Thursday, 23 November 2017


Better night again, still a bit frazzled but not so  bad.

Yesterday I made a sample bowl  cozy using 10" squares of wadding as well as fabric and 1/4" less on the darts, it certainly makes a bigger bowl cozy and takes care of the excess fabric on the inside. I managed to break a needle again.......good job I have plenty. I finished a second one this morning. I am now going to make one with the extra 1/4" on the darts and see what happens, it will be interesting........

DB is in the garden, we have had a call to say someone will be with us around 11.15, could not catch everything he said, hope its the erectors and not the chap to take the damaged shed away!! 

Supper tonight is all day breakfast.......

Someone asked me about my bladder problem, I was checked some years ago because I kept getting cystitis, they discovered that I had a nervous bladder. My bladder was sending messages to my brain when is was not full, so I was put on medication which I have continued to take........I ran out last week and it was only a day before the quick visits to the loo started again and I had to get up in the night as well. I restarted the medication on Tuesday and things are returning to normal.

Re Spag bol I will put the recipe up later.


The chaps came to demolish the shed and put up a new one, the new shed is damaged!! The did suggest they made a new back by taking both backs to pieces and making a new one, no way....I paid for a new shed and a new shed we are going to have, so we have another week to wait, and then wait again for the fitters....I could scream, once again everything is shoved all over the place. They are taking the original shed down and both will go back tomorrow.


Wednesday, 22 November 2017


A better night's sleep but I still feel whacked today, guess it is my non sleep night catching up with me.

Not done a lot today. DB finished clearing the shed and I managed to get the lawn mower into the coal shed without taking off the handle. Made bol sauce for supper.

I had watched a different tutorial for the bowl cozies yesterday, the darts were not quite so long and they has used the same size square of batting as fabric, it was quite thick to stop stitch, but turned out better, takes a slightly deeper bowl too. I have a second one half made; the light was so bad I had to give out up sewing.

DB has to visit the Dr, he has an appointment for later this afternoon, they have missed some things of his script.

I have restarted the medication for my bladder, so things should improve in a couple of days.

The shed people are due tomorrow, we have not had rain so far, so the bits to the shed should be ok. We moved the roofing felt and some wooden bits round to the back the rest of the shed is on the front grass.

Supper tonight spag bol and garlic bread.

8 months and he will soon be walking, cheeky boy!!

Tuesday, 21 November 2017


What a night, no sleep at all, DB was snoring fit to bust so I went into the sewing room, dare not go to sleep then as I had to be up before 6am for delivery of the shed. It arrived at 6.30, so I am exhausted.

Had a long call with the Dr last night re the medication they could not get, went in this afternoon to pick up the package and my original medication was in the parcel. I have been without it for almost a week and the nightly visits to the loo have restarted. Hopefully they will cease now I have the medication.

Laundry almost dried on the line, its just airing off on the rads.

I did have a nap this afternoon, but as usual feel like death warmed up. DB has cancelled his appointment at the hospital re his eyes after we discovered that the work on the shed was to be carried out on Thursday afternoon and we would not be here, we need to be here to see whats going on.

Quiche, jacket spud and salad for supper.

Monday, 20 November 2017


We were a bit late getting up, the alarm went off and I went back to sleep, so felt rubbish when I did make it out of bed.

Very dull morning, so no laundry done, of course it cleared up later in the morning. Will have to put the washer on tonight....... running out of underwear.

DB has finished emptying the shed, I just have to sort the mower in the morning. The new shed should come sometime tomorrow. We are having it stood at the back of the bungalow this time, not laid on the grass.

DB priced up the paint for the shed on Saturday, £20 for 2.5L.

Not a great deal done this morning, its cleaner's week this week, so just used the dyson on the hall floor to pick up the leaves from a plant that is determined to shed its leaves everywhere.

DB went for his siesta, I read on the settee, was expecting the medication delivery so no point in me settling down for an hour. Good decision I had 2 phone calls and the medication. Have just discovered that DB's medication has been delivered and not mine, they were both ordered on the same day. Whats with that then. DB is on the phone to them now. Things like this do not do my stress levels any good.

Sausage mash and beans tonight with more of the crumble for dessert.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Relaxez Vous

Shattered today, slept ok, we had our usual Sunday breakfast in bed and lay on for a while.

OH has cleared out most of the shed, I just have to sort out the mower, so it can go on the pallet in the coal house for a couple of days, this time next week, I hope it will all be back in the shed again.

I went into the coal house to get veggies for supper, discovered that mice had been in, so all the veggies have had to come out and go in the kitchen.....had to throw quite a bit of stuff away, the blessed things can climb like monkeys if they smell food of any kind.

Veggies prepped, took some rhubarb and apple out of the freezer to make a crumble. I need to use the fruit up, some of it has been in there since 2015....time it was eaten. I also have some frozen courgette to use up. I put some soup mix in the soak. I have 2 lamb bones, so will be making scotch broth in the pressure cooker tomorrow.

Fine bright morning, shame I did not have the energy to do a load of laundry, it would have dried. I still have last weeks sheets to iron, might get round to them tomorrow.

We are both off for a siesta shortly.............

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Bingham Artisan Fair

We were up before time and away from the house by 9.20. Arrived at the venue to find a clear road, so no problem parking. Plenty of people in the hall setting up, we had done ours yesterday so were able to take things easy.

Tea was brought round before the fair opened to the public. It was a slow start, plenty of people looking but no one buying. J, who was running the fair paid me for the William Morris bag I made for her sometime ago.

This is the William Morris Bag J bought it for herself, loved the way the pattern matched so you cannot see the pocket.

The stall from the front, with the quilt covering the chairs stacked at the back of us. I used the Christmas quilt we have on the bed as a table cover, it worked well. Note the chicken tea cosy pinned on the front.

The brilliant idea, the hanging rail with wall hangings mats table runners etc on. The Project bag was bought by a lady who runs the art club

The decs under the Christmas tree.

Then friends from Leicester turned up and spent generously, tree skirt, table runner and scissor holder to hold makeup brushes, a Spanish lady bought a table runner and then came back for a Christmas stocking. After that there were fairly consistent sales until lunchtime when it quietened down, after lunch it was quiet although I still sold a few more things including a wall hanging which was going to Canada. Several of  the bowl cosies also sold. E came during the morning, she bought a small hanging for her tree. our profit at the end of the day was just under £100.00. Very pleased with that.

We packed up just before 4pm, glad to get home and a welcome sit down and drink.

All being well we will do the fair again next year.

Chicken pasta with garlic bread for supper. do not think we will need a dessert somehow.

I know I will sleep well tonight, am crackered!!

Friday, 17 November 2017


A very frosty morning, but the geraniums are still flowering, I really must get the trays washed and get the plants inside that I want to keep.

Everything packed up for tomorrow, I used the trolley to move the boxes out of the house to the car, we will have to carry them in at the other end but that will not be a problem. Have put scissors, drawing pins, safety pins, sellotape, sewing kit and the pricing gum in the boxes, have a few decs for the shelf unit I pinched from DB's chest of drawers.

We are off this afternoon to set up. More later maybe with pictures!!

It took us just over an hour to set up. DB was able to nip to the ironmongers and get what he wanted whilst I finished titivating the stall. The clothes rail was a brilliant idea all the place mats etc were hung up, easy for people to look through. Fingers crossed that we manage to sell something.

I did not take any photos, will take the camera tomorrow and try and get a picture before the fair opens.

We called at Aldi and I was able to get the cheese I wanted so 3 large packs found their way home and are now in the freezer.

Fish and chips for supper. I have taken some chicken out for tomorrow will cook some pasta and have it with garlic bread. I guess I will be tired by the time we got home.