender.

Supper tonight beef and bean stew with potato, cauli and calebrese. Bananas for dessert, might do baked ones for a change.

No machine sewing, hand sewing the binding on the pot holders I did yesterday.

Monday, 23 September 2013

What a dull day

My goodness its been a dull drab day. I did a load of laundry and hung it out hoping it might dry a little. By lunch time some of the lighter stuff was dry but the rest was still very wet.

I did the Monday clean and washed the bathroom floor, when I do the sitting room later in the week I need to take the rug up and move the settee so I can dry mop the floor underneath. Its so much easier to move the settee on the laminate flooring than on carpet.

I sorted out the projects I still have to complete in my sewing room and also took the binding off a table runner I made last year, it has shaped points and I did not get them crisp enough. Whilst I was up there to took the two following pictures.

Whats in a box like this???

In case you have not guessed, its the bits and strips box, looks like I have a lot of work to do if I want to use them all up.

As I suspected the washing did not dry through so its now on the airer in the dining room, apart from DB's track suit bottoms it should all be dry in the morning. The greyness has not lifted all day.

I have put the binding on another 3 pot holders and also a practice piece of machine quilting, I will put a loop on it and hang it on the dresser. The pot holders will go in the sales box.

Supper tonight, chicken salad and the last of the apple and black berry sponge for dessert.

Sunday, 22 September 2013

I am here............


I was having trouble with the weebly site, no one could leave comments and I was unable to find how to enable comments, so I have come back to blogger under a new name.

There is a link from weebly so my other friends can find me.

I managed today to finish sorting out my sewing room, its only taken me about 3 weeks on and off. Its now nice and tidy.

Some pretty things on the wall unit and also the threads I tend to use the most, close at hand. The hooks underneath hold the hoops for embroidery on the machine and my scissors.

This side of the room is dedicated to sewing threads and bits and pieces for the machine, at the side of the bookcase is the chest of drawers which holds stabilizer and my card making equipment.

This side has fabric in labelled boxes my books and files and there is a bit of space on here too.

Under the table with my machine on are 2 boxes one contains backing fabric and bag fabric, the other is the bits and strips box, which I am ashamed to say is very large and very full, at least everything is all in one place and the B & S box is easy to get at.

Two pot holders made out of the bits and strips box, I have a couple more to sew the binding on.

DB had his first dizzy for 13 days, just now they seem to be spaced out a bit. We are waiting for appointments to come through for various appointments.