Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Another misty morning. DB finished laying down the weed suppressant for the paths in the veg garden. I managed to sort out the ironing and also started pinning DB's gilet together. Once I get going it will not take me long to make it. Not too happy about it having a collar, but will see how I get on.

I have been looking at tutorials about making fabric boxes, looking for ideas for the fair. I found a couple of really good ones on You Tube.

Took the remainder of the meat off the lamb shoulder, we will have jacket spuds and tomato and celery salad with it for supper tonight. I also put some soup mix in soak, will make a pot of scotch broth tomorrow.

DB went for his siesta, I put the foot rest up on mynew chair and read for a while.

Our neighbours son and DIL have started their journey back to South Africa, I have promised to go over tomorrow and check how they are. B had an operation on her leg last week, so she will not be very mobile just yet.

I was pleased to see the two photos last night of DJ with his quilt. He looked very comfortable. We are hoping to go over and see him one day next week. I need to go to Aldi shopping and there is a shop near where they live. Just need to do a freezer audit and see what I need to get.

It started off misty this morning, the sun peeped through just after lunch, but the mist seems to be forming again now, it was a bit warmer today, the wind has dropped.

We have the workmen from the council here tomorrow, the gate post needs replacing and the electrician is coming to look at the solar panels, so an early start for us.

Monday, 27 March 2017

DJ wrapped in his quilt

Mummy and DJ asleep under the playmat.

Just recieved DJ wrapped in his quilt.

Murky Monday

Its a grey day so far, the forecast  is for it to get better so the towels are out on the line. fingers crossed they dry.

DB ready to go out and start to lay the weed suppressant down on the paths ready for the wood chip when it arrives later this week, we hope.

I am about to tackle the Monday clean. I need to get some carpet cleaner and spot clean the carpet.


Even managed to fettle the work surfaces in the kitchen, so everything done and dusted.

DB has laid the weed suppressant down for the paths, one pice had gone fly away already.

Brighter this afternoon, the laundry on the line is drying, will finish it off on the airers and might put the towels in the dryer for 15 minutes.

 Two of the tubs flowering away, grape hyacinths tulips and daffs.

The herbaceous border

The weed suppressant laid down under the where the woodchip paths are going.

Its brighter but cold, will be turning the central heating up a bit, its chilly.

So far no reaction to the increase dose of medications, so fingers crossed its going to be ok, just one more blood test and another 2.5mg increase and I will be on the prescribed dose. I must admit I am feeling so much better, trying to be careful though.

If things go to plan I will be starting the cleaner when we get back from our holiday at the end of April. I will see how DB goes before starting to sort out a gardener.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Sunny Sunday

Another sunny day, the sheets are in the washer, they will dry on the line......

We are invited to DD2's for tea today which is nice. I forgot and got the lamb out yesterday, it will have another day in the red wine in the fridge, will have it tomorrow night for supper. A snack will do us at lunchtime.

OH is out finishing off the front garden, we are due a delivery of wood and wood mulch, some of the wood mulch is going on the front, so need to make sure its weed free as far as possible, the wood is for the raised beds in the back.

No plans for the day other than going to DD's for tea, I have heard from DD1, nothing from DS1 not that I expected anything.......its years since I heard from him, very self centred  even when he is sober. His partner does not approve of me, sanctimonious madam, has no room to talk.

I have a sleeveless zipped body warmer pinned out, OH has been asking me to make it for at least 5 years, suppose I had better get on with it before the bowls season starts. Then I have a couple of new ways of making existing things I want to try out, plus a table runner.At some point E and I will go over and see the gallery owner where the Artisan Fair is being held, it will be good to have some new things to show her.

The tulips in the pots have come out, so I plan to move them round the back, will pop the pots in bits where there are bare spaces. DB says the front grass needs cutting so if its fine he may do it tomorrow.

Right time to go through and remake the bed.

The front garden this afternoon.................

Saturday, 25 March 2017

A sunny day for a jolly

First call was at my quilting friends, we took her a stick to take on holiday with her. A cup of tea and a lemon and poppy seed cake went down well.

We then set out faces turned south to Weedon, the home of The Bramble Patch, its 10 years since I last went and it has altered quite a bit, they now have a conservatory where they serve tea etc, very nice. I came out with 3 small kits that I can use the patterns for again. A table runner, a different zipper bag and a different tissue holder.

We sat in the car park and ate our lunch, then set off to the marina at Crick to see hard up hester, her L & M and the little granddaughter they had with them.

It took us a while to find the boat, although they have changed the name it has not been changed on the boat itself and for some obscure reason I thought it was painted green....wrong, its blue.

They are still working on it, I must admit its a very nice boat, and we had a great chat over a cup of tea. 

Its a huge Marina lots of boats, some of them are on permanent moorings, people living on them.

Looking across to where hester boat is moored.

We left to travel home just before 4pm. It has been a lovely sunny day and we have really enjoyed ourselves. It was so good to meet the faces behind the names at last. We hope they have many happy years aboard their boat.

As we came doen the hill into the vale, the sun was shining, I managed to take a couple of pictures, but they seem a little hazy.

Looking over towards Nottingham

Long Clawson at the bottom of the hill, Hose is over to the right.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Sunny Friday

Pity I have not laundry to go out!!

It started bright, then went dullish for an hour or two, but the sun is shining again now.

The chair arrived just before 10am, it is higher than DB chair and my feet touch the floor when I am sitting in it without the footrest up, its very comfortable.

Looking from the door to the  sitting room, My chair is further back then DB's to allow access to the kitchen, plus he needs to sit closer to the TV to see it properly.

Sitting in my chair looking towards the door into the hall.

DB spent an hour in the front garden weeding the beds, the daffs etc make it  look very pretty just now. I need to make sure I get all the large daff bulbs out and dry them off, I will plant them in the back in the autumn.

The bag was finished and I have delivered it, also had news re the Artisan Fair in November, E and I are going over after Easter to take some of my stuff and suss the place out.

I have a Drs appointment this afternoon, expecting him to put up the Ramapril again to see what happens. I also have a sample for testing I am sure the UTI has not cleared despite the last lot of medication.

Grilled fish tonight with jacket spud and salad.

We are off on a jolly tomorrow, so I need to make up some rolls tonight for a picnic.........

More information coming out about Wednesdays attack, another person died last night, so sad. A large sum of money has been raised for the policeman's family. They are going to need every penny.

Thursday, 23 March 2017


This time yesterday TV was showing live pictures of the carnage on Westminster Bridge, today the investigations continue, innocent people dead, one a mother of 2 children, another a policeman also with two children. I am so sad and very angry that once again we have been targeted by extremists, worse still the authorities knew about him.

We set off to the wood yard after breakfast and ordered the wood for the raised beds, it will be delivered next week, then on to Loughborough to look at the relaxa chair, it will be delivered tomorrow, so this afternoon I had to move the sitting room round a bit to make room for it. Photo when its in place.

The bag is finished and ready to be delivered tomorrow once the chair has arrived.

It was very misty over the vale when we went out but the mist cleared and by the time we came home, the sun was shining. Its still quite cold though.

I raked out a container of beef stew from the freezer, veggies done ready for supper. We had pate on toast last night for supper after our fish and chip lunch, finished off a piece of christmas cake we were given and I forgot about.