Friday, 25 May 2018


It was raining when we got up, everywhere was wet. No idea when it started, but the rain continued until lunchtime.

No gardening today, its too wet.

My microwave was delivered back at lunchtime, I hope the problems have been sorted. I will have to wipe out the small oven on the cooker now.

Weeds in the herbaceous bed are a pain in the butt, I have found a wand which eradicates them, I have sent for one, fingers crossed it works it means I can keep the weeds down throughout the garden, watch this space.

Supper tonight fish, chips and peas, not the delicious battered fish we had on holiday unfortunately. Strawberries and ice cream for dessert. The strawberries in the garden are in full flower. We need to cover them, keep the pesky birds off. A couple of days of sun and we will be picking the first strawberries of the season.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Ice cold here

My goodness the temperature has plummeted, it is freezing,,,,,no wonder people get ill. Sun blasting one day, freezing cold another.....

Up and out just after 8am to go to Aldi, I was so early they had not got the super 6 out, good job I did not want any of them. Home and shopping away by 10am.

Its too cold to go out in the garden, waiting in the hope that the sun breaks through later. DB needs to put preservative on a new piece of wood that has been put in to replace a broken slat in the shed. I have to admit I have learnt an expensive lesson. I read the reports about the shed and they were so good which is why I decided to order from them. I know now I should have got the chap who built our fence and gate to do it for me.

Some more pots planted up yesterday, we need rain to soften the ground a bit so I can put in the plants that are waiting to be planted out. I said I was not going to buy any more plants, a big fail yesterday....I ordered 6 apricot foxgloves for the bottom bit of the garden. After lunch the sun did come out but it was still windy. Sorted out more pots and I have about 30 foxglove seedlings, I plan to plant them in a couple of blocks in the garden once we get some rain. It will be interesting to see what colours come out.

Chicken and bacon pie for supper with mash, carrots and calabrese. I bought some strawberries to have for dessert with ice cream.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

More work in the garden

A duller day, no sun. We needed to be up and at it, friend coming to put the guttering on the shed, and do a couple of other jobs. Shed had to be emptied yet again.

The top of the garden June 2015

The veg patch June 2015

The top of the garden today, fully productive with fruit and veg.

Man at work, the guttering going on the shed.

The chap who is going to sort the kitchen came last night, he is not happy that the floor has not dried out more. Going to speak to the council today. I have got fed up with stuff being all over the place so have now cleaned the base of the unit and put the saucepans etc back in there.

Also has a call from the microwave people, the micro is coming back on Friday, which is good news.

I intended to plant up a couple more pots this morning, cannot find the packet of discs I was going to use, so planted up the fuchsia instead.

Its a bit brrrr this morning, the sun is reluctant to show its self.

I brought eggs back from the B & B so tonight's supper will be egg, chips and beans. I did some rhubarb in the oven yesterday, will finish it off with some custard for dessert.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Garden today

Newly planted

And again

The clematis on the old clothes post.

I am now going to be quite shameless....does any one have a white pulmonaria and could let me have a root? I have been looking for one for ages......pretty please.......

Holiday Pictures

Some of the photos taken whilst we were away.

The water wheel at Cotehale Mill

Bee hives at Heligan

The wall round the garden needs propping up.

Entrance to the walled garden.

Amazing trees

The only bed in the flower gardens with any flowers in.

I love this white Rhodi.

The old well

There were doves in this dovecote.

Fabulously coloured Azalea.

Busy morning, I have planted up some of the pots and prepared the pot for the sweet peas. DB spent time tying in the blackberry and prepping the bed for the celeriac.

Chap who is doing the kitchen is coming tonight to look at the state of it. Cleaners due shortly, so will sign off for today.

Home again

Sorry I forgot to post this yesterday.............

We arrived home just before 12 noon, after an easyish journey up the M5 and M42. Traffic was a bit frantic till we passed Birmingham but then it evened out. I have done a load of laundry since we got back, its on the line. Everything unpacked and put away; back to the simple life for a while.

The gardener has been, grass cut and the start of weeding the borders, the clematis on the clothes post is out in flower, as is one at the top of the garden.

Its been a very warm day, we will have to water tonight, the pots especially are looking a bit dry.

I will down load some of the photos we took tomorrow on a seperate post.

We enjoyed the break, but its not a journey I intend to make again. We are going to Isle of Wight in September, a much shorter journey, part of it by sea.

The B & B was great very nice couple running it, they will do well, they have the right attitude.

I had cooked Bol sauce before we went away, so we will have spag bol for supper with some garlic bread.

Sunday, 20 May 2018

Halfway home

We left our lovely B & B just after 10am and after a visit to Morrison to fill up with fuel we set our faces up the A38 and M5. We got to our overnight stop just after 3pm. We were lucky, we could just see traffic building up and blue flashing lights, further on than the turning.........

The breakfast room. We could use this room anytime we wanted, there was also a kitchen to use as well. We had our supper in here every night.

Our bedroom, we also had an ensuite.

The complex, where we stayed was the piggery which is to the left of the main building, there were two steps up.

We will set off tomorrow morning after breakfast. We will miss the full Cornish breakfast.

My remark about the service yesterday was that the bride and groom took their vows and then there was a hymn and the address. They did not exchange rings until later, rather than straight off after the vows.

I think she will be very good for Harry, her dress was so simple and elegant, she looked amazing. I was pleased to see PC walk down the aisle after the service with Megan's Mum on one side and Camilla on the other, both with their arms tucked in his. I really hope that lessons have been learnt after the Diana debacle.