Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Installing the wet room Day one

The chap came just after 9 am. Started unloading all the stuff, we are getting a new wash basin as well.

We nipped into town to Morrison and then took DB for a haircut, home by lunch time.

Returned to find the bathroom in the garden.......a lot of banging and crashing going on. The carpet in the hall is covered as is part of the sewing room, the tray for the shower is in and we have a hole in the wall for the extractor fan.

DB went for his siesta, I nipped off to see the hairdresser and get my hair cut, had it cut short at the back.... Much cooler.

Physio came to see DB she has given him some exercises for his knee and numb thumb.....

I spent half an hour working on a block for the Christmas workshops in October and November. I could not quite remember how it went, have sussed it ok. I just have to sort out the star block for place mats. Both are made with 2 1/2" strips.

It's been another very warm day, we are expecting rain later, we need it.

I failed again at the Morrison plant stall, 2 plants jumped into the basket again. I am going to have to stop going to that shop. I seem to be able to resist them in all the other stores except Morrison.......

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Royal Visit

It's been another scorcher. I did a quick wiz round with the dyson and blew the dust off, cleaned the kitchen floor.

We had an earlier lunch and DB went for his siesta, just before he was due to get up the chaps arrived to put down the concrete, no point staying in bed with the racket going on.

SIL arrived late as usual, tea/coffee and cake, chatted for a while and then they were given a tour of the estate. Everything inspected garden and bungalow before they departed for the rest of their journey to Cambridge. Comments about the two silver cups on the dresser, she thought they were DB's he had great pleasure in telling her they were mine. I had put the quilt on the bed for her to see.

DB seems ok, he has not had a dizzy for 3 days, fingers crossed, although he has admitted to being tired now. He is not as well as he thinks he is......

It's very warm this afternoon, could do with the fan on in the sitting room.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Lovely washing day

The sun is out but there is a fair breeze a great day for laundry. Mine was out by 10 am just about to fetch it in and fold it, hopefully I will only have the pillow cases to press.

DB is more or less back to what he was, his left knee is causing him some problems, and he was moaning yesterday that his left thumb was numb, try saying that with a mouthful of biscuit. He is having his siesta. Fingers crossed no dizzies for the last 2 days. He does get tired, but is eating very well. I made a pot of scotch broth at lunch time, he really enjoyed that, enough for tomorrow and to put in the freezer for later.

As SIL is coming tomorrow I decided to lay the fire, it makes it look a bit more presentable,  ready to light if we need it.

Part Monday clean done, just the wash hand basin in the bathroom, no point in doing the bath it will be in the garden on Wednesday!! toilet done. Bed remade, bedroom dusted and the dyson over the carpet and also the hall carpet.

Sliced the bread I made yesterday for lunch, I slice the whole thing, then lay out what we do not use on trays and open freeze for about 20 minutes then parcel it all up and stick it in the top drawer of the kitchen freezer. I just take out what we need a slice or two at a time, defrost it and thats it. Bread stays nice and fresh.

Off to get the laundry in and iron the pillow cases, will get DB to help me fold the sheet when he gets up. I doubt it will need ironing. The rest of the laundry will get folded up and put away.

I have been looking at some stainless steel shelving from Ikea, its wider and taller than the wooden shelves I have now, they would take more of my stuff. DB could have one of the sets of shelves for the shed and I could recycle the other set. We will see.........

Sunday, 28 August 2016


Another late morning waking up, breakfast in bed, OH had melon, yogurt and croissant with jam. I just had the melon and croissant.

A bit of dittering about, we had not been up long when the bell went, I knew it would be our friends from round the corner, so an hour eating chocolate biscuits and drinking coffee them, and just tea for us, not long since we had out breakfast.

I gave them some more veg to take home. I think the climbing beans are nearing the end, not so many to pick today, but a lot of the french beans which I either leave whole of cut in half and steam.

After our friends left we went into the garden, OH was weed spotting, I was doing the mucky end digging out the weeds. Yesterdays rain has softened the ground a bit so not too hard to get the weeds out.

After DB had his siesta yesterday I laid on the bed myself, managed an hour or so sleep before thunder and rain lashing at the front windows woke me, it was very dark had to put the lights on for half an hour or more.

We were forecast more rain today, apart from a few spots when we were in the garden its is fine, sun breaks through then it clouds over and looks as if we are in for a downpour. Its been like that all morning.

Veg prepped for supper. We are having roast pork, roast spuds and courgette, with green beans, carrot and a couple of small bits of cauli. DB's appetite is beginning to come back, he cleared his plate last night and had a banana and cream for dessert.

Tomorrow I will strip the bed and put clean sheets etc on, I also have a small coloured load I want to do. Will then do the toilet and our bedroom, no point doing the bathroom when they are coming to haul the bath out on Wednesday. Will leave the sitting room and kitchen till Tuesday morning ready for our royal visit!! Might get the ironing done tomorrow whilst DB is having his siesta.

DB has gone for his siesta, I am going to relax in DB's relaxer chair till he gets up. I could do with one for myself, but they are too expensive and also I do not have room for one.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Saturday and I am crackered

Late waking this morning, so later getting breakfast. DB got himself up, he is not using his stick in the house and seems to be walking with more confidence.

I shoved the Dyson round this morning, cleared out some rubbish, DB did some of his jigsaw, but said it was making him dizzy keep looking up and down.

After lunch he went for his siesta, I used his relaxa chair, would have drifted off had it not been for a gang of children shouting on the front, by the time I got up and closed the window they had gone and I was wide awake again.

Toad in the hole for supper, we had some of the fruit in jelly after lunch, so will have a banana and ice cream for dessert tonight. Home grown veg with it.

It was fine this morning, but its turned quite cool, first time I have had a cardigan on for several weeks, its a bit bbrrrrrrrrrr.

Friday, 26 August 2016


This morning I managed to spill coffee on the duvet, its on the line having been through the washer, It will go back on the bed later.

I took DB to the library at Bingham this morning, dropped him off at the top of the path, he was sitting waiting for me when I got there having parked the car.

He managed to walk all the way back to the car. I took the shopping trolly to put the books in, really good idea, just put the books in a popped it in the boot.

As we turned into the bungalows there was a very large lorry in front of the house. The chaps had come to replace the soil and tarmac the road. We have to wait for the concreting gang who will repair the path near the house and the pavement.

Phone call from the local hospital we have been referred to the WRVS to see if they can help re sitting whilst I go out. Once DB recovers his confidence he will be ok, he knows what to do if he starts to feel dizzy.

Its a fine, warm day there is a breeze which prevents it from feeling too hot, DB may sit in the garden once he has had his siesta.

I am trying to stuff protein down him, we had beans with last nights cheese pie, so he finished them off on toast for his lunch with a few grapes for dessert. He is having fish with mash, home grown carrots and french beans, with mustard sauce. I have made a mixed fruit jelly which is setting in the fridge right now.

I will be sitting with my feet up when he goes for his siesta reading a free copy of a magazine which has just arrived....I need it.

May be back later.

Thursday, 25 August 2016


Raining first thing then it cleared up.

DB up around 10 am. The occupational health lady came closely followed by the nurse. DB is to get physio for his leg and we are getting a surround for the toilet and also a chair for the shower.....

I had a parcel to get away, sorted it out to go by Parcel Force 24 hours, so it would get to its destination tomorrow.

Took it to our local post office, they could not accept it, they are only a sub office It needed to go to the main post office in town!!

I gave DB his lunch and saw him into bed with strict instructions not to get out until I got back. I was lucky managed to park outside the PO and the chap carried the parcel in for me, so thats it away. I then hurtled round Lidl to get fresh fruit and salad stuff we do not have in the garden and raced home. DB had been awake about 10 minutes. Phew......

Shopping all put away and a very welcome cup of started to rain whilst I was on my way home, it seems to have stopped again. It is very close out, not nice. I have the back and front doors open to get some air through.

We still have the holes in the garden and road. I hope they come tomorrow to fill them in, otherwise it will be Tuesday before they get done, Monday is a bank holiday here.

DB wants me to take him to the library in Bingham.......that will be interesting, just see how far he can really walk with a stick.....

Obviously I was unable to go to the quilting group this afternoon. Lynne will keep every one on the straight and narrow, they were making scissor cases. Madam college lecturer was taking the class.

No plans for the weekend, just to take life easy before the storm....I am not doing the Friday clean no point its all going to be messed up again next week.