Monday, 24 October 2016


A dull start to the day. but as in the past couple of days the sun came out at lunchtime.

Wet room, loo and bedroom cleaned as usual, changed the bed, the linen is on the line, Not sure if its drying though I might have to put them on the airer in the sitting room tonight.

DB spent some time in the garden this morning, I dittered around doing the cleaning and then reading.

After lunch DB went for his siesta, I repaired to the sewing room to continue clearing up, having emptied the suitcase I used for the quilt group. I have to decide what to do with the block samples I made up. I have decided I can do them in 3's and then hang them as I want to. I have a load of UFO's to complete as well.

OH  is working on his Jigsaw, he seems to have been doing it for ever.

Ham salad with Jacket spud for supper, there are some peaches need eating up, so they will be ok for dessert.

Sunday, 23 October 2016


My goodness, we must have been tired last night, it was almost 9 am before I woke. We had our Sunday Breakfast in bed and managed to be up and showered just after 10 am. We took off for Melton.

It was raining when we left and by the time we got to Morrison it was chucking it down, when we came out, it had stopped and a watery sun was trying to show its face.

We drove round and parked in the car park at the back of Argos and went in to collect the unit I ordered yesterday. A very obliging chap carried it out to the car for us.  I paid for it from my months pocket money. Argos was full of people buying toys, they have a special toy event on this week, so I guess people were buying for Christmas. DB sat next to a lady who was buying stuff for a special bingo night at her pub. A large TV, Hoover,microwave and various other electrical bits and pieces were wheeled out in a trolley.

By lunch time it had turned into one of those cold autumn days, really clear blue sky, but brrrrr. The leaves under foot were all dry and crackly. Cheese sandwiches and fruit for lunch, washed down with tea for me and milk for DB.

The roads we travel most are a sight for sore eyes, such a lot of glorious colours, different greens, gold, yellow and bronze leaves on the trees. The leaves are late falling because of the warm early autumn days we had.

I have had a fail in the garden department. A friend mentioned her dogwood which we know as cornus, it has glorious red stems throughout the winter, and a proliferation of white flowers through the spring and summer. It is one of the plants I do not have in the garden, but believe me we will have by the end of this month. I have bought a small one to go halfway up the herbaceous border. I will let it fill the space so you have to walk further up the garden to see whats planted beyond.

DB has gone for his siesta, I have done the veg for supper, just have to cook half a plum strudel for dessert. The roast spuds will do in with the pork. Going to put my feet up for half an hour.

We had an ambulance in the close again last night, our neighbour in the corner has COAD and was having a problem breathing. The ambulance people managed to settle her, so no trip to the hospital.

My purse is fitted with a lock this month, I need to do a freezer audit and plan next months menu's and do the shopping list. Once the fresh fruit and veg have been bought, thats it. I need to start thinking about meat etc for Christmas lunch.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

Saturday, visiting day

It was a bit grey when we got up this morning, by mid morning the sun was out. 

We had a light lunch of poached egg on toast before going out.

A decent journey, very little traffic, we were soon at my friends, she was pleased to see us.

Cake had been made, and cream was in evidence, it would have been bad manners not to have partaken of the goodies offered. My friends grandson arrived, so we all say round the kitchen table and put the world to rights, more tea was drunk, magazines exchanged and a Christmas cactus found its way home with us and I managed to bring it home without loosing any buds.

I had prepped the supper so sausage and mash with onion gravy, carrots and calebrese. No dessert, we might have something later.

The heat was on when we got home, so it was nice and cosy, supper was soon on the table, as soon as the dishes were washed it was feet up to watch TV. Not sure whats going to happen on Strictly, they all seem to be falling foul of a virus. we have a couple of recorded programmes lined up for later.

There is an ambulance in the street again, at a different house this time though, they must know their way here blindfold.

No sewing today, I might manage some tomorrow.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Friday -

Its the end of the week, this time last week we were looking forward to the arrival of the plumber, today he has been and gone and we have a cosy house. I turned the water up a couple of degrees, I like to run really hot water in the washing up bowl and put the dishes in as we use them, by the time was have finished eating the water has cooled enough to put your hands in.

Overslept again this morning, was up and doing by 10 am. The sitting room has been bottomed, the settee moved back to where it belongs, quilt that goes on the back of the settee has been on the line for a while, I used a broom handle to beat the dust out of it.

Plumber came this morning to the leak under the sink, we still have a bowl under it to see if the problem has been solved.

DB has been pottering in the garden, its beginning to look rather bare, the patch has now been marked out with string for the deep beds and paths. The front garden has also been weeded. The herbaceous border needs some attention, there are still some plants flowering, but I hope to get out and cut the front grass and start on weeding the back border.

I cooked the salmon fillets for tonights supper, we prefer them cold, so I will do a salad, made a potato salad to go with them, not sure what to have for dessert.

I have started sewing again, did a bit yesterday, might get a bit more done later, going to have a rest first. DB has gone for his siesta. I have two magazines I want to finish reading so they can go to my quilting friend tomorrow.

It was a misty start to the day, however the sun seems to be trying to get through, it may well be a nice afternoon. The heating is off, will come on again around 4.30 pm for the evening, There will be days in the winter when its on most of the time.

I think we had some rain in the night, the grass was quite wet this morning, our neighbour across the road started to cut the grass, gave it up as a bad job, it was too wet, maybe will get it done over the weekend.

DGD is having another scan today, they are keeping a close eye on her because of her Polycystic Ovaries and also the placenta seems to be quite low down. DD1 has gone with her,

Right, time to put my feet up...................

Thursday, 20 October 2016


DB was up before me, so I got my breakfast in bed. Once I got my butt out I started on the remaining cleaning.

Wet room and toilet done, then did a bit more in the sewing room.

The sewing room as it was. 1



As it is now the two freezers have been moved to where the storage heater was.

Dryer and sewing machines moved further across.

Not much change on this side of the room.

Sorted our bedroom as well, managed to clean behind the bed and under DB.s cupboards. He has a computer bag down the side of his chest, the zip was undone, when I opened it there was a humongous spider complete with web, I think they could have heard my scream miles away.......I did manage to eject the spider into the garden. I hate spiders.

DB has been in the front garden this morning, weeded the front border and chopped back the lavender, we have two new plants to put in, we are going to cover them with netting to try and stop the blasted cats from defecating and scratching them out.

Getting used to the central heating is going to take a bit of doing. it was warm when we went to bed, and DB said it was lovely and warm in the bathroom when he went for his shower. By the time I got in it had cooled down a bit, but was not cold by any manner of means.

We have changed our visit to my quilting friend to Saturday, I forgot, and so did she, that its Malvern quilting show this weekend, so she is off there tomorrow. No problem, it will allow me to do the last room, the sitting room, need to push the settee back into its normal position and alter DB's chair.

Sun is out, looks like its going to be a pleasant afternoon, not that I have any plans, DB has just gone for his siesta.

Well bake off was interesting last night, the three I thought might go through did. It was a pity Selasi was eliminated but thats how the cookie crumbles........I have an inkling who might win, we will see next week, the PE teacher was pouting away good style, her face when they announced baker of the week was a picture, I am sure she thought it was going to be her!!  Well done Andrew for wiping the smirk off her face!! I do not know what it is about her, but she just annoys me.

No real village news have not been to the post office this week, so not caught up on the gossip. The bonfire on the village hall field is gradually growing, it should be quite spectacular.

We have BBQ belly of pork tonight, marinaded in maple syrup.....jacket spuds and the remaining beans from last night. Not sure about dessert.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Wednesday - heating finished!!!

Another early start, engineer was here just after 8 with a young chap to help him. Electrician was here by 8,30 three chaps in the airing cupboard, hardly any room to move, work went on apace.

I did the cheese an onion pie for tonight, 2 loads of laundry out, we discovered there is a leak under the kitchen sink, plumber tried to fix it be decided that we should phone the council and get them out to look at it.

The chaps kindly put the 3 machine boxes in the attic, I had to break two of the boxes down to get them through the hatch. The young chap cleaned up everywhere even mopping the floor in the wet room,

After they had gone, I set to and cleaned the kitchen and mopped the floor and then set to in the sewing room, the young chap and helped me to shift the two freezers, the small one is now on and once its frozen up I will transfer all the fruit into it from both the other freezers.

I am so pleased that the heating is finished it switched itself on at 4.30 and the house is warming up nicely. A couple of the radiators have been turned down, the sewing room one is on the frost stat, so if the temperature drops the heating will come on. I have the engineer three christmas stockings for his children.

I have to admit I am shattered getting up early 3 mornings running has just about finished me off so we will be having a lie in tomorrow will then finish the sewing room.

This is what we saw at lunchtime.

The engineer was very tall, he had a problem getting into the cupboard under the sink to see of he could find out why there was water lying on the shelves.

Cheese and onion pie with baked beans for supper, There is a banana left so a banana split maybe.

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Tuesday. Heating Day 2

It was tipping it down this morning, we decided to have a quick trip to Bingham, Aldi had the air fresheners my quilting friend likes, so books back to the library, DB went to the ironmongers for string and a couple of hook and eye catches, I found myself in The Sue Ryder charity shop with a ball of yarn in my hand, whoops.....

Into Boyes for a couple of things I wanted and then back to the car, off to Aldi and then home.

The plumber arrived early this morning, he has just told DB that he may be back tomorrow, and there is no sign of the electrician.....Wonderful...............not!! The muck is beginning to get on my nerves, so is the clattering

Rads are gradually getting linked up and the thermostatic valves put in.

We decided not to go for afternoon tea but bought a couple of cream cakes and a bottle of wine, at least £3 cheaper than going for tea.

The weather has brightened up, it stopped raining and the sun is out, blue sky with the occasional cloud drifting by. I put the dust sheet we had over our bed on the line, there was not too much dust flying about.

The engineer is linking the gas up to the boiler., and putting the flue up through the roof. The kitchen and sitting room are finished, I have gone over the floor in the kitchen and carpet in the sitting room,thermostats are on the radiators. Engineer will be back in the morning with the electrician to fit the timers and commission the boiler, it will be good to get hot water at the turn of the tap.

It has stayed fine all afternoon, but there are some black clouds on the horizon, not sure if they are rain clouds or night clouds.

Have just lit the fire, we are lasting the evening out on the initial coal and then about 6 larger lumps about 7pm.

Changed the menu for tonight, we are having bacon fritatta with salad, OH bought apple turnovers with cream for dessert. We will have the cheese pie tomorrow. Have a loaf on, we finished up the bread at lunchtime, I want to do sandwiches for lunch tomorrow so needs must.

I went into the Sue Ryder charity shop and fell foul of a variegated ball of yarn, have cast on another jumper for the GGC. Apparently there is to be a baby shower in January. I plan to put a parcel of things together. I had to hold tight to my purse in Boyes, they had some really lovely stuff for little boys. I am not going to buy tiny baby sizes, will concentrate on 6 - 12 month sizes and more for winter. I have not made my mind up whether to make a quilt/play mat. I might look and see if I can find a pre printed nursery top.