Saturday, 24 September 2016


Funny start to the day. I looked at my little clock and it said 9.45 am. I shot up and looked at DB's clock 7.45 am little clock is regulated by a radio signal from somewhere on the continent, think they got their countries mixed up.

DB went out to the garden to, do a bit of a tidy up in the shed and then to string the onions and shallots that were drying off in the plastic greenhouse.

I sliced an onion and chopped up some of the tomato's and made tomato puree.

Then I went out and cut the front grass. Once that was done I re-arranged the pots in the nursery at the side of the house and moved the little tomato house to the side of the plastic green house. That was me done for the morning.

DB has just gone for his siesta, I am going to read for a while. Have done a shopping list for tomorrow, need to go to Morrison and also Lidl.

Its fine but windy. I have put the bath towels out on the line, they are not drying properly now the mornings are getting colder. It will be ok once we have the heating in. Keep looking at the sewing roon and shuddering, having to move all that stuff....aarrgghhhh and empty the airing cupboard too...........


We do not often go out but today when DB got up after his siesta we decided to go to the local Hospice coffee shop for afternoon tea.....we really enjoyed tea for 2 with scones, better and jam. I did manage to get out of the shop without buying any more crystal!! Major win there.

Friday, 23 September 2016


Slow morning, I went out into the garden and collected a cabbage, sweetcorn, leeks and tomatoes to take to my friend. She said she would  not need to buy any veg this week.

We finished off yesterdays left over quiche, with the day befores baked beans and a round of toast for an early lunch.

The sun had broken through during the morning, so it was sun glasses all the way.

Spent a very pleasant afternoon drinking tea, eating lemon sponge and putting the world to rights.

She had bought me 5 paper white bulbs, I need to get some bulb fibre to grow them, they need starting off now if they are to flower at Christmas.

The traffic on the A46 was horrendous, there did not seem to be a reason for it, the tail back at one exit had blocked the inside lane. Once we got passed the roundabout at The Hobby Horse, the traffic thinned out.

The sun is still out but the temperature is dropping a bit.

Supper on, fish with mash green beans and parsley sauce......

Thursday, 22 September 2016


Up and out to the hospital by 9.45, very quick appointment, were on the way home just after 10.30. A chap in the car park gave us his ticket with an hour on so we did not have to pay....even  better.

I harvested sweetcorn and cooked it for lunch, very sweet. 

After DB had his siesta we both spent an hour in the garden him in the back me at the front. An hour was enough.

Supper tonight, cheese and onion quiche, tomato and cucumber salad, beetroot and coleslaw. I have a rice pudding for dessert.

As we came down the hill towards Long Clawson the skyline was so clear, I wish I had a camera with me. Its been a sunny warm afternoon. It quickly cools down though once the sun goes and we have to draw the curtains around 7.30pm. We will soon be in October, someone remarked yesterday it was 100 days or some such the The C word..........

DD1 goes to Cuba this weekend for 2 weeks. When she gets back it will be her 56th birthday, unbelievable......where have all those years gone.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016


Our driver was early, we were not quite ready. Quick trip into the town, we then had an hour and a half wait to see the Dr. Blood test done, and a further appointment in December.

Very late having lunch so just a cup a soup. toad in the hole tonight with baked beans.

A phone call this afternoon, DB has to go for his Echocardiogram tomorrow at 10.45, so another drive into Leicester.

I decided to clean the kitchen floor, it was quite mucky, DB swept the mud away that had dropped off our garden shoes.

I went on line to read to local newspaper, always look at the BM&D page, to my astonishment my 2nd cousin who was 7 years older than me passed away 25th August, his funeral is next week. We were the only two children in our generation, so spent a lot of time together. He was 80 in April. His daughter lives in Malaysia, I think may be the funeral has been delayed to allow her to get here.

It was quite muggy this morning, the sun has just broken through. I have a sheet on the line, hope it dries.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016


Computer chappie came to sort out a couple of problems with the lap top, all seems to be working ok again, fingers crossed.

Managed to get hold of the council to pass on word that we have a date for the installation of the gas meter. The heating engineers contacted me, they are starting on 17th October so by the 19th the heating should be up and running. Hooray!!! I have to empty the airing cupboard and DD1 and DSIL are coming to help me move the stuff so the chaps can get at the old heater and put the radiator under the window, then we have to put everything back.

Did not do much this morning really, made some tomato sauce with the tomatoes from the garden. We had cheese on toast for lunch with sliced tomato on the top, very nice.

Have just been to the next village to collect my prescription, I had run out of medication again.......

DB spent part of the morning on his jigsaw, I had put a load of laundry in, it was raining when I went to put it on the line, so the light things I stuck in the dryer, the rest of the stuff is on the airer in the sewing room.

I fell asleep on the settee whilst DB was having his siesta.

The village is unusually quiet, just now. The children have gone back to school after half term. the trees are beginning to shed their leaves and the mist hangs on the hill till late in the mornings, sometimes it does not clear at all. 

The temperature has fallen quite a bit, there is a definite coolness in the air, I will have to change the duvet shortly to the thicker one.

We still have tractors trundling round, the silage and cereal crops have been gathered in, its ploughing thats going on now ready for next years crops to be sown.

I still need to finish weeding the front garden, and the grass needs cutting again, it will have to dry out a bit first.

Sewing has been packed away for now.

Monday, 19 September 2016

Wet Monday

It was fine first thing, but started to rain as DB walked back after taking the car for its service. So no laundry today, maybe tomorrow.

Monday clean done, it takes me a bit longer, I have to clean down the tiles and there is more floor to mop. Managed to disturb a spider when I went round with the ceiling brush, yuk great horrid thing....

We managed to get the gas point number from the people who installed the gas pipes, so DB phoned to arrange for the meter to be fitted and also set up the gas account and reduce the amount we pay for electricity. Just now we are using just over £8 a week, the storage heaters are off. So, as they are coming out no point paying £63 a month.

We had scotch broth and toast for lunch, there was some left so its in the freezer, there is just enough for one serving, so will do DB sometime if I am out.

Still raining, I was going to do a bit more at the front garden weeds, as its still raining it will have to wait until a fine day.

Just trying to work out where the freezers etc are going to go whilst they fit the bedroom radiator and take out the storage heater. I would like to replace one of the sets of shelves with some I have seen in Ikea, they are taller and slightly wider. I would like 2 but cannot afford to buy two.

My elder daughter tells me that my Grand daughter is expecting a baby boy in March, I need to get the knitting needles out. Traditionally in our family first babies were girls, just my eldest son had two boys. Most of our Ggrandchildren have been boys just the one little girl..........

Sunday, 18 September 2016


No rain, the sun is trying to come out. It was quite cols this morning when I went through to get our Sunday breakfast in bed. It was after 10 before I was fit to face the world.

I went out to the front garden to start weeding. DB to the back to start chopping up the tomato plants and put them in the compost bin.

I was only able to do one side of the garden before my back told me it was time to stop and get some lunch. New bread, cheese and tomatoes.......they are so sweet with a little salt on them....yummy.

Prepped the veg for tonight supper, pork, roast courgette, butternut squash and potatoes, cabbage and carrots. I was going to go an apple and gooseberry crumble, but I noticed that one of the bananas was developing little brown spots so we will have that instead and the apple can go in the freezer.

I have done the second tutorial, will put it up later today. There will be a gap now, I have a lot of UFO's that need sorting.

Decent nights sleep, did not wake for the loo, makes a change, I usually stumble out still half asleep. I was glad we had put the duvet back on the bed after sleeping under just a sheet and a quilt whilst it was so warm.

Decided to stick the towels in the washer, they are out on the line, hope they dry ok, they were late going out. I can always shove them in the dryer for half an hour if they need finishing off.

DB is going for his siesta, I am going to read, might even have a Nana nap. 

Nothing more from DGD who is 20 and thinks she is a lawyer and knows everything. I am just not rising to the bait. Her main aim in life seems to be winding people up so she can slag them off.