Saturday, 21 January 2017


My goodness what a change in the weather!! It was raining and very cold when we set off to Bingham to change our library books, It has not improved all day.

There was water streaming across the road in Langar, the water board people were there, and it was one way traffic. The fields were empty This part of Leicestershire is largely a milk and beef production area, there are some farms with sheep, and I guess they are in for lambing. There are also free range pigs living in huts and foraging freely.

 The hunt was out this morning, we saw the horse boxes but although there were people on the lane as we came home there was no signs of the hunt itself. DB did go to see if he could see anything but was back in a few moments.

This afternoon I undid and resewed the block for the play mat, it is now sewn together, I have batting but need something to back it with.

I laid it out on the bed, it needs a good press with the stean iron before I add the wadding and backing. I am going to do big squiggles on it. Its a double nine patch, not too keen on it, doubt if I will use the pattern again. If I find it being used for the dogs bed, I will be really annoyed.

Liver and sausage for supper tonight, I bought some bananas, think I will slice one up and put some yogurt on, DB can have some sugar on his, he is not keen on natural yogurt.

Did not need to use the new bed last night, DB went out like a light. Whats the betting now I have the daybed he will be ok???

Still no cleaning done,  ight tackle it tomorrow, will see how I wake up.

Friday, 20 January 2017


We were just watching Pointless when the door bell rang. It was D he had been home for a cup of tea and then come out to us. It did not take him long to put the day bed together. He would not accept anything. It is unusual in this day and age when everyone is so money minded.

I made the bed up early in the evening between watching TV programmes, so this morning, once I got my body out of bed, I sorted the rest of the stuff and put it away. I ironed the bed linen from Monday so once its aired it too will go away.

No Friday clean done, will do it tomorrow along with the kitchen.

Looking into the room from the door.

Looking back towards the sewing machines.

The day bed

Towards the back of the room, the freezer in its new position with the bookcase moved into the corner and the new set of plastic drawers, the cutting table is in the middle of the floor. It may not stay there, will see how I get on with it there. It gived me the full table to cut on rather than having half of it covered with my sewing machine.

The machine is still on its table, if I do find that the arrangement is too restrictive I will have to move the cutting table over and use the machine on that. The table is a horn hideaway, it collapses right down for storage, the small unit at the side was in the kitchen, it has been replaces by the small freezer.

We had a very hard frost, but it is a wonderfully bright clear day. DB was out doing odd jobs in the garden sweeping up leaves etc and also chopping some more wood for the fire.

Thursday, 19 January 2017


Very grey and wet this morning, another load part dried in the dryer.

I spent the morning sorting out the stuff from the quilting group, I am going to make the blocks either into table runners or casserole mats, 9 blocks will make 2 runners and 3 mats. The room is almost straight, the chap we bought the bed from is coming tonight to put it up. I went through the sheets etc and have found 2 single sheets and 2 double and 1 single duvet covers. I am going to cut down one of the doubles, will use the single one as a pattern, I will need either a big table or the floor.

DB has sat and read for most of the morning, we are having an early lunch so DB can get a siesta and then into town I need to go to Lidl, we will leave the car there and walk into Argos. I ordered a duvet, pillows and 2 pillow cases, message this morning to say they have not got the pillows so I need to look and choose a different pair.

Shopping completed, we were at the hearing clinic just before 4pm. The techie has sorted out my hearing aid again for me and its working fine. So I can now hear what people are staying.

We were back by 5pm but I had phoned D to say to leave it till next week, hopefully he will come on Monday.

We got the broken drawer  replaced so now I can fill it and get rid of a couple more drawers hopefully.

Bacon fritatta for supper with salad.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017


I spent a lot of yesterday trying to sort the back bedroom/sewing room. That carried on today after we got back from DB's appointment at the hospital. They want him to gradually cut down his medication so that the exercises can retrain his ears and brain,

I had to use the dryer for the laundry as it was very dull, as we drove into the city it started to rain, and it has never stopped.

DB went for his siesta, I carried on trying to sort the bedroom, I had an idea about the machine/table, I will see how it works out, there is an option to change it round if I feel its not working, there is plenty of room for the bed, there will be a decent gap between the end of the bed and the book case.

I have an appointment to get my hearing aid sorted and return the drawer with the bashed in bottom. I need to go to Lidl as well for some fresh fruit and veg.

R & J are coming a bit later so we can go and fetch the back and mattress for the day bed. I have just realised I need to get a single duvet, when we had the single bed I used a double duvet on it, I still have the covers so guess I may be altering a couple of duvet covers from doubles to singles.

Once everything is done I will take a couple of pictures. Then I need to get on with the babies quilt/play mat out of the way. Last year I made the blocks for another quilt for our bed, I plan to get that finished this year, but it will have to go away for it to be quilted on a long arm machine.

Pork casserole for supper tonight, with potato's and veg.

Tuesday, 17 January 2017


A dry morning so the towels were on the line before we went out. They could not find anything wrong with DB's swallow, so I guess I just have to put up and shut up!!

I unpacked the second chest to find one bit had a piece missing and the bottom drawer was broken, the air was deep purple.....I have to go into Melton again on Thursday I will be taking the drawer back. We can park at Lidl and just walk down to Argos, I need to get fresh fruit, so a quick nip into Aldi as well.

We have emptied quite a few plastic boxes of fabric into the second chest, also two boxes of threads. I do have some complete reels of cotton, I might put them on ebay and see if I can get rid of them, they are the remnants of trips to the US. I know I am never going to use them up.

DB has gone for his siesta, he slept better last night with the heavier duvet on.

I have cooked some salmon for supper. DB has elected to have potatoes and green peas with it, so I will make a sauce from the liquor I marinaded it in.

I am planning to finish sorting the sewing room, just having a wee rest and I will go in and sort out whats left. The table is piled with various bits of stuff, I need to sort  it out and find somewhere for it, There is also the bed linen which needs ironing, apart from DB's occasional shirt, bed linen and table linen is all I iron these days. I can remember in long past days I used to iron towels and nappies and polish the toilet seat!!!

DB will help me move the two freezers. I have the side bits to the bed, so the top one can go in place, we can stand the back against the wall till we are able to get round to putting it together. both R & J are going with me to collect it, so I will just have to navigate.

One of the freezers is now in the kitchen, just could not squeeze it in. Still quite a bit of clearing up to do, may not get it done before the rest of the bed arrives, hey ho.........

Monday, 16 January 2017


A dark grey rainy day,  yyuukkkkkk it has not stopped raining all day and its cold as well. We cannot see the hills today the mist is so low.

Monday clean done, I steam cleaned the wet room and kitchen floors, changed the bed and the laundry was part dried and then put on the airier. Shattered after that.

Message to say that the replacement chest was in, so off we went, picked it up and then went to see Richard and Joy, they were back from their mission to the Gypsies in Kent, they left at 4 am this morning to get home.

A pleasant hour spent with friends, tea, cake and plenty of chat. Richard has agreed to collect the back and mattress for the day bed for us on either Wednesday or Thursday evening, result!! I just have to ring and firm up the arrangements later this evening. Then I need to sort out how to put it together.

DB has an appointment at the local hospital tomorrow. Wednesday is the balance clinic and then I have an appointment with the audio techie at Melton on Thursday, so a week of trips out in the car.

Nursery supper tonight, mince mash, cauli, calebrese and carrots,real nursery food, DB loves it.

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Wet Sunday

We took the drawer unit back to Argos, they did not have another one in stock so we have to wait for them to get one in, I need to go and collect it after I get a message on my phone.

This is what the chest should have looked like

This is what it did look like, the top 4 struts were missing so not all the drawers would go in.

We decided to go to DD2's for a quick visit and cup of tea, by the time we came away it was chucking it down, so the road home had a lot of surface water which was pooling in the dips in the road. The view we had last night was sadly obliterated by mist.

Quick lunch and DB went for his siesta, whilst I puzzled over the furniture in the sewing room once more. Why is it I could replan DD2's kitchen in a flash, but cannot see my way round my own sewing room?

Fire relaid will probably lit it later this afternoon. I plan to spend a couple of hours reading on the settee......

Supper is prepped just need to cook it. We may well be eating on trays tonight, there are a couple of programmes DB wants to watch which cut across supper time.

No dessert, we did have a crumble last Sunday which lasted a couple of days.

It has been a miserable wet afternoon, the curtains are drawn, shutting the weather out, supper is on..............