Friday, 24 February 2017


I did think I was getting slightly better yesterday....forget it, I am worse than ever today. Just do not know what to think. Started taking the meds for the infection, hey did not affect me last time I took them, this time they seem to be affecting my gut aargghhh.

DB has spent the morning clearing up the damage from yesterday....

Bird table over

Chairs blown out from behind the shed

Water barrel full of water blown across the garden

Sentry box shifted.

Plant house over

Remains of the greenhouse

What a mess

Tidy again..

DB's shallots were all out of their pots and one of the large ceramic pots was a bit battered where the plant house fell on it. The green house has been broken up and put in the dustbin.

I had thought yesterday that I might be improving, today I am back to square one again. I have started the new medication, is it to blame, who knows.......I will take it for a day or two longer and then see what happens. 

I gave in and came back to bed just before lunch.  DB is chef again, cheese on toast with brown sauce for lunch with an apple. Supper fish wedges and peas.


DB phoned the Dr. I have dropped the extra 2.5mg ramapril, I have to see if things improve over the next couple of days. I am sure thats what it is, I usually begin to feel better in the evening when the medication in my system is at its lowest. Watch this space.

Thursday, 23 February 2017


At the Drs this morning. More blood tests and BP taken again. Urine sample produced a reading of bacteria, so medication for that. Have to wait for the blood tests to come back. 

I did have a better night, actually managed to sleep till 6.30 before I had to get up for the loo. Not quite as bad today as I have been the last 3 days but still feel I am walking through treacle all the while.

Repaired to bed this afternoon and slept for well over an hour.

Supper sausage and bean casserole with spuds, carrot and calabrese, gravy made with a dash of cheap red wine......yum yum.

The wind has done some real damage, it lifted the plastic greenhouse and took it over the back gate into the front garden, both it and the plant house are broken up, I cannot afford a proper greenhouse, so will do without.  I just cannot keep replacing things. The bird table is flat on the grass and the chairs we store behind the shed are also in the middle of the grass. Just after lunch the wind was really dreadful, I was so glad we got the chimney stack repointed last year.....the thought of it coming through the roof fills me with horror. There is no way I could cope with that right now. It does seem to be dying down a bit.

I heard from my quilting friend, her garden has been decimated, her fence has gone on one side and the arch which carries the roses has also gone. She will be devastated.

I have been watching James Martin in France on my IPad, I really wish I had got DB to recorded the programmes. The one I was watching today was in the south of France at the side of the Canal du of my favourite places. I will have to watch one a day till I manage to catch up.

No sewing done, a good job the baby has not yet put in an appearance, fingers crossed it will not happen until after the weekend.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Bad day

I slept in the sewing room last night, had a reasonable night but most of the day I have been in bed.

I am sure its the increase in medication, by the evening I begin to feel better. I take the meds at night so in the morning most of it is swilling round inside my body and thats when I am sure my BP is too low.

I have to go and see the Dr tomorrow morning, I hope the surgery is not full, I doubt I will last for more than an hour.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Another rubbish night

DB slept like a baby, I woke at 3am and that was that. I think I may have overdone it yesterday. I am going to have to sort out what cleaning has to be done.

Still in bed and staying here for a while at least. DB is in the front garden, its looking a lot better.

I got a pork casserole out of the freezer last night, spuds, cauliflower and carrot with it I think.

No more done to the playmat, just too tired yesterday, no sign of the baby yet......

Monday, 20 February 2017


Another night we were reading and drinking was after 1am when the light finally went out, once I was sure that DB was asleep!! Then it took me ages to get off. Exhausted this morning.

Towels and whites on the line. I have done a skip through clean, mopped the toilet, wet room and kitchen floors, just had cheese and beetroot, me cheese and tomato sauce DB. He had a yogurt I had a pear. The time for a cleaner is coming closer......

Salad prepped for tonights supper, chicken last night was delicious, I have sliced whats left and we will have a jacket spud with it. I marinaded it in lemon juice and white wine overnight and then used a mixture of butter and lemon pepper rubbed into the skin before I roasted it, the liquor went into the sauce.

DB spent an hour or so in the front garden trying to get another rose bush out of the garden, they are very old knarled bushes and not easy to get out.

I hope to finish sewing down the binding on the playmat this afternoon, then all I have to do is to embroider names etc on it.

I have a couple of projects in mind, one of which is a sleeveless waistcoat DB asked me to make him some years ago, its for his bowls. I have an empty cutting table so may well cut it out. It will not take me long to do it, its fleece so no fraying etc.

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Terrible night

DB could not sleep, so I had to be awake too, reading until 3am after consuming cups of tea and cream crackers........I woke just after 8am, woke him then too. I was feeling rather bloody minded. It was fine and he had mentioned about going into the garden. Usual Sunday brekkers in bed, made it up just before 10am.

He is having his siesta now, one hour....thats it......fingers crossed he sleeps tonight.

Supper prepped, veggies done. I have also sewn down a bit more on the playmat, not awfully pleased with the quilting on the back, but it can stay, I just CBA to unpick it all and do it again!!

No plans for the coming week, just take things as they come. Will not be going shopping for at least another 2 weeks unless I need fruit, which I can pick up on Sunday when we go into town for lunch.

It has turned cold, the sun had gone in, so I have lit the fire, I usually do on Sunday afternoon.

A little splash of white at the top of the front garden/

Saturday, 18 February 2017


Another misty start, it was after lunch before it cleared.

No alarm this morning so we slept in, it was after 10am before my feet hit the floor. Apart from sorting the supper, cheese and onion pie and doing a bit more at the playmat; I have spent the rest of the day reading.

OH had wanted to go out to the garden, but decided against it when he saw the weather.

Not much going on, the close is quiet, the village generally seems to be quiet just now waiting for spring I guess.

Nothing really on next week apart from next Sunday when we are out to celebrate our wedding nniversary, lunch at the carvery in Melton with DD2 and DGD.