Wednesday, 20 June 2018

85 not out

DB's birthday today, we have just been to the hospice tearoom for a cream tea, yummy. Needless to say supper tonight is off, we will have a snack later.

Funny day, its quite windy, sunny then cloudy, a few spots of rain and back to sun again.

Not a lot done today, DB was in the garden for an hour or so this morning, I had a couple of jobs to do in the house.

I bottled the elderflower cordial, almost 4 litres, will leave it for a while and see if it clears, otherwise will use finings and re bottle it.

Aldi tomorrow. Two weeks menus done no meat needed, just stock up on dry goods, fruit and veg. DB picked another pound of strawberries. Our neighbour has family arriving so took a bowl full over to her for dessert.

Watching Ascot..............

Tuesday, 19 June 2018


To my new follower.

Its a funny day, sun, cloud, rather clammy.......towels out on the line.

Busy morning, towels washed and on the line, wind blowing, so they should dry. Prepped supper, sliced the bread I made yesterday, sandwiches for lunch, Tuna and cucumber.Sat out in the garden for morning tea.

Cleaners were early, so all done and dusted and gone. The house smells lovely.

DB has been round to the chapel graveyard taking details off the stones that can be read, some of them are too badly deteriorated to be able to see the details.

I am feeling a bit frustrated, the ground in the garden is so hard I cannot get a spade into it and I have a lot of plants to go in and a couple to move.  The pots  are having to be watered every evening just now. We could do with a couple of days of steady rain to soften the ground a bit.

Pork casserole for supper, strawberries for dessert, we are still picking about a pound a day.

Monday, 18 June 2018

Monday again

Very much a usual monday, bed stripped, linen washed, dried and ironed.

The lamb yesterday was nice but there was not enough left for a salad today, so I made scotch broth which we had with buttered bread at lunchtime. 

After lunch we went round to the chapel and picked elderflower from the tree which overhangs the chapel graveyard. Home I weighed out the ingredients and set the cordial off. It should be ready to bottle by Wednesday morning.

OH reseeded a bit of the grass in the back and then went on to tie up his tomato plants. He picked over a pound of strawberries this afternoon.

Not much else done, watching the tennis from Nottingham. 

Egg chips and beans for supper, strawberries for dessert with a blob of Cornish ice cream.

Sunday, 17 June 2018

Oh dear black clouds

and I have a load of washing to go out...arrghhhhh...... will wait a bit and see what happens. We could do with the rain to be honest the ground is cracking its so dry.

We had a lie in this morning after yesterday. OH ended up going for a nap he was so tired, re-enforcing my feeling that visiting gardens is getting too much for us. It is a shame but when your body tells you something is too much you have to listen. I am sad, but hey ho thats life. The gardens are open again today, I hope they do not get rained out.

Spent sometime out in the garden this morning. DB is picking yet more strawberries, I yanked out a few weeds and watered the pots that were not in direct sun, although the sun had gone just now and its quite a bit cooler. I need to get at least 2 of the wires in on the fence, the rose is really growing, it wants tying back. The clematis is also ready to be cut back, so may be tomorrow.......or tuesday.

We are waiting for this years garlic harvest, they are not quite ready yet so the lamb for supper is marinading just in red wine. OH dug a couple of shaws of new spuds, they are in the pot for supper. I might just do a couple of roasties as well. We will be having strawberries for dessert.

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Will we, wont we

Make it to the gardens open day in was raining when I got up at 7.30am, but 9am it had stopped and it was beginning to warm up outside, so after a bacon sarnie we were off down narrow country lanes, past cottages with gardens bursting with colour to Hoby.

I parked the car, collected cameras, jackets and DB's walking stick and we were off. Collected a programme from the church and paid our dues.

We managed 7 of the 11 gardens that were open, not complaining at all. The first one we looked at was more a shrubbery, a sloping garden with bushes in beds down the sides, the spectacular thing about this garden was the view from the bottom across acres of land.

On the front of this house was a fire token, a sign the occupants had paid for the local fire brigade to attend if the house was on fire.

The view from the bottom of the garden.

The next garden we went to was just as different, it was packed with plants of all types colours and scents. An old apple tree was covered in a rambling rector rose.........we had a cream tea there and sat for a while. I could have stayed all day, it was wonderful.

Water splashing out of the wall into a pool the foxtail lilies were beautiful, I want some for my garden.

This clematis on the arch behind us when we were having our cream tea, the flowers were as big as dinner plates.....

Rambling Rector doing what he loves best.....rambling through an old apple tree.

Foxtail lilies backed by roses

DB patiently waiting for me to finish taking photographs.

This beautiful rose by the gate as you went out of the garden smelt delightful.

The next garden was a tiny cottage garden again stuffed with plants.

DB inspecting the veg plot,

Tiny garden stuffed with plants.

A beautiful oriental poppy.

Despite me saying I was not getting any more plants I did buy 4, they are now sitting in a basket having a drink.

We are back home, feet up and a cup of tea. We enjoyed our trip out. It is however becoming more obvious that garden visiting is something we are not going to be able to manage much longer. It is a shame I have always enjoyed looking at other peoples gardens and pinching ideas for mine......believe me I have a few rattling round in my head now. Especially what to do with the rose this space.

Sausage, mash and veggies for supper. Strawberries for dessert.......have not picked any today, so maybe double tomorrow??

Friday, 15 June 2018


No not the musical Jam but strawberry jam. I tried making the jam in my PKP it was a failure, I have ended up this morning using my trusty old jam pan, I now have 2 1/2lbs of jam. Imay try using the PKP again but alter the recipe.

A decent nights sleep, I was off by 11pm, OH woke my getting up to the toilet but I soon went off again.

The gardener did not come yesterday he fell behind on Wednesday, so he is coming sometime today.

I am taking DB to the Drs this afternoon, fed up with him moaning about his knee, so made him ring for an appointment. He has spoken to the Dr before about it, was given some cream to rub in, he is convinced it is swollen, yes it is a little but he has arthritis in it what does he expect. Sorry rant over. I find as I am getting older my patience is wearing thinner.........he knows what the problem is but just does not seem to understand.

No real plans for today. If its fine tomorrow we plan to go to Hoby, their gardens are open, not sure if we will manage all 14. I am only taking a limited amount of money with me, what I have spent on the garden this year is frightening. I could well spend as much again, but from now on apart from 10 bags of compost thats it.

Gardener has been, lawns cut and another plant in, the ground is so dry.

Off to the Drs with OH.

Fish and chips for supper. Strawberries for dessert.

Thursday, 14 June 2018

A birthday surprise.

A much better night last night, I roused a couple of times, but was soon asleep again.

It was very windy this morning, had to do a rescue operation in the garden the tub of sweet peas blew over, we had to move it out of the wind.

We were due to go to our friends for tea and cake this afternoon, but I decided to ask them to come to us, I did not want DB to go down with another dizzy, we could have been stuck for hours. They arrived with a lovely birthday cake, sponge with a filling of strawberries and cream, it was delicious. We all sang happy birthday. DB's birthday is next week, but they are away in Somerset for 2 weeks.

The wind dropped this afternoon, the sun came out so late afternoon was very pleasant.

We ate at lunch time, ham and salad, a big slice of cake with a cuppa for afternoon tea, so we will have a snack later.

All the gardens around us are full of flowers, summer seems to be here, the roses in the garden continue to bloom. Things are coming through in the garden and the vegetable patch is doing well.

We have picked a lot of strawberries, I have some cooking just now to make some jam.

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Here we go again

DB woke me at 3am with a dizzy, I got him the medication to try and halt it, he got up after breakfast but was back in bed by 10.30. He seems to have slept it off, fingers crossed, we are supposed to be going out for tea tomorrow.

I have spent most of the day on the laptop, it kept coming over with dark clouds as if it was going to rain, but never did, no sun but its quite warm outside. Just watered the pots in the garden.

More strawberries picked we now have 3 bowls full in the fridge and some hulled for tonight.

The bell rang about 11am, a large box, containing this......

The variegated weigela, it was not cheap, but it has a head start.  A good strong plant. Hopefully it will get planted when the gardener comes tomorrow.

I cut up some of the cooked gammon from the weekend. I am going to make ham and cheese frittata with salad for supper tonight. We will, of course, be having strawberries for dessert.

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Its finished!!

It was 8.30pm when the workman went last night, the kitchen went from this

Yesterday morning

 To this last night

Via quite a bit of this.......

It looks great, they reused the door and cupboard fronts from the old unit, the sides are a slightly different colour, but not really noticeable. I am glad its done.

We still have to find some floor covering for the airing cupboard floor and move the shelves with the towels on back in.

I had something to collect in town this morning, so as it was market day I went in on the bus, I managed to get some of what I wanted but we will have to go back in on Sunday and get the rest from a different shop.

It was very cold and misty this morning, I had hung a load of laundry out to dry, there was a bit of a breeze.

Cleaners here this morning, sitting room carpet was a bit of a mess we walked stuff in from the kitchen yesterday........

Chicken pie for supper tonight, there will be strawberries for dessert.

I bought sone casserole lamb from the butchers have just made up Lamb casserole, enough for 2 meals for the two of us either with mash or dumplings.

ust made Lamb casserole in my PKP6.

1lb of casserole lamb cut into chunks.
1/2 tin of chopped tomato's and some of the juice.
Sliced carrot and onion.
Mixed herbs. 2 teaspoons
ground black pepper
Lamb stock cube.

Brown the onion on the fry setting, when it is beginning to colour tip in the lamb and turn over until its sealed all over. add the tomato's etc and enough water to the minimum mark. Close the PKP and cook on stew/soup for 30 minutes. allow to cool without releasing the steam.

I have put mine in containers for the freezer. If you are going to eat it straight away, thicken the liquor with slaked cornflour and serve with mashed spuds and veg. Or dumplings.

Monday, 11 June 2018

Man at work.

The workman has arrived, the sink unit is out as is the worktop, as I suspected the lino at the side of the washer had mould on it, I will be scrubbing it with bleach before the washer goes back. The cooker side appears to be ok. Several of the tiles in the kitchen are loose, there is nothing behind them, so they are having to be refixed. The back wall has been scrubbed with bleach and is now drying out before a sealant is being applied, new skirting to go at the back before the unit goes back in, all the piping is being re-plumbed to make it neater, and breathe......

The early mist has burnt off and its a sunny day, no laundry done, it can wait.

Feeling slightly better this morning, I did have a little to eat for supper last night, thankfully no repeat performance of Saturday night.

I walked up the garden, the rose on the trellis between the clematis is flowering. A beautiful deep red the petals are like velvet and it smells glorious.

It will be a scratch lunch today, possibly cheese and biscuits. DB will have yogurt, I may indulge in an apple.

More strawberries to pick later this afternoon.....we have picked almost 5lbs so far.

Gammon salad for supper tonight with strawberries for dessert.